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    I just installed 7.0.4 on my Powerhead, which I did using the new RM 2.3.8. There were some error messages and stops, but got it going by switching to Perform from Browser, or rebooting the KPA, then trying again

    Everything works well here. No RM Presets still, probably due to impending Editor arrival.

    I'm not having any problems with anything other than the Presets with RM.

    But I think we're waiting for the Editor to officially release, before the RM Presets get any attention. I don't know anything for fact, that's my guess.

    JSB Thanks for your confirmation that you are not having issue. I've had it w/ both beta releases on my toaster w/ remote. I only have ~500 rigs on toaster w/ my second attempt at running beta. I'm moving back to OS 6 until final release as the loading time (for me) isn't workable right now. Thanks again.

    edit: I can disconnect the remote and things are fine/speedy ... remote adds significant delay/hangs to loading of rigs FWIW.

    Sorry to hear that, I can't imagine what the problem could be. It's even stranger to me, that your remote has any effect on the loading speed. I also have the remote connected at all times.

    anodyne , I just tried loading rigs from RM, and also selecting from the Browse knob, I'm not experiencing the slow rig loading. I even tried disabling Autoload, the load times are snappy over here. I have 875 rigs in my Profiler, for whatever that's worth.

    The upgrade from 7.0.0 to 7.01 went very smoothly over here, didn't take long either. Everything I tried in 7.0.1 works, except the RM presets still. The effects selection menu takes a bit to get familiar with, but it's a major improvement. It just keeps getting better.

    OS 7.01 Beta just landed, installing now.

    PROFILER Operating System


    fixed: Stereo Widener functional again

    fixed: edited parameters for Morph Sound immediately audible

    User Interface

    fixed: new presets of Legacy Reverb don't cause data issues anymore - such presets stored since 6.0 get ignored!

    fixed: new presets of Legacy Reverb include Bandwidth and Mid Frequency settings

    fixed: accidental inverse display

    fixed: display color reflecting effect type correctly, if effect category selected via <PAGE> buttons

    fixed: Stomps and Effects Section locks set in other PROFILER models are incompatible and now get ignored in Stage

    fixed: default pedal assignment at Stage

    From the 7.0 Beta Changelog:

    Known Issues

    The function "Factory Presets" is still missing.

    Does that mean they know it's not working, entirely? Is this intended, based on what's to come?

    Mac always seemed to have trouble with RM, for one reason or another, sorry to hear that.

    Here's what's new according to the Official Change log:

    I really like the new Category>>Type selector for the effects, it's so much easier to get to where you want to be.

    I was able to update RM and Profiler v7 - through RM.

    I had trouble with syncing Rigs, both local and on the Exchange. The sync kept freezing, I kept rebooting RM and would get maybe 30 rigs to sync and it would freeze.

    I switched from Browser, to Perform, and then all the rigs sync'd properly without freezing.

    I have a '59 AVRI Strat, it has the D shaped neck (wide and flat), and 7.25" radius, it's from 1999. I've had this guitar for about 20 years now.

    The thumb-over is as easy as my other 9.5" strats, but you'll find that with 7.25" early Fender radius, the bends past the 12th fret can get to a whole-step, but much past that it'll fret out. The action has to be a bit higher to compensate.

    This should still work with the new Kemper Kone right? They aren't changing the Character or curves of the speaker (which I think is the idea of the Kemper Kone) but just disperses and delivers that tone more efficiently and evenly around the room. Sounds cool.

    I thought I heard CK say that there will be an adjustment for the direction of the Kemper Kone, or the beam from the speaker. This is the only thing I can think of that might work differently, as a result of this new AVD cabinet technology.

    This cabinet technology hasn't received a patent yet, but they applied for it. These Barefaced cabinets are already in production, and the company are interested in retailers and resellers. It's already black and green too.

    I wonder how well this cab would work with the new Celestion speaker that's custom made for the upcoming Kemper Kabinet. CK said the speaker itself would be sold separately, when the time came.

    Barefacedaudio has a good Celestion speaker selection, but I'd want the new Kemper Kone speaker.…celestion-12-guitar-range

    I'd really like to see a Kemper badge on the new Kabinet, like the raised metal Fender emblems. The badge detailed in black and green, on polished chrome, or flat brushed aluminum, like the original concept photo below, but smaller and in one of the corners, would be perfect.

    Also, a fancy cable like the one that comes with the two button switch, would make it irresistible.

    [Blocked Image:]