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    I am NOT a tweaker,,,,,,I have 3 profiles I use,for guitars, 2 for bass,,,that's it,same cab on both,( on the gt),,I look around,,and try diff ones,,I LOVE tone junkies stuff,,Mike britt,,etc,, but Im very happy, with my setup,,works for me, between the Kemper, and my Matchless,and three pedals.., i have never looked back and spend my time making music, not chasing tone ,,and gear,,

    I mean that Kemper Drive is not Precision Drive. Does it sound 100% like Precision Drive? I don't actually care. I can do that and more with Kemper Drive and more importantly, I can dial my sound with it. For me, that' what matters.

    Thus said, my hat goes off for those who are currently A/B'ing and tweaking their pedals and Kemper Drive. That is what R/D is all about and that keeps Kemper still improving, after all these years. My best guitar related purchase ever, hands down. I've been Kemper owner since 2013 and every year I have found better profiles, better little tweaks and my guitar tone has improved. Even to the point I don't actually need better guitar tone, finally I can focus just to playing and recording my stuff.


    AMEN,,, agree 100%

    I tried your suggestion to not engage the cab off in output to monitor section & I must say that I really enjoyed the sound. There was a slight/subtle tone change, but for the better & also closer to what I was hearing in my In ears (I usually only wear one earpiece). Thanx for the suggestion. 8):thumbup:

    yes,being a studio owner,session guy, and live giger for over 40 years, I have had a long time to mess with it,,, I have been doing it since day one,, and adj my profiles to taste,, I went thru a ton of cabs till I was happy,,after 7 years of live gigs, every sound man, every one, comes up, and says how good my tone is and how nice to be able to turn up the guitar player,,

    wow this is deep,,,too deep for me,,,,

    I bought the kemper, because it is the best amp sound, I could find,hands down, NOT because it was,, or would be,, the best EFX machine,,all in one solution,,,no piece of gear is, or in my opinion , will ever be,,

    I have a silver klon, a Greer light speed,, and a boss CE-3, Kempers' delays are perfect,,,,, I have NEVER found a sim,, that sounds/reacts,and most importantly, FEELS exactly like my dirt/ overdrive/distortion, pedals,as good as some are,,,So,,,,,, I have my few pedals in front of Mr Kemper,( I treat it just like an amp),,never in 35 years have I had such a long stretch of tone happiness,,,,,everything here discussed my have some tech relevance,I'm sure,,and I'm not slighting it one bit( excuses the pun),,,, but it has nothing to do making music,,for which the Kemper was built ,,TO MAKE MUSIC,,,

    7 years now, It still BLOWS me away every time I turn it on and play,,,,,,,,( I run the input very low, so when I hit it with pedals, I have plenty of room,,)

    get a great profile, find your fav pedal,, and play,, my 2 cents,,,peace out

    Nice job! What is the finish and how did you get the amber tint? It sort of looks like shellac.

    all lacquer,,stew mac vintage amber,,,400- 2000 grit wet dry,, then clear,,buff on wheel,,rub down with old english dark polish,,then relic,,buff again,,

    I use a greer lightspeed and an old silver klon in front of my kemper, IT sounds FANTASTIC,,also a POT ,They work just like they do in front of my matchless,, princeton, and morgan AC20,,it takes analog pedals PERFECTLY,,,,,,Just like an amp,,

    monitor out to the front of my matchless HC 15,, master on 10 channel depends on room, never had it past 4,, sounds fantastic, but run the amp CLEAN or you will be adding distortion form the amp,, I like my profile,,,,, so clean amp for me,,Its the best of all worlds,for me,,,,,,

    in a small room I just use the kemper,, on the bigger indoor and out door stages, I use my matchless head into a 1 12 cab,,as a stage monitor,, direct out to house,, EVERY soundman i've run into in the last 7 years of Kemper, has asked me to turn UP,,,and LOVED MY TONE,,,,its just what I like,, there are no rules,,,thanks CK,,,,,lovin the drives,,,