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    Hi Bernhardt,

    It can be a bit of a challenge to achieve the Shadows Sound.

    I tend to listen to the actual track, using the relevant profile and dial in the recommended mix and feedback. You may want to adjust the mix level to get closer to your own perception. I am usually very happy with the final result at which point I save the profile under the name of the tune.

    Also the sound is dependant on Hank Marvin’s superb guitar technique using the Strat with smooth almost continuous use of the tremolo arm. In the earlier tracks, the string gauges used were heavier which makes a difference. In more recent times you see Hank change his Strat for an identical one between tunes. This is to use different string gauges to achieve the original tones.

    You could try other Vox amp profiles to get closer to the sound. AC15 for early stuff, and AC30 later or experiment with various other clean profiles and pick up settings. Cut back the tone a bit on the bridge pickup.

    Have you tried the “Wonderful Land” profile which is distinctly authentic especially when playing the palm muted section.

    Best of luck


    At the risk of boring you too much, there are only 60 definitive mix and feedback settings in the pdf track list I originally sent because many of the same settings are used on different tracks.

    You may wish to save some or all of these as separate profiles to supplement those I have already uploaded. These could be used to create performances for instant use if your gig includes a Shadows set.

    I have re-sorted the track list and attached it below to clarify this.

    Kemper Delay Part 2.pdf



    Hi Sharry,

    No tweaks for pickups or guitar as such.

    The underlying profile is the one Kemper Amps used to demo their 5.1 Delay update "Voice Ace Thirty" which I take to be a Vox AC 30. I have changed non of the settings.

    Hank Marvin used an AC15 in the early days and moved on to an AC30, everything set to clean.

    On most of his tracks he used a 3 single coil Strat, with the tone control cut back a bit possibly only on the bridge pickup. I have not tweaked the amp profile at all but I think its fine for the Marvin clean sound and to demo the delay settings.


    I have just uploaded 13 serial delay patterns to the rig Exchange.

    These seek to re-create the sounds of 5 vintage echo machines in various head, tape speed and volume combinations to give a total of 13 patterns that underpin the Hank Marvin echo signatures.

    I have used the Kemper “Ace Thirty” profile which, of course is not my work, but necessary to demonstrate the delay patterns. May CK forgive me!

    I have attached a .pdf information file which I would ask you to read before using these delays. You will find the profile names there and you can download them from the rig exchange if they are of interest.

    Shadows Delay Patterns.pdf

    A table of Shadows tracks is included, which shows mix and feedback settings to get the best sound for any given track.

    I hope you enjoy trying these patterns whether you are Shadows fans or not.



    Hi FTUcub,

    Great to have you here.

    Search for the following thread and click on the link in the first post for an excellent introduction to the KPA written by viabcroce:

    "A tutorial for first-dating the Profiler!" Last Friday, 3:31am+9

    Have fun,

    Hi MeAmBobbo,
    enjoyed your HD500 patches and website before I moved to the Kemper only to find you had moved there before me! Thanks for the time and energy you spent then and now. Trying the HD500 rigs will be an interesting journey. Thanks again.

    Take a rig with the parameters set one way and save it. Modify all the parameters you like and "save as" a different name. Set your x-fade as you like it, then switch back and forth between the two rigs ...

    edit: just reread your original post. So just save the two rigs and use the x-fade. Maybe I don't understand what you're wanting. ?(

    What is X-fade please? ?(

    hi Doug,
    I'm not int the X32 league I'm afraid, but I have seen many honourable mentions of it in the reviews I've been reading.

    :) I only need a small mixer and the UI16 would do the trick. I guess that the absence of physical controls keeps the price down and the size is more manageable for me as I get older.

    Regarding the wi fi, the use of a repeater is a brilliant suggestion. I also have an old laptop, so I could use an Ethernet connection to the UI with the cable substituting for a snake.

    many thanks

    Has anyone got experience of these wi fi mixers?

    The concept looks good and the price seems reasonable.

    I have read quite a bit about them and there is some criticism regarding continuity of the wi fi connection and the noise level of the preamps at higher levels of gain.

    Your views experience and comments would be very much appreciated. I would be using it for small venues, open mic etc.

    many thanks


    I wrote the following in a couple of threads several months ago (again at the risk of repeating myself - pun...)

    Hank B Marvin (complex multi head delays)

    I enjoy playing and performing Shadows instrumentals. A Stratocaster bridge pickup into a clean AC30 is spot on but I cannot get the complex multi tap delays from the KPA that create the Hank B Marvin signature sounds except the simplest (Apache), but the multiple tap of "Wonderful Land" cannot be realistically achieved with the KPA.

    Has anyone achieved delay setting of this type using only the KPA effects? I suspect not.

    I really need a vintage multi head delay effect to achieve this sound signature eg Binson, Meazzi Echomatic, Watkins Copycat, Vox Long Tom, Roland Space Echo.

    I know I can hook a pedal into the effects loop, but that is more gear and more cost for an effect which the KPA really should really be able to deliver.

    Even the much maligned HD500 has a 4 head delay effect which could be used in 2 slots in series or in parallel to achieve the equivalent of 8 heads and complex delay patterns. I am very disappointed with this aspect of the KPA.


    I think there could be further microphone development/standardisation, dedicated to profiling, alongside these "super amps", but as the amps won't be generally available to the public, the cost of a profile pack could escalate.

    At home, I usually connect the remote using an inexpensive 1 metre patch cable. I extend this with a second 1 metre ( or half metre) cable as necessary, using a simple plastic joiner. Generally the kemper cable is too long and inflexible.

    The remote has always come on line shortly after the KPA has booted whatever cable I use. I use this arrangement all the time at home but I rarely gig, so possibly these cables would not stand the wear and tear.

    In the long term I think that tube amps and guitar cabs will continue to be researched and developed, possibly more than ever. Once a prototype has been perfected, a full range of very high quality profiles will be made. A set of such profiles will then be marketed without the need to put the amp into production at all!

    No, Ingolf, the foam is relatively impervious and the pee was a small amount on the top. Using the chemical antidotes spread the evil aroma. Eugh! But all is now well except that Rosie may have fallen in love with the bag. If it happens again I may have to repeat the process and turn everything up to 11!