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    So what the Powercab does is it is a FRFR speaker and it has Cab modelling in it. I have the Plus, but it’s not essential. It just means you have some more options with microphones and a display and being able to load IRs.

    So when I connect the Kemper to it it can play with cabs on so it’s essentially FRFR, or I can turn the cabs off and it models a speaker. So it’s like a real guitar cabinet.

    Your best bet is something like this or a real cabinet, if you have the powerhead version.

    It doesn’t sound as good as a real amp with pedals and a 2x12. Nothing except that will. But I’d say it’s 85% - 90% of the way there. I’ve got a JCM800 profile from The Amp Factory that’s kind of low to medium gain, and when I play All Right Now with the Creamback model on Powercab it sounds amazing.

    Some profiles sound amazing with some models, some profiles are made to sound digital. It’s all about finding the right profile and cab for the right cab and profile.

    I can only say I’m very happy with it. It's pretty much all Amp In The Room.

    To me, FRFR is fine when playing alone in a room, or when you’re monitoring or recording, as it’s the miked sound.

    But in a band mix, live, it has nothing that I love about how a guitar should sound.

    I use a Line 6 Powercab and it sounds great. It thumps, it has decent cab models and I can use FRFR if I so wish at home.

    Even if I take a good profile of an amp I love and play it live with cabs on, it won’t sound like it does when I’m playing the amp. Not even close. It’s a completely different thing.

    Like you say, it sounds shrill and alien to me. But each to their own.

    Any good phaser settings? All the phasers in the Kemper feel a bit bright so when it sweeps it feels a bit unnatural, like the frequency range is too large which changes the tone too much.

    Any ideas?

    I find this with Humbucker guitars in general with all my real amps as well as the Kemper so I don’t think its a Kemper issue. I suppose its just the full range monitor puting out some frequencies that ypur guitar cab doesn’t.

    I’m using a cab.

    This is much more than anything I’ve experienced from my amps.

    I will try the bass cut as mentioned.


    haha. It does sound great with the bridge pickup but is it a strange reaction to humbuckers? Maybe using a completely different profile for the neck would work and then using the remote in performance mode to change to it?

    I’d prefer it to react like a real amp though where you can just change pickups as you please without having to make sacrifices.

    But why would it react so strangely with that guitar? It does it with my cab too, which is fine when I run it through a real amp. It’s only the Kemper. The bridge pickup is fine.

    I’ll have to try it with another guitar too.

    Whenever I use the neck pickup on my guitars with the Kemper through my Powercab, The bass on my LP’s neck pickup is so pronounced. I can’t go from bridge to neck, and it’s difficult to EQ as I have to completely roll off the bass which means the bridge sounds completely thin.

    Any advice? Thanks.

    Well I went and played a Power Cab for a second time and I honestly think it sounds pretty great with the inbuilt cabs from the Powercab. Some were more digital with different profiles but then sounded quite natural and ‘Amp in the room’ with others.

    I’m gonna start making performance rigs tonight.

    Is there any way to ensure volume parity across the different profiles in the same performance or do you just have to balance them yourself and then use the monitor output to increase the overall volume?

    And does anyone have any tips for doing the same for multiple performances?


    People always say how great it sounds with a cab/FRFR but I’m not experiencing it. I wonder if I’m doing something fundamentally wrong here! I love using it for recording and headphone playing, through monitors at home etc.

    Cab was very boomy on nearly all profiles. Couldn’t really dial it out. Maybe it’s the Creamback with the Kemper or something.

    Where in the UK are you Phil?

    I run both a regular cab ( 4 x12) and FRFR...I prefer FRFR but use the 4 x 12 for a bigger spread...

    East London/Essex mate. Why’s that?

    Well I’ve tried it with the Line 6 Powercab and I still hate FRFR. It sounded decent with the cab mode on, but with my Friedman 112 cab it sounds very boomy. Even when I dial stuff out it just doesn’t have what I want from it.

    It’s perfect for recording, I’ll just have to accept that it’s not a live tool for me.