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    I still have few tube amps and they can be great, but most of the time you have to crank 'em to get good tone, and then you have to use ear plugs which then changes sound. So I prefer Kemper.

    are you talking about bedroom playing or at gig level with a drummer?

    Yep, you nailed it. Exception to this rule is superstars like Bonamassa.. but a) you never know if he is ;) b) he just tries things because he can.BTW Kemper has killed the last 5% of tweaker/tone chaser I had in me. Not that I am satisfied with my playing.. but I can't remember spending more than 5 minutes setting up "my tone", but I do remember to practice every day (practice, not noddle in headphones in front of TV) to have better chances of not sounding like shit. Tube amp or not.

    It's worth to have tube amp just to have fun with profiling. It's really eye opening process.

    thats great that you found what you guys are looking for in your tone but its silly to say that people who chase tone are not satisfied with their playing except "superstars". i personally enjoy chasing tone.trying new pedals, amps ,modelers,guitars ect...all good to me and am always learning new ideas on the guitar as i bet some "superstars" do too .

    Given the amount of enquiries regarding an editor,it would be nice if Kemper would update the status,,either yes guys it's months away or it ain't happening.At least then we all have a resolve,we're in suspended aninmation ATM

    seems like that would be the thing to do.... this has been going on a long time with no response. cant figure out the silence. i really dont need a surprise! here it is! either... yea or nay would work for me.

    some like amps and some like modelers . whatever works . i can imagine though players like scott henderson , allen hinds , derek trucks , larry carlton and many others choose to get their tone and inspiration from tube amps. not too sure that tube amps are phasing out as some suggested.....i like the convienece of the kemper but for me tube amps are still the best interaction with my fingers and guitars...

    i gigged my kemper for a few years. great tool for the cover band i was in. it covered all the sounds i needed. but i must say that i agree with the original poster as there is something about a real tube amp. i just recently purchased a mesa mark 5/35 combo amp and it sounds killer. im playing more funky and jazz rock stuff with this new band and the warm tones and feel im getting from my tube amp is just a better fit for me in this situation. dont get me wrong, i have nothing against the kemper .i love the digital technology . ive defended the kemper against my tube amp snob friends ,but it is a different animal for sure and nothing like a tube amp to me. this is just my personal opinion of course....

    i guess im not explaining myself very well. what i am getting at is if i want to just use the kemper for the effects, so use it like a pedal board, would i go: guitar to input of kemper ,then direct output send from back of kemper to input on fender amp?

    why cant we just hear one way or another why there is no editor ? over and over again its been stated that it would be a useful tool for many. all the guessing is getting old and people arguing over something we know nothing about. its a great product. theres good reverbs and delays now. theres even morphing which i dont even have a clue how i would want to use this but its a feature that some people dig so thats cool. innovative ideas from the kemper company for sure but come on, like dean said i believe ...they have software for refrigerators . we paid big dough for this amp, i think an editor or a reason why there is not one should be addressed and we can put these threads to rest. end of mild rant.

    There is hope. To make an editor look real slick and cool is not the easiest task. Good things take time...[/quote]

    the only problem i see with this statement is that the kemper has been out for 5 years ...not sure if im right on this time frame but if so thats seems like quite a bit of time to develop an editor.