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    I use the stomp and in no way does it compare to the Kemper. However it can pair well and I do use it on a nano board at times instead of taking a Kemper (when gigs actually happened. )

    Could be interesting. But I wonder if it’s just to try to tie people in even more to the UAD system.

    If it means we can use UAD plugins native on this daw and if we can still run third party ones too, this could be fantastic. My bet is though it still uses DSP of the interfaces otherwise people won’t need to buy the expansion boxes.

    Wonder how this will turn out ?

    Thanks so much to all of you for adding to this really interesting thread. Really useful for me and just great to read how you all approach learning guitar.

    I'm the same as many of you.

    Been playing about 30 years. Started at 12 when a friend of mine left his sister's guitar and basic chord book at my house and I basically 'borrowed' them for a while.

    Moved onto electric and bought a few song books - Metallica Justice for All, AC/DC Highway to Hell etc.

    Never had face to face lessons that have worked as I just haven't found a good teacher near where I lived.

    Online vids have been really useful and I've used many for theory and technique. For this I actually think the theory stuff is more useful.

    Learning this way though has led to me being unbalanced as a player, with my ear training being neglected and technique being the main focus.

    I think a good teacher would have made me a better all round player and now I need to find ways to work on that stuff:)

    Hi all,

    I wasn't sure where to post this as it's not really Kemper related but more just about music and learning.

    I'm in my final year of a music degree and for a research project I need to compare online learning vs traditional face to face learning.

    If you're like me you've probably taken a few lessons here and there, used YouTube for loads of free stuff and subscribed to sites like Jam Track Central.

    I'd be extremely grateful if you could let me know your experiences of learning guitar. Just a couple of sentences would be great if you have time.

    Here's my question:

    Do you take or have you ever taken traditional face to face guitar lessons or used online sites for learning? Why did you choose this method and what do you find the main benefits of each type of lesson are?

    Thanks for your time in reading this and especially for replying!

    Bought the grab n go pack, got a number of packs now, and it’s great. Love the performances and used one tonight live with a 2 Rock 1x12 cab and it sounded great.

    Might have to buy more although I really don’t need more profiles.

    Also bought the hx stomp pack. That sounds pretty good too. Although not as good as the Kemper.

    Ok this is a short review as I feel I should write something quickly but I intend on doing a fuller one.

    I was sent the BE100 and direct profiles of the SLX900. Now I have plenty of packs from all the major ‘renowned’ vendors so I feel in a good position to comment.

    All the profiles sounded great and cover a good range of gain, from clean to balls out rock.

    Through my 2Rock 2x12 cab, these sounded great with plenty of mids but also definition. I didn’t tweak the profiles at all using my Suhr T Style guitar and got a great sound.

    Only thing I’d be tempted to do is add a couple of profiles with a range of effects already dialed in. Don’t get me wrong, there are some already but maybe a better range and some that use the newer delays and reverbs could be good. I locked a couple of effects from another vendor and was then more than happy with the sounds.

    These are not necessary though as the most important things are the great amp tones available but could help create a better first impression for new buyers.

    Great profiles. Definitely recommend

    I’d have researched more before buying and then realising the lack of an editor. Many many threads on this.

    I’d also have probably gone for the head or rack if your main use is studio.

    However, beyond this I personally think the Kemper is by far the best sounding and feeling digital device out there. The support is also amazing and the updates rock.

    I bought my power head around 6 years ago and wasn’t at first convinced but with some time it became easily the best purchase I’ve made in over 25 years of guitar playing