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    i have bought his
    its an excellent small, lightweight and powerful cab
    i had several other cabs for the Kemper, but this one really
    nails what I want, it sounds like a real amp with the Kemper
    I sold my Yamaha dxr 10 after I got this, liked the io much more

    Hello Digbob,

    Thanks for sharing!

    For now I have a Bogner 4x12" but I would like to switch to a more compact setup :P using FRFR cabs.
    At home I use my studio speakers an an FRFR allows to reproduce much more details in switching between profiles.

    I try to follow the latest FRFR developments, previous Mission Engineering products got good feedback.
    I also looked to CLR, Blue Amps solutions (made in Germany), Friedmann ...
    But then I noticed this new Io from ME, it looks cool and size is perfect I would think.
    However there is almost now user feedback to find on the internet, at least I did not find much ...

    Could you please also share some experience with the cabs you have tried in the past?

    Does it has and acceptable 'Umph' (If you understand what I mean ;) ) compared to using a 4x12" cab?

    If I am correct this Io unit has a build in class D amp?

    Does it has passive cooling = so no noise?

    Is it powerful enough in rehearsals with e.g. a live drummer?

    Is it possible to share some pictures of your setup?

    Do you run it with 2 cabs in stereo?

    And ... if I may ask, where did you buy it?
    Since it is not so easy find ME dealers in Belgium :(

    Thanks in advance!

    All the best,

    Dear Kemper players,

    I am planning to replace my 4x12 cab with a more compact FRFR cab solution.

    I would really appreciate it to receive some feedback from people using one the FRFR cabs listed below, since I do not seem the find a decent review/shootout for these FRFR cabs.

    • Mission's Engineering Gemini 2 (passive).
    • Matrix FR212.
    • Blue Amps Cab > 1x12 + Sub > others.
    • Other FRFR cabs are also welcome of coarse.

    Thanks in advance,