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    True about the phone, but you could already tell that the sounds weren't particularly close.

    They were very close in my opinion.

    I’m pretty sure he was comparing a real AC30 recording with a modeled AC30. I don’t think it was a capture of his own AC30.

    I heard about as much difference as I hear when I compare my real Pro Reverb with some Pro Reverb profiles I have.

    Regardless of whether or not it sounded exact, it was an excellent AC30 sound, and a very good sound overall.

    I have one coming as well and your optimism/review is good to hear.

    I still love my Kemper and I may end up keeping it. We’ll see. If the sound of the QC just doesn’t measure up, back it goes.

    But the size and that, if Kemper had done something like that with the Stage I would own one.

    Presets are a pain as it stands now, in my opinion.

    I very much dislike how you lose the main view when you go to the presets folder.

    The right click context menu on each stop/fx slot, which populates with presets of the type you’re already on, or allows you to choose a type of effect if it’s blank would be the best solution.

    And in preferences, allow the user to set whether to see all presets or only presets already on the profiler.

    Please implement something like this.

    And can we please have access to the tuner while in RM.! Please!!!

    Thank you.

    I'm not sure that what you're asking for is possible. Seems to me it would take some serious number crunching behind the scenes.

    Aren't there plugins that do this kind of thing? Maybe you could fix your recordings after the fact.

    Can you also hear how it seems not only to be a volume thing but also affects the perceived "openness" and kind of "steps back", "compresses" for the lack of better words? My guess (without in-depth analysis) is that the transients with their high frequency content get compressed which results in a slightly muffled, less open sound.

    I have not had enough experience with the new Kemper Drive to know how it interacts.

    But what you describe above seems normal to me.

    With most tube amps (at least Fender amps - that is what I’m familiar with) you can raise the volume knob a certain amount and get more volume, then you reach a spot where you get distortion AND more volume, but then there will be a point where you don’t get any more volume but rather more distortion and compression. That seems to be what you’re describing.

    ad 1 . I agree, this is not straight forward.

    Presets of the present type? Or presets of the present category? Or logical groups of categories e. g. Phaser+Flanger? Or all effect presets?

    And from which location? Local Library overall? Or just MyProfiler? Or preset packs included?

    I was picturing presets of the present effect.

    So as I described in the first post: if the present effect is a Green Scream, when right clicking on the slot you’ll get an option to load Green Scream presets.

    Alternatively you could simply have a “presets” context menu which gives a list of all presets, and a sub menu within that which gives you just the presets for the current this case Green Scream.

    I haven’t put much thought into which location they come from, but I would be fine with all locations. Or even another sub menu which breaks it down even further but that might be overkill.

    The main thrust is that I think presets should be available by right clicking on each Stomp or FX slot, rather than having to navigate to the preset folders in the left pane. How that might be implemented is certainly up for debate.

    I would like to suggest a few things for the editor here. I may continue to add to the list as I think of more.

    1. Preset list on right click

    I think it would be great to right click on a stomp or FX slot and have a drop down list of presets specific to that effect. So if I have a Green Scream assigned I will get the full list of Green Scream Presets when I right click. Or if I have a Dual Delay assigned, I will get Dual Delay Presets.

    The way it works now is cumbersome in my opinion. I have to navigate to the preset folder in the left pane, which may mean scrolling up/down, and that takes me away from the rig folder I was in. This makes it harder to find the rig I was working on. Right clicking and having the presets for that effect type pop up would be a much easier and more logical/efficient way of handling this.

    2. Please make the settings for each effect visible even when the effect is bypassed. Maybe the setting could be grayed out or something. But I dislike having to turn the effect on in order to see the settings.

    3. Please add an on screen tuner which also mutes the signal.

    4. I would like to change input presets from the ‘rig’ section of the editor when I switch guitars. Is this possible? If not that would be a great addition.

    I will add more as I think of them.

    Thanks for listening!

    Is there a dedicated manual for the editor? I would like to do some very basic things but cannot find the information.

    Specifically, at the moment, I just want to fine tune a parameter. I know I need to hold down a button while scrolling the mouse but I can't seem to find which button.

    I also cannot find the information easily in the Kemper Manual or the Addendum.

    A dedicated RM/Editor Manual would be a welcome addition.