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    Yes I did, but I disagree because of the aforementioned reasons. ;)

    You disagree with the reality that it will be **closer** than a digital solution sending a different amp and cab profile to FOH than a single tube amp sending the same amp/speaker combination all night?

    Ok well...whatever floats your boat I guess

    With a real tube amp, which has consistent characteristics going out to FOH all night long, you can absolutely be sure that what you’re hearing on stage is **closer** to what the audience is hearing. Not exact of course, but reasonably close.

    This is not the case if you are using a Kemper through a traditional guitar cab, but sending studio profiles of different amps, with different cab emulations, out to FOH. It will still sound good to the audience, but it will be much less consistent and you will have less of an idea of what they’re hearing.

    And that’s why people use FRFR speakers, to get **closer** to what is happening out front. Unfortunately my experiments with that setup leave me wanting, and I’m unwilling at this point to keep throwing money at the problem.

    I’ve owned a KPA since day one, and have owned a second for the last 5 years so I could do stereo amping. The easiest way I can say it is this - after having the Quad Cortex for 2 weeks, I’ve sold both my Kempers. The KPA was a game changer. But, it is not an amp, it is technology. Technology doesn’t age well, and isn’t built to. Technology evolves and improves, and the QC is the latest evolution. I will always respect Kemper for being the trailblazers they are. I don’t say this to start any inflammatory discussions, but I did not find any area in which the KPA did as well as the QC, with the ONE exception of the QC having fewer effects at this point. But I lived through the development of the KPA effects arsenal, so I know that it takes time. From form to function, feature set, design, sound, feel, build, and convenience, the QC takes it. Neural is the new king on the block for me. Anyone who is the least bit interested in guitar processing technology should try one for themselves.

    I’m curious to hear your opinion of the amp modeling.

    I’ve seen plenty of examples of the capture technology and from most accounts it is on par with the KPA. But part of the reason I have a QC coming is because it also has modeling.

    I have never owned a hardware modeler like a Helix or an Axe. Can you compare the QC models to either one of those?

    Something I just do not understand people asking for a new kemper.

    Everybody has different needs. That’s all there is to understand, really.

    I don’t need my Kemper to sound better. I think it sounds great, for the most part. What I do need is a smaller form factor with a more modern UI.

    I think Kemper missed the mark on the Kemper Stage in relation to my needs. But of course that’s only my opinion and nobody should be upset by it. It’s a great unit I’m sure.

    Had they made it smaller, with a more modern interface, I would probably have purchased one.

    But I have a feeling that given the direct competition from the QC (the only real competition they’ve ever had) they will be bringing something to the market at some point in the not-too-distant future that will be amazing.

    Nice to see an *actual* blind test. I wonder how people here would choose?

    I don't play with these kinds of tones, ever, so it's very difficult for me to decide which one(s) I think sound best. They are all so similar to me, not being a metal guy, that honestly I can't tell what's what. I can hear differences between them but that's about it. I cannot judge them.

    Thanks for putting this out there.

    Here again - an FRFR will not provide an amp-in-the-room sound. It can't.

    This complaint (not a bad thing - it's true) is precisely why the Kone speaker was developed.

    I understand this.

    The biggest hurdle with digital amps is knowing what you sound like out front. I have played my Kemper with a traditional guitar cab and I love it. I suppose I could mic the cab live, but at that point it would be easier to bring a small combo as the cabinet just makes all profiles sound similar. Not exactly the same, but similar enough.

    I could use a guitar cab on stage, and send the direct signal from the KPA to FOH (studio profile) but then I don’t know what the audience is hearing (I understand that I can never fully know, regardless of what kind of amplification I use, but with non digital/direct solutions I have a better idea)

    I have not considered the Kemper Kab so I haven’t really looked into it. Can I send the direct signal from the Kab to FOH, thus ensuring I have a decent idea of what the audience hears? In other words, will the KPA “imprints” (or whatever they’re called) be sent to FOH and how can I be sure they sound the same through the PA as they do coming out of the Kemper Kab?

    I have found my Kemper to be an excellent solution for recording at home.

