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    My advice: Go with Reaper.

    It’s just as capable as any DAW, cheaper than most (maybe all), less resource intensive than most, and more customizable than most. Once you get a handle on creating “custom actions” you’ll realize you can make it fit with your workflow very easily.

    It doesn’t come with a whole bunch of virtual instruments or samples though, so if that’s what you’re looking for you might try something else, or spend some extra money on 3rd party stuff. And you’ll have the extra money because you didn’t pay $500 for Reaper in the first place!

    Audacity is not a full featured DAW as far as I know.

    I should probably try P-Mode. I’ve had my Kemper for 5+ years and haven’t checked it out at all.

    I guess I don’t see the advantage.

    I have a midi controller with 5 buttons on each row. I just set up a bank for each song. The 5 buttons on the bottom row correspond to the different sections of the song.. Might be different variations of a single profile or different profiles altogether.

    The buttons on the top row are reserved for stomps and FX.

    Isn’t this pretty much what performance mode gives you? If not, what is the difference?

    Is there any reason to switch from this method to performance mode?

    I think profiling every possible combination of settings on an amp would be way too much work.

    What I would like to see Kemper do is sort of a hybrid profiling/modeling thing; profile the amp and its distortion characteristics at all volume settings, but model the EQ at the component level like other modelers do.

    The KPA is amazing, but one of the main things it is lacking is accurate EQ stacks.

    ready to buy.

    My biggest gripe with the KPA is that I’ve never been happy with my “frfr” monitoring solutions. I’ve only tried two different speakers (Yamaha and Mission) but haven’t wanted to throw good money after bad. They are ok and they work, but there’s always something not quite right and I find myself “tolerating” the tone and still having fun, but I want the tone to inspire.

    My best experience has been with my 4/10 playing my KPA through that....but I want to be able to send what I hear to FOH. Hopefully this new Kabinet will help me bridge that gap.

    I dunno guys...sounds like cab off to me.

    I have experimented extensively with cab off for certain tones.

    My buddy challenged me to recreate the guitar tone from Cream’s “Strange Brew” right after I got my Kemper. For the life of me I could not get the guitar tone. I finally turned off the cab and that was the secret sauce.

    For most songs it sounds like garbage. Basically like the clip the OP provided. But for that tune it was nearly perfect.

    I’ll upload the file if I can figure out says 1mb limit.

    I can save a stored rig in RM, but it would be nice to be able to save it directly to a specific folder. Maybe it’s possible but I haven’t figured it out.

    Also is it possible to rename rigs in RM? I tried it last night by right clicking on the rig name in the right panel, but it didn’t change the name in the middle panel. I had to change it on the KPA itself.

    right click > rename seems like it should be a thing.

    Would be cool, but I highly doubt this is something they’d go for. Putting in all the work for an iOS version would possibly take quite a bit to justify.

    You’re probably right, but they could make an app that simply controls RM running on the desktop. I think that would be a simpler project but I know nothing about this stuff.

    The new Editor is fantastic and I have no complaints, but it would be really nice to sit on my couch and control it from my iPad.

    Thanks Kemper team for giving us this fantastic tool!

    It has made my life so much easier and is everything I had hoped.

    Couple things:

    Can we activate the tuner from RM? Haven’t figured that out if so. I also haven’t read the manual if there is one so...

    Also I noticed a bug.

    Last night I had Chromatic Pitch in Stomp slot D. I wanted to try it after the Stack so I moved it to the X slot. I didn’t like it as much so I moved it back, but it was not working. I think I had to unlock and lock it again to get it working again but I don’t remember.

    I will try it again to see if I can recreate the problem.

    But what if the imitation is so good as to be indiscernible to the human ear? Why improve if you're not hearing the benefits? Ceiling reached?

    I don’t think the ceiling has been reached yet. As good as the KPA is and as much as I like playing through it, I still think there is room for improvement in the profiles themselves. They don’t yet sound or feel exactly like tube amps to me.

    Some folks may not care. I do. I want an exact copy. I think we’ll get there someday but we’re not there yet, imho.

    round and round and round we go.

    it’s amazing to me that people will make the same posts that 30 others have already made.

    What’s probably ironic is that even this post has likely been made before! :rolleyes: