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    Here we go for the detailed instructions:

    - Switch On the Kemper (chicken knob on "Perform")
    - in RigManager, at the bottom you should see All Performances -> My Profiler. Create a new empty performance (it will be called New Performance). Rename it from the inspector view.
    - Double clic on the performance to sync it with your Kemper. It should have a default rig loaded by default (called "Crunch)".
    - Copy any rig from your local library or Rig Exchange (under "All Rigs").
    - Go back to your empty performance, right clic on the first rig slot (should be crunch by default) and Paste the rig.
    - To preview the rig, either double clic on it or press enter on your keyboard.

    -Create a second rig in slot #2 of the performance (copy/paste)
    - Clic on the On/Off icon next to the rig name (to disable it).
    - Clic a second time on the On/Off icon next to the rig name (to enable it). this will make the 2d rig appear on your kemper screen. The name will be wrong though (it will default to "crunch")
    - Double clic on a different existing performance.
    - Double clic on the performance you had newly created. That should fix any rig name issue.

    that's all. Your performance now has 2 rigs, with correct naming. Nothing more to do.

    Hope this will help... :-)

    The way I do it is simply by copying/pasting the rig I like into any performance. All witin rigManager. Double clicking the performance sends it to the kemper.

    There's a small bug (I think), where the name of the rig is not synced with the kemper. I usually force sync by double-clicking on a performance slot (disable/enable) then double clicking on another performance, and re-double-clicking on the initial performance where I pasted the copied rig. A bit painful and obscure, but it works...

    Again, I don't have any rigs stored in my kemper. Only performances. All the rigs are on my computer, organised in rig Manager.

    Ok, problem fixed. Thanks everyone, you guys rock!
    I'm now using 2 Instrument cables, with Main Output set to Master Stereo. Headphone Space ticked off (to get the space parameter in headhones AND main outputs).
    Glorious sound via my interface headphones out. Yessss!!!

    Hi everyone,

    I'm really impressed with the Kemper headphones output. Sounds incredible. Clear and wide.

    Now, I can't say the same when I plug my headphones to my sound interface (Apogee Duet 2). Is there a way to get the same sound quality via my interface as with the Kemper Headphones out?

    I don't think it's the use of "space" parameter. Even when "space" is deactivated, monitoring via the Kemper still sounds better than through my interface. The Apogee headphones out sounds good when monitoring music coming from my computer.
    btw, I'm using the Kemper Master Output Left to Apoge Input 1, using 1/4 Inch Instrument cable (3 meters long). Would I benefit from using an XLR cable instead?

    Another question... The Reference Manual says:
    "By pressing the “Headphone Space” soft button, you can select whether it is applied to the HEADPHONE OUTPUT only, or to the MAIN OUTPUTS as well."
    I don't see that feature on the Kemper (latest firmware).

    As you can see in my avatar pic (1970'ish vintage silverface twin), I'm also a big fan of spring reverb.
    Can't wait for the kemper team to add spring reverb to the fx list.

    btw, I only had my kemper for a few days, I'm still amazed by the quality of the unit... Right now, I'm content with just amps + cab (from Mbritt mostly). Impressive stuff. Spring reverb will bring the unit to another level.

    Just received my remote yesterday. Had a quick setup and test last night, all good for one hour of playing, no issue whatsoever.
    Today I turn on the kemper, I play my guitar, as soon as the remote finishes booting up, the guitar sound cuts off completely. If I disconnect the remote I have no sound issue.

    Could it be a bug (using the latest kaos and rig manager)? or a hardware issue (remote or cable issue)?

    Reviving an old thread...
    What happens when using both input 1 and 2 at the same time? say to connect a microphone via XLR and a guitar via unbalanced input 2?
    Is the hiss still present because input 1 is set to "mic"?

    Thanks Oliver. Good to know regarding free shipping. The website quotes 4 to 6 weeks for delivery to New Zealand. Is that accurate?
    I still have my order open at Thomann, Toaster + Remote Controler, and they expect to receive the pack in 10 days.
    I have been patiently waiting 50 days already, I'd rather wait another 10 days instead of ordering the toaster from Kemper and wait 4 to 6 weeks for delivery, and then wait another 3+ months for the remote if ordered now from Kemper directly.

    I think the KPA would be free shipping from Thomann, as it would be well over their minimum order level for free shipping?

    The Remote on its own may not be, but you might be able to add more bits to that order to get up to their free shipping level? …

    I live in New Zealand and shipping is not free for the kemper.
    Shipping fees are 50 Euros from Thomann or from Kemper. At today's rates that's around NZ$85, not cheap.

    Hi everyone,

    First post from me.

    I ordered a kemper Lunchbox + remote a month ago from Thomann. The original availability was Aug 15th. Then a few days ago, it's been pushed 2-5 day. Then again pushed to Aug 29th. And today it shows Sept 11th.

    Should I cancel my order and order directly from Kemper? Is the 3 months wait usually respected?
    Or should I patiently wait and hope the kemper+remote will eventually get shipped from Thomann?

    Thanks in advance for any advice