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    What would make a Kemper killer for you?

    I’m actually pretty happy with the sounds on the QC.
    It feels slightly stiffer than the Kemper, though.
    the Kemper also has many more and, in my opinion, better effects, especially the delays and reverbs.
    Also, the added tone shaping controls of the Kemper are amazing, clarity, definition to mention a couple. Plus the morph functions, plus all the extras of the whole ecosystem like the kabs and kones.

    It’s a hard thing to beat to be honest.
    I’ll keep the Kemper, especially as I have a powered one and like to use it with my real cab.

    Might sell the helix tho;)

    Ok so I’ve been playing with my QC a lot and agree it’s not a Kemper killer. But I still think it is good.
    so many clips are with fizzy high gain amp models I thought I’d capture my Two Rock on clean and overdriven settings.

    Here’s a vid

    on my Mackie monitors, it sounds basically the same. Ymmv

    Agree. Also, you prob know this as you’re using the Atomic Clr, but whatever you’re monitoring with is really important.

    I use a real cab with the Kemper but have a dxr10 so used that with the QC. I found it boxy and not very dynamic, very disappointing. Then I put the Kemper through it to check, and also disliked the sound of my favourite profiles. So much so I’m going to have to reconsider my dxr.

    So putting the QC through my real cab using a cheap quilter pedal amp worked really well.

    Be interested to hear how the Atomic clr is, but I think it a great shame the Kemper power amp isn’t useable with other modellers, if it were I’d buy it right away.

    I spent time capturing a few pedals today. A KTR Klon, Friedman beod and tried a beano boost by analogman.

    The first two were pretty good, something not quite right in the low mids I felt but sound was generally there. The treble booster was really trebly and didn’t work at all. I’ll keep trying though as I’ve not been playing long with it.

    I have the suhr Andy Woods T style signature and it is amazing. Very playable, typical t sounds but a little more girth to it with the woodshed pickups.
    also had a Guthrie Govan sig which was also amazing. Can’t go wrong with Suhr guitars and as a t style is so basic in many ways, I honestly think you’ll love any suhr one you get.

    No, because the Kone on its own is GFR, not FRFR. The corrective EQ applied using the Profiler's DSP when the Kone setting is ON takes it closer to FRFR specs and without it it is just a slightly more broadband guitar speaker.

    wouldn’t this mean that it would sound fine tho if you used a helix etc without a cab ir? I mean if it’s basically gfr anyway?

    Yup, I get that :) but wondering how useable it is with other modellers as I have a powered Kemper anyway, so don’t necessarily need the powered cab, but if it also works for other devices I might trade my Yamaha Dxr ;)

    Ingolf have you tried it with your QC yet?

    Absolutely not. Part of playing a strat is the struggle I feel. They aren’t the easiest guitars to play IMO. Scale length maybe? My prs and suhrs are easier. But a strat is a strat and nothing else is quite the same.

    Kemper is amazing. I hope the QC is too. I didn’t like any of the tones in the vid tho. Really fizzy. Maybe not the best comparison IMO but still interesting.

    this was a slightly annoying video for me, and sums up what I meant about Junkies stuff. It’s sold as a vid specifically on the QC as that’s a hot topic, he mentions Tricks ie eq tricks to make it perfect for any user, but then goes onto basic low cut standard moves that anyone does with any modeller / profiler.
    It could just be me, but I get frustrated with you tubers who use these gimmicks to get views. The info isn’t bad in the vid, but it isn’t really specific to the QC and it isn’t a ‘trick’.