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    I was thinking I might sell my KPA (rack) as I want a more portable digital amp to take on the deck and elsewhere around the house, and maybe even some gigs (although I have not had luck with digital solutions in a live setting, even the KPA)

    The FM9 was my first consideration but it seems to be huge. I think it’s even wider than my KPA rack.

    Maybe an FM3 with a small 3 button midi controller on a small board, but I worry (a little) about processing power.

    Ok Team Kemper…it’s time to release a full KPA that will run on my iPad ;)

    I had a love/not-love relationship with my QC when I had it.

    My opinions are based *only* on recording and playing at home. I do not use digital solutions for live playing. Kemper, Line6, Neural…doesn’t matter. I just can’t get it to work for me.

    The UI is brilliant imo…the best in the biz. I found everything to be so quick and easy. Zero problems with the touchscreen.

    The models and captures sounded great, but the models weren’t as nice as I had hoped. I wanted a modeler for recording when I wasn’t getting what I needed from the KPA. I know that many people think KPA profiles are very tweakable, and they are, but I think when you get too far from the original profile things start to sound unnatural. So I was hoping models would fill in the gaps. The QC models sounded quite good actually, but it still wasn’t what I was hoping. I’ve never tried a Fractal product. Maybe I’m just not a modeling guy.

    My main gripe was that the unit was noisy. Granted, my Kemper can be noisy as well if using a higher gain profile. But the Kemper is far away from my computer monitor and I use the Editor to control it. Since there is no PC editor for the QC yet, it had to be right on my desktop near my monitor/computer, and I think that was the main difference. It was just picking up a ton of noise due to proximity whereas the Kemper is a good distance away. Also, I primarily use a Strat so that isn’t helping the issue. But Neural should have had a desktop editor at launch (same with the KPA!)

    I think it’s very likely that I will try it again someday when it has matured and when they’ve added an editor, and upgraded some of the effects.

    I really hope the modulation effects get a full upgrade soon. They aren’t bad but I can’t get a good Univibe sound to save my life. And the rotary is workable but not very inspiring imo.

    I do like the phaser and use it quite a bit, although again I think it could be better.

    Tremolo is fine.

    I’m not a chorus or flanger guy so I don’t have much of an opinion there.

    Please Kemper…hit those mod effects next!


    The drives, reverbs, and delays have received some very nice updates. And the new fuzz is pretty darn good for a digital fuzz.

    I think the modulation effects are ok, but they need an update as well imo.

    As an owner of both the Kemper and the QC, I will say that the UI on the QC beats the Kemper and everything else on the market, hands down no questions.

    But the Kemper UI is very usable, and now with the Editor it has become much easier.

    But I would like a 2nd generation Kemper with a smaller form factor and a touchscreen.

    Hello all,

    I’m pleased to announce the release of Keepers Of The Newborn Green, the new album by my band Ghosts of Jupiter.

    Almost all the guitars were recorded remotely with my Kemper during this pandemic. We were going for the vintage vibe - think Traffic, Byrds, Tull, Floyd etc.

    If that’s your thing I think you’ll dig it!

    Would appreciate if you’d listen to a track or two, and if you like it please spread the word. Thanks!


    I have not been satisfied with any of the 2 FRFR solutions I have tried thus far, and I don’t want to keep spending money on more speakers.

    I know I can use a traditional cab, and when I’ve done that in the past I have enjoyed my KPA immensely. But at that point I’m losing a big part of what makes the amps sound unique. And if I’m sending a studio profile to FOH I can’t really tell what the audience is hearing.

    I know I know…the sound engineer has the final say, and I can’t ever be 100% certain that what I hear on stage translates to the audience anyway. But I like to be reasonably certain that whatI hear is not too far off.

    It’s all ok with me. For me, the KPA is a great solution for recording and playing at home. I don’t need it to do more than that!

    This is possible. I’ve done it before but it’s not something I use often so I don’t remember how off the top of my head.

    I believe you can save both the entire stomp section and the FX section as presets, but not as a single preset.