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    Hi Everyone,

    I saw him in London. He said that people kept asking him if he would retire, but went on to say how much he loved playing and how he enjoyed taking his songs out on the road...

    It didn’t sound like he was hanging up the head band and Les Paul just yet.

    He’s still a great performer, consummate songwriter and guitar genius. His tone was crystal clear on the night (no pun intended).

    I saw him on his previous tour too and I would say his tone was better this time round.



    I don’t know how I missed this profile but played it for the first time last night. It really is amazing. It’s got that thick, meaty tone and dynamics that bring the soundstage to life.

    I think it will end up replacing some of my live amp blocks, once I organise the FX etc.

    Unbelievably belatedly, thanks for sharing this one!



    Wheresthedug , we bow to your dedication and kindness. Not to mention your genius...

    This is what I love about the Kemper forum. The time and effort to work all that out and then post it for all to see is very generous especially when it’s not for personal use but to assist a fellow musician to achieve a goal.

    I will be trying this out in the near future.

    I have always wanted to understand how to create harmonies to do this sort of part. Now there is a working example to follow so I can improve my limited understanding in this field.

    Well done indeed and greatly received!

    Many thanks


    Hi AntLefty,

    I experience an audible click when connected to our band’s PA. It happens in different locations, always sounds the same and has the same tempo. It is very quiet, so, it doesn’t boom out of the speakers. It just gently clicks in the distance. As we use IEMs (hard wired via a P-16M) we can all hear it! That and the bass player’s noisy pickups are the only interference we get. His pickups are definitely affected by the dimmer switches in the rehearsal space so it’s easy to take care of that, we just play in the dark! 😉

    I have tried ground switching to no avail.

    I don’t hear it at home when listening through headphones. Just at rehearsals and gigs.

    I have a theory that it has something to do with my JTV59 when I play the different guitar models. Maybe the Kemper picks up on the processor in the JTV somehow creating/amplifying this click. I can’t remember if I tested this out though.

    I’ve often wondered if I am the only one who gets this little glitch going on.



    You definitely can do it!
    Once you have the right stereo splitting y cable, use the Return and Alternative inputs to feed the signal through the Kemper.
    Then go to the output menu to control the levels.
    You might have to check which outputs you have linked though. Also, only increase the Aux in headphones level and the Main headphone level. Keep the Aux in Main at zero to avoid increasing noise. This also prevents that feed from going to FOH unless of course, you want it to...

    Hi All,
    Great request which would be so useful. I use the Kemper to mix my guitar with an aux send from our desk which has the guitar removed. It usually works well and provides a very good IEM solution, once I’ve balanced out the signal levels. However, the suggestions here would be a massive improvement in flexibility and help get round those tricky times when you can’t get a guitar-less feed from the desk.

    I use a combined guitar and headphone lead so I can avoid paying out for a wireless unit to feed my headphones. So this means just one cable to send and return signal. This makes the Kemper my monitor mixer. This is why the Aux signal has to be fed into the Kemper, either with or without guitar in the mix. So, being able to mute the guitar signal coming into the headphones from the Kemper while feeding through a complete mix from the desk, just makes life easier.

    I would definitely use this feature and I’m sure many others would too.
    Very kind regards to all.
    Pre-Amp :)

    Hi Everyone,
    I know it’s been a while since there have been any posts in this thread, but I just up-dated to the Spring Reverb Beta at the beginning of this week, so I’m pretty new to it.
    I had a strange issue to day in Performance Mode. I didn’t have the Spring Reverb in any slot, so it’s a Beta comment not specific to the reverb.
    I tried loading a Graphic EQ preset I made (Low Cut) into slot B or C. I activated the slot to select it as normal. As I scrolled through using the browse knob, I located the preset and waited for it to autoload. There was then a complete volume loss from the guitar (Strat). No input signal and consequently no output volume. There were no locked settings either. The remote became less responsive and then unresponsive to button presses despite all LEDs being operational. Then the LEDs started flashing a bit like when the tuner is engaged on both remote and KPA. Finally the LEDs became random.
    I think I may have seen the EQ drop into place and went too quickly to save the rig. I can’t be sure about that.
    At this point I rebooted and went through the whole process again. This time it was fine and I could complete the task. Very peculiar!
    Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? I was editing Andy’s 1964 AC30 (TAF). There was Drive, Legacy Delay, a Crystal Dual Delay for shimmer, a Phaser and Hall Reverb. Noise gate zero, pure cab off.
    I am aware of the Pure Booster issue but not sure that this is the same kind of glitch.
    Any thoughts?