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    Here's something that Nonlinear Labs does that would be really cool if Kemper implemented:

    The C15 (a synth) can create it's own access point, so from any device with a browser (i.e., Desktop/Laptop/iDevice/Android/etc.) you simply jump onto its network and pull up it's editor/patch librarian. Super intuitive and super useful. Also, there is no need for a physical connection with any computer/tablet/phone.

    If you wanted to, you could go nuts and have different parts of the synth module editable on as many different screens as you have! You could also have someone else tweaking parameters as you're playing onstage 50 feet away.

    Now, wouldn't that be cool? Nonlinear Labs is another German company, btw, started by the founder of NI.

    Have a look at the Metagrid iPad app.

    When the editor comes out I’m going to see if Metagrid will be able to control it from my iPad.

    I have been using it with Reaper for a while and it’s great. Apparently it can control any app/program on that’s open on your computer but I’ve never tried doing that. Works like a charm with Reaper though so I figure it’s worth a shot.

    Might not work but man would it be great to play guitar at my desk, working with the editor there, and then move to the couch while still being able to edit rigs on my iPad 👍

    Kemper’ve got to be thinking about this angle, right? 😉

    I cannot for the life of me find the speed control on the rotary effect. There seems to be only two pages of options but no slow/fast button on either page?

    Anyone know where it is?

    Guys this is fucking stupid. Release the editor. This is not what people are asking for.


    People have been asking for a floor unit for years.

    I would bet money that the editor will be released this week.

    It’s most certainly not stupid, and you could *very easily* find a more positive way to express your opinion.

    Please be on your way. You’re a troll and a bore.

    I haven’t tried the new reverbs yet, but I’m going to assume they have some basic EQ control.

    Try rolling off the low end if it’s sounding like the low end is wreaking havoc.

    Add highs to make them stick out, roll off highs to make them take a back seat.

    BostonMike and ToneDeaf,

    I lived in the Durham/Newmarket NH area for 38 years....just moved to Virginia in January!

    I had no idea there were fellow Kemper users near me up there :huh:

    Hey : )

    I have already done a few selmer T&B profiles in some of my earlier packs.. (Pack 3 and 7?) might be wrong on numbers of pack but I did a few I remember : )

    Not too many of them around these days sadly!

    Oh cool I’ll check it out....thanks!