    I have used it on countless wedding gigs and have found it to be just ok. Good enough for wedding gigs. I use an FRFR and it's also just OK. I don't love it.

    I do not like the Kemper in a live situation enough to use it for my original bands. For those I still use my Fender.

    But for recording, digital amps are the way to go for me.


    I'm done with him and have him blocked. I don't see his posts anymore.

    I have just discovered the block user function. Maybe that will keep me from responding to the troll.

    To the entire KPA community in this thread:

    I am sincerely not trying to troll anyone. I am not trying to upset you. I have no brand loyalty or commitment to any product.

    You can take me at my word and I wish you would, because I mean what I say.

    calaban comes in and insults everyone here because he’s in love with said product hoping he will get a reaction or make everyone mad

    This is untrue, and ironic because that's exactly what you're doing with this post.

    Your goal is to upset me. It's not working, but I'm not going to hesitate to call you out on it.

    I'm really curious how your initial comment will be after a/b test ... My guess is that QC already won this battle in advance ...

    I want to address this ^^^

    The QC has won already in the UI department.

    The rest is up in the air, and I will not hesitate to say which device sounds better to me, if any.

    Now allow me to make a prediction:

    If, after I compare the QC and the KPA, I come to the conclusion that the KPA sounds better, you guys will all say "The KPA is still the champ! All hail the KPA!"

    If I say the QC sounds better it will be more of the same old "You're just a fan boy! Boo! Hiss!"

    I would love to be proven wrong here.

    I love my Kemper as well. I have been posting here for 7 years and have not ever been called a troll, nor have I ever engaged in trolling.

    But now, as I give my sincere thoughts about the state of the KPA and the release of the QC, as well as the reaction of (some members) of the Kemper community to the QC...all of a sudden I'm the world's biggest troll and a fanboy of the QC?

    That's an unbalanced view. Not accurate.

    I have never said you guys "can't stand that there's a new kid on the block"

    I have a beef with only one troll user here on these forums. Everyone else is fine.

    Not ironic at all. I insulted a product, you continue to insult a group of people. Huge difference.

    And yes you come off as a butthurt fanboy of an unproven, unreleased product that you don’t even own.

    I'm not insulting anyone.

    You're calling me butthurt.

    As I said, ironic.

    Thanks for the confirmation.

    There was no insults, or backhanded comments.

    Just my observations. I’m sorry you’re so upset by them.


    Did you watch the video, or at least the ending when the results are tallied? There were two different score categories. One was for tone. However, the other was for feel. The KPA won, unanimously, in both metrics. A 3rd-party listener doesn't have to be able to discern between tones. The testers, who are all gigging guitarists, unanimously scored the KPA the winner in terms of dynamics/feel in this non-biased, blind A/B test.

    I can’t sit through a video that long with tones I dislike.

    From what I’ve read about this video, the “blind test” wasn’t so blind. The guys doing the A/B at the end were the same guys that made the profiles/captures. Lol. Terrible protocol.

    Really should have been a double blind test.

    You Kemper super fans are a riot lol.

    There is no way to tell diddly squat from two amps with the gain on 1 Billion.

    Those sounds, regardless of where they come from, are completely lacking in dynamics.

    the Kemper not only holds its own, but still remains the best of the best! And it's pretty sick that it's undefeated when it comes to blind shootouts! lol

    It's crazy how much hype and personal bias can cloud peoples' perceptions of things, until it comes down to a blind test or something of that sort.

    This post is funny to me, as it seems you are exhibiting the personal bias that you are laying on others.

    I mean, you have not done your own comparison between the QC and the KPA have you? It seems you are just accepting others opinions through a youtube video.

    I have a Kemper and a QC on the way. I remain open minded and fully expect that each device will have its strengths and weaknesses.

    There is absolutely zero possibility of making an accurate assessment for my needs until I have a chance to directly compare them myself.

    I don't understand why you would pre-blend and it removes flex at mix down, especially these days with almost limitless tracks, seems so counter intuitive.

    There is a lot to be said for committing to a sound while tracking.

    That's the way they had to do it in the old days, and some of the greatest tones in history (guitar or otherwise) were created.