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    Hello guys! I was wondering what is your favourite type of profile and why: Studio, Direct Input, Merged (is there anything else? lol).

    Mine is DI profiles. They sound the most realistic to me and feel much better while playing them.

    Maybe, before ranting about a product in that way, you could be humble enough and accept it was your fault taking for granted something that was not stated anywhere. But this is even worst... the fact that the Remote can actually be fitted in the bag just makes this thread even more absurd.

    I'm not insulting your beloved Kemper, and if you didn't like my Marshall it wouldn't bother me. We're not kids in a playground. It was wasted money for me, but not for you. Good for you, I'm happy that others aren't having the same difficulties I am. And I wasn't saying I have better ears than anyone.
    However all that have commented on my clips, apart from Mr Kemper, say the same. Its not sounding good.

    The Kemper may sound exactly like any amp you want for you, for me that hasn't been the case.

    Now, unless some of you are rich you know what being a musician is like. You spend all of your money on music, including money you don't have. When I said I felt ripped off, its because I've spent a lot of money on a piece of gear that isn't delivering. Sorry if my experience is annoying for you. But I do think its insecure to want everyone to love something you love, and get annoyed when they don't.

    You absolutely lost the point of my post. First, I'm just trying to help you. Second, it's not your experience what annoys me but your defeatism attitude. You go all drama saying it was a rip-off before checking all the possibilities.

    I am not defending the Kemper for the sake of it. I'm just saying that you are criticising something that can do exactly the thing you say it doesn't... And I do that to help you and because I know it does.

    Anyway, have you tried to do a DI profile of your Marshall and run it through its poweramp? Have you tried other DIs?

    I've answered this earlier.
    I'm after quality tone. Once again I'll explain. I plug my guitar my Marshall or a friends Messa, Orange, Vox, I get a good quality tone. I plug into my Kemper, I do not. If you look through this thread I've given details on the profiles used, some members have been kind enough to mail me profiles to try. I've gone through all the suggestions listed here and it hasn't made a difference.

    I'm away right now, when I get back I'll try the DI suggestion. But in light I've what I've experienced so far, I think its more probable than not that this isn't going to solve the problem. Mr Kemper has listened to my clips and pretty much said that that is the way a Kemper sounds. I'm inclined to believe him.

    My experience so far has indicated that for £1,400 I've been chronically ripped off. Wish that wasn't the case, but that's where I am today.

    I am sorry but I cannot stand you constantly considering yourself a victim of a rip off when you know you haven't tried all options yet. Your attitude seems more like the one of a person who wants to give bad credit to a product more than the one of a person who needs an actual solution.

    Just take this into consideration:

    - The Kemper Profiler can sound exactly like your beloved Marshall and, virtually, any amp you want. Just make a decent profile and you'll see the results.
    - The profiler is a professional device used by studios, producers and musicians all around the world. They all adore the unit. I doubt you have better ears than them.

    With that said, please be humble and stop saying that you have been ripped off before trying all the possibilities.

    Also, if you are not able to create some DIs, you can use other DIs (internet is full of them) through a public profile so we can do the same and see if your device is wrong.