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    It's not about whether or not they're both connected, mate. I'm talking about not being able to monitor, without clicks and pops, the KPA's S/PDIF out whilst it's slaved (via S/PDIF) to your interface. That slaving will sync the KPA's S/PDIF input only. The only way to have both S/PDIF in and out synced properly is to set the KPA as master and your AI as slave.

    As I said to Kempermaniac:

    If it's the S/PDIF out from the KPA to the AI, the AI will have to be set as the slave (external clock) and the Kemper to master (internal clock). In this case, you'll be able to listen to both the KPA's S/PDIF in and out without issues.

    I've got it, believe me.

    Focusrite 18i8 set to Internal clock sync, KPA plugged to S/PDIF IN and OUT - no clicks, no pops - happy, thanks. Not reamping.

    Turns out I do have both the In and Out S/PDIF cables connected to my AI (18i8) here. I'm not using the DAW out/KPA in channel, just have the cables plugged in to both channels.

    At the friends house (6i6), I was connected to KPA Out only.

    I'm not using the re-amp feature at all, but yes, with both S/PDIF cables connected, Internal sync works fine for me, at the moment.

    Thanks MM! I wasn't trying to belabor the point, that I have some special KPA or interface, just that the Internal interface clock sync seems to be working with 7.1.2 (release works for me too).

    I do only have the output S/PDIF cable connected to my KPA .

    And yes, this wouldn't be the first time that the Internal sync worked, and was then broken later in updates. I'm enjoying it for the moment.

    This is what I'm experiencing, and am able to use Internal sync with S/PDIF.

    I tried at 96khz and i get the same clicks than at 44.1 on my Focusrite 6i6

    If you're getting clicks at 44.1Khz also, you have a sample rate problem, or you are running your buffer too low for what your DAW hardware is capable of.

    I updated to 7.1.2 release, and am still able to run Internal clock sync for S/PDIF, cleanly. I would've thought people would be happy about this.

    The head and rack will always be limited to using their internal clocks only; they won't be able to slave to your AI I'm afraid, JSB.

    This was confirmed for me by CK himself when I asked in an old thread of mine:

    [Solved] Slave to Audio Clock (S/PDIF)

    I remember being told that Head and Rack would never be S/PDIF Slave, but I really only wanted not to have to change the Sync Clock source on my AI - which I'm no longer doing. I no longer have to set my AI at External or S/PDIF. But will it last?

    I updated to 7.1.2beta without any problems.

    I took my Powerhead to a friend's this weekend, he has a Focusrite 6i6 (1st gen) at his place. I did not have to change the Sync to S/PDIF on the AI, I left it set to Internal, for hours without one problem.

    I just tried it here too, same thing, I'm no longer forced to set my AI to use External or S/PDIF for sync clock.

    Is this something that we'll be able to count on in the future, that even for the Head and Rack, we won't be forced to set the Sync to S/PDIF or External?

    Quality takes time, I can wait for the finished product.

    I'd rather wait for perfection, than to come here and see the entitled, self-righteous whiners, demanding a fix for something in every other thread, because the editor was rushed out.

    Ever since I upgraded to the new beta OS, my Kemper seems sluggish and it crashes when using the Rig Manager which is upgraded to the new one. It feels like the Kemper's CPU is reaching it's limits. I hope they can fix this when the new OS is released.

    Are you using PC or Mac? Does unplugging and re-plugging the KPA in to your PC/Mac do anything? Rebooting change anything?

    Is it switching to different profiles, that feels slow? What's the slowest feature that you're seeing?

    For the record: I'm not experiencing any problems or slowness with 7.1.0beta and RM 2.3.13.

    I was prompted to update to 7.0.9 from 7.0.8, as soon as I selected yes and the upgrade was in progress, I was then prompted to install RM 2.3.13. I waited until 7.0.9 finished, and then installed RM 2.3.13, from 2.3.12. No problems.

    PROFILER Operating System

    fixed: missing Rigs when previewing Performances via Rig Manager

    fixed: reliability of Rig Manager notifications

    fixed: clear morph function for EQ merged into amp module at Stage

    fixed: potential stack overflow after large number of Rig changes via MIDI

    fixed: occasional issues to export Rigs

    I too am getting pops and clicks from 7.0.6, when my AI is set to use its internal clock.

    However, when the KPA is the Master with 7.0.6, I have really clean S/PDIF output at 96Khz, perhaps better than ever.

    Yamaha HS8S Features:

    • 8" bass-reflex powered subwoofer delivers low frequencies down to 22Hz
    • 22Hz - 150Hz frequency response

    Yamaha HS8 Active Studio Monitor Features:

    • High-performance drivers and mounting system
    • 8" cone woofer, 1" dome tweeter
    • Impressive 38Hz to 30kHz frequency response

    The sub would fill in from 22Hz to 37Hz, where the HS8's don't reproduce that low of a signal.

    A friend that plays Bass, has the HS8's and the HS8S sub. If you play bass or like low kick drums, you'd appreciate the sub. For just guitar and drum tracks, HS8's are plenty, depending on your room.

    CelticGibson , if it records properly via S/PDIF, and sounds good in the process, that's all that matters right?

    We can still set S/PDIF to also produce a DI track too, that we can use to re-amp with 1/4" or XLR. It would be nice to re-amp with S/PDIF too, but I'm happy with this.

    Before 7.0.5, my Focusrite would never Sync, or make a sound, unless the clock was set to: S/PDIF (external clock), and the sample rates also had to match.

    With 7.0.5, at 96KHz, and the Focusrite set to Internal clock, it works well for me. I understand now that only the Stage model can re-amp in this way.