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    Thanks, but I got sent a link to the original MSI. I couldn't install without changing the name to strip off the "64 bit" text...but from there got everything working.


    Sorry if this is obvious but I haven't found it yet in the manuals, videos or playing with Rig Manager (last one being my preference).

    So, how do I change the Kemper Drive from the Horizon to the Klon?

    I can right click on the Kemper Drive in my performance...I can't see which model I'm using, and then a mouse click per menu - so that's 4 mouse clicks to change / audition a different model:

    and I can do the same thing starting with a left click on the stomp pedal or circle with horizontal lines in the left hand corner.

    Surely there's a quicker way to do this - I've already selected the Kemper Drive in my peformance, I just want to change the model....

    And I should be able to see in Rig Manager which model I started with?




    I haven't used my Kemper or Rig Manager for some time. I decided to try out the new OS and pedals. First I backed up the Kemper.

    I went to run Rig Manager but due to some strange IT thing work have done to my PC, it says it can't find the MSI:

    I downloaded the latest RM 3.2.48 but after trying to install it says it needs to remove the old version, and I get the same dialogue shown above.

    How can I get around this? Is there a manual way I can remove the old Rig Manager traces....or can I somehow get the MSI of the version it is asking for and either browse to the file...or even install from the old MSI....and then uninstall it fully?




    I'm about to send my Kemper in for repair (LEDs)

    In the past I've backed up with a USB key.

    Now Rig Manager offers to backup Rig Manager content, and Rig Manager syncs with the Kemper.

    So, would you back up with Rig Manager, or USB key, or both?



    Have you tried this approach? See if any of those dealers know of any certified repair centers in your area. Here in the US they have three listed for example.…utors/76/United%20Kingdom

    Thanks, but no, in the UK it doesn't work that least not when out of warranty. Kemper would like me to ship direct to Germany. I have no complaints with that, just trying to do it in the most economic way. I thought £26 was expensive for insurance...but having gone onto another engine that wants to charge me £50, perhaps not!

    So the great news is that I only have cover the shipping to Germany as this is a known fault from a small batch of 2012 produced Kempers. Thanks paults

    Shipping - any advice on shipping in Europe (in my case from UK to Germany) as the value of the Kemper certainly pushes the price up.




    Just last week, I noticed on my toaster (which is well out of warranty) that an LED had failed - the middle LED on the Bass control. A couple of days later, the third from bottom LED on the bottom volume control by the input had gone.

    Today the middle LED on the Middle control has gone.

    What's happening - any ideas?

    I'd love it to just be software rather than hardware.

    Is there anything I can do to check?

    It is running as it has been for months.



    Freeze and Infinity are new functions introduced with new delay and reverb types. If you have been using Legacy Delay, you could just change the effect type to TwoTap Delay maintaining the parameter settings. Freeze and Infinity will appear in the upper row. You cans imulate witht he soft buttons within the menu and assign to the Effect Buttons of your Remote/Stage.

    Yes, so far if you reassign the TUNER, TAP or LOOPER button, the LED doesn't follow. But you can see in the signal chain in the display, if the module A activates or deactivates.

    The Effect Buttons I-IIII of Remote/Stage switch automatically between momentary and latching operation. Short hit: latching. Hold for a couple of seconds: momentary.

    Great stuff.....I'll have to try assigning freeze to one of effect buttons I-IIII.

    Incidentally, I've just had an auto-update to was useless to me before that....deleting performances and crashing all the time....but so far, this update is excellent!


    This kind of crosses this forum and the Remote one.

    I use the legacy delay, cos I always have and it suits what I do. Does it support the Freeze / Infinite Delay options?

    I became aware of these trying to control more stomps and saw that you can re-assign the Tap footswitch to many Stomp A on/off for example...and also saw the infinite delay and freeze.

    Two issues for the on/off works, but the Tap LED doesn't turn on/off (always off) so I can't see the status of Stomp A. The LED does work in Tap mode.

    Second, neither the infinite delay or freeze settings do anything. Does that mean I have to choose a different delay type?

    **EDIT** I have found that infinite and freeze are available on other delays. However the LED issue on the Tap button is still there.

    Also are there settings to make it more useful like the EHX Freeze pedal - it could partly be the LED issue...but having to hit the pedal to freeze, again to stop, and again to start is awkward......having it latching would be easier I think.....

    I didn't see anything about this in either manual....



    Hi, That's a brilliantly useful response...and I do love a good Engl, so I'll include that pack too...I think it's the Powerball right?

    On another I use the same effects and even morph settings across all my rigs (performances) you know any easy way to maintain those and just change the rigs (amp and cab settings)?

    I'm pretty sure on the Kemper itself I can copy and paste the entire stomps and effects sections...but there might be a quicker way to do that from RM?

    Also with the morphing, I don't know anyway to copy that between performances?



    Ah yes! The old stairs and sticky carpets - sheesh. But remember, the alternative to tweaking on the Kemper itself, is to have a laptop connected to the Stage and tweak it via Rig Manager, which is possibly more intuitive than fiddling with knobs and led displays? Just an idea.

