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  • Hi Formar,
    I am interested in the Pod Hd pro simply for channelling the Variax VDI input through to the Kemper SPDIF input. I don't have one at the moment, so I'm not sure I can really help much.
    I was simply asking questions on those threads based on what I assume might happen with the signal routing.
    Kind regards

  • Good afternoon and sorry for the confidence to write directly and not in the forum.

    I have been following the thread of "Tip for users of the Line 6 Variax with a Kemper" and I am not able to understand the configuration.

    I have a JTV-89F, POD HD 500X, Kemper Profiler, Profiler Remote and Mission GP1-kp Pedal and I think my intent is the same you have, ie feed the VARIAX with VDI, control changes variax models and tunings, and to use the effects of HD500X POD (no amps or cabs) in the FX loop effects of Kemper Profiler.

    Could explain me if at the end you've managed to do it and how?

    Thanks in advance. I will be eternally grateful.