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    I would also like to see the Kemper team improve on the looper. It's solid, but it could be vastly improved. Sending CC messages to Ableton would be great for extended loop times, and undo/redo overdubs from the Remote.

    I'd settle for USB drive saves of loops, with extended loop times.

    It would be nice if the Kemper could do absolutely everything external pedals also do, but I wouldn't count on that, or hold my breath waiting for it. The Kemper has incredible tone, the input pre, and effects loop are first rate too, why not just add pedals to it? Why wait and complain that something's missing, when you can have it all? This past year I've collected some of my favorite pedals, even the vintage ones sound correct and true with the Kemper.

    I've recently accquired a refurb'd 1984 early Rockman x100, board revision 8, the soft clipped model. This is the first x100 version, where it only says x100 on the back.

    According to this page:

    The output of the Rockman x100 is stereo for a specific reason:


    Inside the Rockman

    If you want to understand what a Rockman is and why it sounds so good, the first thing to do is to ...forget the headphones!

    Think of the Rockman as a stereo amp simulator, designed to be connected directly into the soundcard of your PC, or in the mixer of your band. Once that said, let's take a look at the internal structure of a Rockman.

    One can roughly identify two parts: a first mono section, that corresponds to the amp simulator in itself. Then a stereo effects section, with a stereo chorus and a stereo reverb.

    All in all, you connect your guitar to the Rockman. The signal goes through:

    • A compressor
    • A distortion unit (or nothing in clean modes)
    • A cab sim

    That's the amp simulator. Then the stereo part, where the Rockman creates two different versions of the signal:

    • One channel is based on the dry, original sound, plus some reverb
    The other channel goes through a short delay modulated by an LFO (thats the chorus effect) plus another reverbed sound

    Specifically this part:

    • One channel is based on the dry, original sound, plus some reverb

    The other channel goes through a short delay modulated by an LFO (thats the chorus effect) plus another reverbed sound

    It looks as though if I want to profile this, I need to connect only the right line out from my adapter, for the mono gated reverb signal only, and then try to recreate the left line out signal with the Kemper internal effects?

    Any tips or advice you can give me on this one? Thanks!

    Focusrite 6i6 comes with the same coaxial RCA S/PDIF connector as the KPA has. With one small S/PDIF cable, you can carry a stereo signal, or two separate channels to your DAW.

    S/PDIF does not perform another Analog to Digital conversion, your untouched Kemper sound is sent directly to DAW/disc.

    You could plug your monitor speakers directly into the Kemper, or the Focusrite 6i6 at that point.

    96Khz at 128 Samples gives me a round-trip latency value of 7.21ms, with a Focusrite 18i8 and those settings. No lag feel here.

    I disagree that MDF was chosen primarily due to cost. MDF is better for this application than the solid wood or plywood.

    Most of the best car stereo enclosures are made from particle board (MDF), it's lightweight, and super strong from the glue and heat/pressure that forms it. No knots or weak spots, like regular wood, make the MDF tone more consistent as well. The Kabinet is a quality product.

    The Hays AC15H1TVL4 profile as a pedal platform, or base tone, with fuzz on the input and analog chorus in the effects loop, has the most authentic musical response I have found, incredible. Add the Celestion Blue Alnico imprint for the Kabinet, and it's the best and most consistent tone, at any volume, pure joy. Spent about 3 hours today playing it, can't wait for tomorrow.

    Today I had a limited opportunity to get things tested and worked out. I played with the free Hays AC15, and used the Celestion Blue Alnico 12" imprint, tried some fuzz, and analog chorus in the effects loop. Genuine, real amp in the room, authentic, all of the above.

    Tomorrow I'll try out a couple of Bass guitars, and see how that goes.

    So far, I'm most excited that the tone is still there even when you turn the volume down, this makes me very happy!

    Thanks that's handy to know although it's unfortunately around 25% more than UK retailers are listing them at.

    440 Euros, is $472.76 - I paid $480 last Tuesday at the US Kemper store. Not complaining.

    If you can get a better deal, have at it.

    Got shipping confirmation today, I'll have a Kabinet this Friday.

    Is there a manual available for the Kabinet yet? Did it come with one?