    Hmm, my experience of the Kemper (Toaster) connected to RM has been poor - remote disconnecting, things hanging etc.... And gigging, there are things I love about the Toaster the Noise Gate knob on the front - has saved me more than once with a noisy stage.

    Thanks - yeah, I love the morph feature....trying to get the AX8 to imitate that was painful.

    I do tend to tweak on the fly at rehearsals and really like the Toaster interface for that....might be a reason to stick with that over the Stage for now.

    I'm going to to try rig manager on my Mac to see if that plays better than my PC when assiging rigs to performances etc.

    Btw, the old days....I remember lugging my Marshall combo....a good 25+Kg up three flights of steps to a nightclub venue.....and my feet sticking to the floor. I had my guitar and a bag with my pedalboard on my back. I had the same Marshall when I played Glastonbury and was trudging through mud, you couldn't make it up :D:D:D

    "Forgive me father for I have sinned" ;) ....I got fed up with a fault volume knob on my Kemper (had it on my last one too - now fixed) and Rig Manager losing one of my performances when I was editing using it....and then it sounding like a cocked wah was on....having to do multiple factory resets and then having the issue recur. So I used an AX8 for a few months....editor great, physical interface not so much.

    I joined a covers band - Green Day to Megadeth....AX8 into the Behringer X32 PA...and I was struggling to hear myself. Now to be fair, I've always needed to have my volume high in the mix. But also part of the issue is that me and the other guitarist were both on AX8s, and like similar sounds....and being honest....he's an astonishing guitarist who sounds great through everything (it's in the fingers) there's probably a psychological factor too.

    I tried different IEMs but couldn't get a sound I liked....I was on the verge of just giving up on the band as I couldn't enjoy myself if I couldn't hear what I was doing.

    Anyhow, I went in today with an A/B pedal.....both my AX8 and Kemper set up.....and my DXR10 as my personal monitor....I had got the Top Jimi Steve Stevens and EVH packs.....based on Ben Eller recommending the EVH ones and had set up a new preset on the AX8.

    Long and short, the Steve Stevens profiles sounded great and even with the DXR10, I could hear myself better and preferred the sound of the Kemper from my DXR10 over the AX8. I only used the AX8 by choice on one song...Kickstart my Heart by Motley Crue....because my Droptune was hooked up to it...and I struggled to hear myself well. The other guitarist still sounded fantastic on his AX8.

    Anyhow, as per the subject line, I now plan on building a single performance for all of the songs. I mainly used 3 of the Steve Stevens profiles tonight....I also wanted a more "direct" sound at times (Steve Stevens profiles have a lovely "squash" to them) so am thinking of getting the ACDC I think of Angus's sound as being Marshall but without the scooped, and slightly nasal sound a lot of high gain Marshall profiles seem to have.

    So Question 1. Have any of you tried various Top Jimi packs and what are your favourites and why?

    Question 2. is around how I can play with the profiles to make them more flexible. For example I'm thinking EQs or perhaps gain pedals (I wish the Kemper had the variety of gain pedals that the AX8 does) so that if I want to take a higher gain profile (like the Steve Stevens) and make it more brutal, I can just turn on a stomp. Similarly I might just want more cut in the mix.....or I might want a "rounder/fuller" sound for melody lines using a particular profile. The last two feels like EQ stomps. Do you guys have any go to stomps you have set up in that way?

    I still have my legacy delay at 450ms that I like and I use a morph pedal to increase the delay mix, up the mids, up the volume a bit, and drop a bit of treble and presence for solos.... I also have a separate pedal for volume....although for some reason today it wasn't boosting as much as it has in the past....I'll have to look into that.

    Question 3. Have any of you managed to get an IEM solution that works for you, particularly on high gain sounds without being too ice picky or just sounding nasty in your ear? I have a couple of IEMs and different IEM amps I can use. Back with the AX8 I tried mixing a direct feed of my guitar with a mix of the band from the PA....but I couldn't get anything I liked.

    This band is likely to play beer festivals....and there is every chance there won't be any more than a line check....meaning if I get a bad monitor mix, I'm a bit stuffed.

    Sorry for all the words...but hopefully you guys have some ideas I haven't considered.



    PS - I have a terrible back and even the weight of the Toaster, two expression pedals and the remote in a semi-hard case is a bit much for it worth considering chopping for a Stage?

    Ah, pity. I'm looking forward to new pedal models being released. I've been playing with the AX8 for a few months. Being able to choose the BB Preamp and other drive pedals with pretty different characteristics is a big plus.

    Another is the PC interface. I'm not too worried about fancy features, but Rig Manager for creating performances is so painful I won't do it again. Just dragging profiles into a performance is hit and either crashes, or you can't drag it, or the profile showing in rig manager doesn't get reflected on the Kemper, or you hit save and it reverts to a previous setting....or (and this all happened yesterday) it crashes and swaps an entire performance with another....or swaps slots with another.

    Btw, if you save a pedal present eg AG-Delay.....when you click on the delay in the editor, would you expect to be able to select your preset? I couldn't see how to do that, it just offered me the different delay types....