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    Thank you Burkhard for this, but this is getting over my head....I only use Browse mode, tweak a profile a bit, assign this in System with a number and that is as far as my knowlegde goes. Then it's a matter of pressing the right assigned button om my midi controller and there's my my profile. And I repeat this process for a solo with the next midi assign. Yes I know, very onconventional, but there's not much time to turn everything upside down and go to another method...for coming gigs...and leaving your routine the way it was...

    And if you use Direct Out + Monitor Out (preserving the stereo fx) and send these 2 outputs to 2 mixing desk inputs and from there to 2 powered speakers of 1000 W each? For monitor reasons. Does the affect the impedance of the used speakers. Does this way of connection sound different from Main outputs (jack or XLR?) to FOH ?

    Yes -

    Program a set, and create a Backup file.

    Program another set, and create a Backup file.

    You can create additional sets, if you need them, and create a Backup file each time.

    When you load a Backup file, it overwrites the entire contents of the KPA with the contents of the Backup file.

    Hi Paults,

    I'm sorry for the repeat to your reply but I want to understand this right and don't make things worse (and maybe I have explained it wrong the first time).

    1. 15 songs in set 1 with midi assigns 1 - 15

    2. backup to usb and put it in a vault ...^^

    3. 15 new songs in set 2 and assign them also to same midi numbers 1-15

    4. backup to new usb and put in second vault ...^^

    Now I import set 1 again. Will my midi controller and Kemper now show these first songs again with their corresponding midi numbers?

    So are these combinations (1 and 3 separately!) saved for recall? I can't explain it better...

    What controller are you using? Is it capable of sending out CC messages (as opposed to program change messages)? If so, then it's just a matter of ordering your performances and slots smartly.

    I use a Roland FC-200. It's capable of sending out CC messages, but I never used that. Obviously as soon as you connect a midicable to an amp with midi you can scroll through sounds with the controller's switches.

    When you load the Backup file, it will include the Browse Mode MIDI PC numbers that are assigned to Rigs in the System Menu and/or the Performance Slots that correspond to the MIDI PC messages.

    So if I assign 1 to 15 midiplaces to 15 songs and back up them all, and I import 15 new files for assigning them to those same 15 previous midi places then they would be overwritten but as soon I re-import the first 15 songs again then the first 15 midi assigns would have been still intact? Is that what you mean?

    Maybe a strange question but this what 's going on.

    For many years now I use a midicontroller on stage. It works fine for me. We work in sets of songs so what I do is assigning every part of a song (verse, solo etc.) to a following midi number which corresponds with a latching switch om my midi controller. I have 10 of these switches available for each of the 12 banks.

    But since we play an amount of medleys (with a part of every song) my midinumbers exceed the number of songs and I must watch out for tap dancing.

    Now my question. Is it possible to save a set with 15 songs with their corresponding midinumber on USB and then assign 15 other songs to the same midinumbers to a second

    USB. The goal is to import this second USB just before playing a second set.

    So actually I then would be able to use a limit of midi assigns for different sets of songs and different songs would benefit the same midinumber on my midicontroller. Or does this conflict...?

    After numerous efforts I succeeded to update the profiler and the RM. Still it's not an easy process... OK for me, that is... The video of Tone Junkie helped me after this to get the new reverbs. As shown in that video you don't see the new reverbs after updating the profiler to 5.7. But I got there finally.

    Thank you all for all your contributions. It sure was worthwhile because those new reverbs sound awesome. And that's what is was all about...! :):):)

    If you take a look at this video from Tone Junkie, then it's a lot of trouble to get what you want. I tried it and get several error messages to send an e-mail to because of screens that appear. Also RM is not updateable as Jonathan Sullivan shows. Any comment on this?

    Sofar I haven't been able to update my profiler and RM and having an e-mail ready to send to with pictures of my error screens...

    I loaded RM today for the first time, on a notebook with a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro

    I have the updated version

    How, where did you get that 2.1.71 version? In SUPPORT - DOWNLOADS - Latest addition and Category Rig Manager, there's only version 2.1.61 available...! And that's from 2019-01-14....

    If I open RM, a second screen appears for updating to this new version But after installing you get nothing and your old version stays. Tried it several times but it doesn't update. Is this a bug...?

    Loading profiles from USB into KPA seems to have an unpredictable result. An hour ago I loaded a profile from computer to USB and then into KPA just for listening. Worked fine. I deleted that profile on the USB and loaded another 20 to that same USB. All I get is the message: Choose from the following options. That's it. Pressing exit and then press USB PLUGGED again, leads me to the same message. Nevertheless I haven't change anything.

    When I look for a good sounded clean profile I scroll through RM with only the given word CLEAN in Search for.. I hit one to listen to (headphones come up in front of profile ) and then it's just scrolling down eacht time. My kpa is connected to a 22 channel mixer from the two main outs with two TS cables to two channel inputs and on each channel I have the corresponding pfl on so I can monitor the incoming signals.

    It's very noticable that those incoming signals from profiles vary a lot in volume. Previously I have found good clean profiles but a lot of them give me much trouble to get rid of the clipping on my mixing desk and thus of balancing with the other profiles for which I have been able to stay within the green volume area., even the distorted ones. On stage these differences cause problems for the the one who controls the mixing desk.

    The real problem is to decrease that volume clipping for such a clean profile in the first place at home. Checking every fx, clean and distortion sense, reverb, delay a.s.o., and decreasing volume of the used amp to far - dB often doesn't help. Still I want a good sounding clean (verse used) profile for matching a distorted solo ( a bit louder).

    Any advise on this?

    Each time after starting up RM I keep on getting these pop ups in RM as a reminder for updating to version 2.1.61 (I have version But when updating RM dissapears and I can start all over again. Something wrong here?