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    I've tried sending two CC 50s in a row, and spacing out 47 and 50 by a full measure to give it time to process 47 before sending 50. The flashing load button is the only result I get.

    You have to set Perf.load to "Pending" in the sys-menue 3/18 - called user interface

    I one band several years ago, I playedas substitute due illness of the gitarrist. The bassplayer was playing such a bass ukulele. .The sound is not bad

    Maybe this could be a good idea and is has some show effect. :)

    Sometime I use a tenor ukulele why not a bass ukulele.

    Yes but IIRC only the old Variax Acoustic (700?) had a nylon model on an actual steel string guitar and from what I've heard nobody thought that it sounded like a nylon (and maybe more importantly it probably felt even less like one).

    I had once one but have sold it.

    VJT 59 -> Strat type by James Taylor as much as I remember the guy correctly.

    There was a reason why I sold this guitar again. :)

    At Kemper the tonal weaknesses I felt were mercilessly uncovered.

    In my opinion, the sound of a good acc. guitar, no matter how strung it is, will not really be achieved at this time.

    But for live use there are useful things to buy.

    Transpose is definitely the best option in my opinion. I got pretty good results by using a bass amp in the stack section. Putting a Transpose effect in either Stomp C or D. Running parallel path with a compression in Stomp A and maybe even a tiny hint of a distortion or Shaper in B to add a little grit and attack. Run the Parallel mix pretty low though. You only want it to give a little hint of a note because it's an octave up but it makes all the difference in my opinion because it tricks the listener into thinking there isn't any latency. I was jamming alon with some funky lines and a drum loop and it worked OK. Clearly I would still rather just plug my Fender Jazz into the Kemper and go for it but it worked well enough to do the job and ave carrying an extra instrument.

    Yes, "transpose" and bass amp profiles seems to me the best solution at the moment.

    Playing with the parallel path can't hurt.

    I sold my Gibson "The Grabber" bass half a year ago after 30 years of just resting.:)

    Who knows the future?;)

    Sharry wrote:

    "Harmonic Pitch" has formant shift but expected input at Voice 1 and Voice 2 and the input of a key.

    Set both voices to -12, and you can select any key. When the pitch is exactly one octave down, the key does not matter. Use the mix controls to remove the normal guitar, and limit the octave down to one voice, if you prefer it that way.

    Yep, I considered that at the end that for octaves a key has obviously no influenece , but I was really disturbed when I played double notes.

    Perhaps a Harmonic Pitch before the transpose set to unisono for both voices would spend a formant shift.

    Wasting of effect blocks is not problem for me for this applikation.

    Do you want to play on an electric and make it sound like a nylon?

    A wish I can understand.

    Line 6 do something similar with the Variax.

    They have a piezo PU's for each string and use a modelling technique.

    In principle I can imagine that it could works also with a modeller feed with a signal of magn. PU.

    But I couldn't offer any design suggestions ;)

    When I mentioned Analog Octaver, I was referring to the Kemper effect in the Pitchshifter.

    Right now, I feel like a rookie. ;(

    I don't find an effect "Pitch shifter", despite eagerly turning the browser and/or Type Knob,

    There is a "pedal pitch" - but I don't want a pitch pedal (if the heel and toe pitch is set to -12 I can play at least 1 octave lower - but I can't find a formant shifter). It comes however immediately to Intereferencen if I play 2 tones at same time.

    "Harmonic Pitch" has formant shift but expected input at Voice 1 and Voice 2 and the input of a key.

    I want to be able to play in all keys without tweak. :)

    Besides, I still hear the original signal . With Mix =+50 no second voice but interferences if I play 2 tones at same time.

    "Chromatic Pitch" has a similar behavior.

    "Analog Octaver" doesn't make a 2nd voice with Voice Balance +50 and Mix +50, but also strange effects when I hit 2 notes.

    "Transpose" with -12 gives me the most authentic sound at the moment. But it doesn't have a format shifter and is sometimes very strange when playing 2 notes. Not as much as pedal pitch and the others. I can't say if this is due to a slight detuning of the strings.

    A noticeable improvement is the proposed use of bass profiles from the factory setting. !

    Using my finger is not a big problem . I used to play bass for 4 years in a band approx. 30 years ago

    As for getting the Strat to fulfill the bass duties, it is never going to be perfect but I’m sure you can get a decent sound.

    I'm pretty shure that it's possibleup to certain level but i do not know the secrets.

    I do not have an analog octave stomp to compare.

    I'm actually less worried about attack. My previous attempts with the transpose function have not given me much reason to complain about this, but rather an irritation, because the transpose function causes some latency.

    Even Kemper cannot fool the physics and for the frequence analysis of a tone at least 2 half waves are necessary.

    That's as much as I remember and if I calculated right about 6 or 12 ms at the deep E (about 82 Hz) depending on whether you tilt the negative side of the wave upwards or not in analog or digital mode and then analyze it. And this is a theoretical value.

    With training you can compensate this with playing but not if you hear both signals.

    It is a fundamental phenomenon that a bass tone develops noticeably slower in the room and that you have to play bass sometimes before the beat, depending on the music style. Good Bass player do this by heart or they know that.

    Anyway thanks for the tips.:)

    Could use a little help.

    For a new live project I want to play E-Guit, A-Guit and sometime bass with one Strat.

    For A-Guit I have already a useful solution with the KPA and even hope for much improvement with the new version.

    Maybe I have to carry an additional Accustic guitar with me, if more sophisticate fingerpicking is wanted but I would like to avoid carrying a bass too .:)

    With bass I lack the experience and knowledge for a good tone with the KPA except that you can use the transpose function.

    I need profiles or tweaking tips for an acoustic bass tone and for vintage rock bass sounds.

    I don't actually intend to use fx (if I do, I will use it sparingly)

    Thanks in advance.