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    AMEN Ingolf,,, amen,,

    enough already if you want one,,, go get it,,( oh thats right,,, you cant,, a year later) I'll hang with CK,,,He cured my gear lust 7 years ago,,,

    I have never head of a tune going gold,, because the distortion pedal was captured so accurately,,,

    IF all these folks put as much effort into music , as they do chasing gear,, maybe they could afford both!!!

    As a Long time studio owner, I have seen first hand,,ALL gear, is only as good as the operator,,,

    Like all the other suckers,,I signed up for their contest and got spammed to DEATH with plug in adds, had to Un subscribe,,just a marketing gimmick to harvest emails,,in 7 years this has NEVER happened with Kemper, They respect their clients,,

    BTW,,,,If it takes this long to get it to market,, god forbid, you should need service on it,,,,,,or the cloud should go down,,and,, its NOT been road/gig tested,,lets see in a year from now, how it works,who is using it,,,which pros take it out and count on it, gig after gig,, LIKE the Kemper,,

    Hoping for news from CK,,he will get my money,,,his Co. has earned my trust, completely,,

    AI is neutral. Like a gun. Its not the gun that pull the trigger and kill . AI is the future. Whether you like it or not. It can be used for many good things but also many bad things too.

    and I would bet the farm that once its turned loose, and gets into the hands of greedy folks,,,,things "WILL" never be the same, I agree...this is informative,,

    and pretty soon someone will come up with an app that replaces guitar players, and amps,( easy drummer), Then what??its already bad enough with modern music,,when you remove the humans,, its not music, because music,, should come from the soul,(not a bunch of IC's,,) as well as arts,, not AI,,

    AI,, is a VERY bad thing,, and we will all find out soon enough,,,once you turn it on,, you will never be able to turn it off,,,

    not looking for a fight jus my 2 cents,,

    I don’t understand why these comparisons aren’t level matched.

    I don’t think (as many do, without evidence) that there is some conspiracy or that these guys are shilling for one product over another. I think it’s just something they missed. But why? It seems elementary and obvious that you’d want to match the levels.

    what he said,,

    Sound quality of the amps and effects is paramount for me. However, the revelation that the QC will be dependent on the Neural Cloud for backups, captures, etc., will be the deal breaker for me. I don't have or allow any cellular, WiFi or Bluetooth activity in my "studio" when making music.

    Sort of like that Oculus VR headset that require connection to and an account on Facebook just to use. Nope!

    Nope, no way, not in my backyard! Sad choice IMHO by Neural.

    Im out as well,, if that is the case,,,

    I have head some silly stuff over the years, but this right here is beyond my understanding,,,,,,like asking Leo to change the design of the telecaster,,,,,why?? well,,,,, because its, been around a while,,,wow!

    I just need to know,, first off,, did the person / any of the folks,,doing vids, and tests/ reviews,,, Pay retail... for the QC, or get it free or discounted, I need to know that up front, I feel its the most important info I need ,,,

    Really great stuff,, Thanks so much,,,

    Kemper cured me of the endless tone search,, I thing I loved about my guitar heroes, was after 2-3 notes,, I knew it was them playing.,, they had a voice,, kemper has given me my voice, for better or worse, 7 years with the same basic tones, I'm still gassed every time I turn it on,,

    For some ,, its the gear,,, I get that, , but for me, its always been about making music and writing tunes, because,, that's what my heroes did,I bought their records and that inspired me,,so,,, another 1500 bucks??? I dont think so,,esp after going thru the helix, fractal, head rush, Moore,NUX, Red Truck,,I could go on,,,I've taken the Kemper Cure,,,it works,,I get a new amp every morning, with my coffee,,for free,,,,,( except for guitars, still cant help myself)

    I never been happier with a purchase,,and, I now have a great guitar collection, because i have STOPPED losing money buying amps,,,and then selling,,I wont buy one,till they hit the used market in a few years,,,You guys will surely let us all know how it sounds and works..cant wait to see some real side by side,,vids,

    ... 619 posts and almost 1 year later I think I will prepare a birthday cake from the same "hot air" this product has been made of so far.

    You can pre-order a slice now, the cake will be made with the latest technology and Quad layers of hot air Cream

    we will find out sooner or later,,