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    I was using 100% Scaling, and 150% Text size. 200% scaling makes everything large and easy to read, but then the rest of my applications and icons are too big, it takes up too much space.

    For a compromise I used 150% Scaling and 100% Text size, any larger ruins my other functions I use this PC for.

    Having dynamic scaling built in to RM directly, would be very helpful for me.

    I was really hoping that the High DPI support update, was going to fix the tiny text size in RM. I'm currently running at 3840x1600, and the text is still so small that it's hard to use.

    Even with Windows set at Large text settings, the RM menu is still squashed:

    [Blocked Image:]

    Would it be possible to allow larger fonts, please?

    In Windows, you can hold the CTRL button on the keyboard, and roll the scroll wheel on the mouse, this controls the zoom feature. This would be ideal for scaling control in RM with Windows, but a fixed font point size option in File>Preferences>Font would be great as well.

    I'm using S/PDIF, and recording in stereo into my DAW, I'm trying to keep the guitar delays and reverb - the entire guitar really - out of the center of the stereo field, and only move on the furthest left and right. I've read that there is a Panorama setting somewhere. Is Panorama the right effect I'm looking for, and does Rig Manager have that feature as a control?

    I'm having mixed results using cabs from other profiles, with this 6G3 DI profile (head only), but am able to add and switch cabs successfully now, thanks for the replies. I'll eventually get around to profiling the Celestion Gold in this 6G3 cab also.

    The Fender 6G3 is sometimes called the mini-Marshall, it can grind, and has a lot of gain and break-up - for a Fender. The DI profile I made on volume 7, tone 7 of the Bright Channel, even without a cab - it's a unique profile, very raw and crunchy.

    '63 Brown Deluxe 6G3 clone - DI profile - no cab:…1-13%2020-11-53.krig?dl=0

    I tried one of the 4x12 preset cabs, and got really close to this tone:

    Is 'refine' the only thing that can be done to a DI profile, to alter it during the Profile process? Does refining with HBs, as opposed to SC's, change the DI Profile? The above was refined with HB's, GLP Bursts.

    I recently built a 6G3 Fender Brown Deluxe clone, and I'm just now getting around to profiling it.

    [Blocked Image:]

    In order to profile just the head (has a Celestion Gold, very loud), I selected No Cabinet in the profile, and then used the Fryette PS2 to control the volume to the cabinet after the DI.

    When I look in the Rig Manager, there aren't many Cabinets available for selection, this is what I have:

    [Blocked Image:]

    I'd like a '59 Bassman cab, and a 4X12 Marshall of a few different types, is there a way to move cabinets from other profiles?

    Some of my Fuzz collection:
    [Blocked Image:]

    I still get better results using an actual Fuzz pedal in to the input of my KPA, than I do with the new Beta fuzz stomps. I really appreciate, and marvel at the beginnings of this new module, but I'm trying to be 100% objective. It probably sticks out further to me, because I can A/B directly with a NKT275 red and white.

    There is something missing still from the Presets for Germanium, the Silicon seems a bit better. I can get the feeling right in one way, but then it falls short in another. The way it reacts to string bends is the most noticeable to me, it seems to decay and not bloom.

    I briefly read something about the impedance control, and that the older model KPA (2015), might be missing something. I'll RTFM.

    Thanks to the KPA team for continuing to develop and innovate.

    Kemper may make a great approximation some day, the DC only has 4 buttons and no other settings, but if you're a collector, they hold their value well. I bought an original from Japan off eBay a couple of years ago. The Waza is supposed to be pretty good too.

    Version 3.1.55 is clearly labeled as a Beta, I knew that going in to it. I don't mind assisting with Beta testing, and glad to hear the arrow problem has been addressed officially. Thanks!


    I can see in your Video that you have Effect Slot #7 locked. That's why you're getting this notification, which is not an alert. So far all good. You also have tweaked your Windows settings so the font in the dialog is bigger and that's why you don't see the "Don't Show Again" option underneath the two buttons. That's something we can improve. IF you don't like the dialog, unlock Effect Slot #7. I've told you that in an earlier reply.

    The list needs the focus in order for the arrow keys to work. You get this by clicking inside the list (you say that in the video yourself). And the focus will stay there as long as you don't start to tweak things in the editor. That, again, hasn't changed as far as I can see. The list always needed the focus. We can debate that this is not idea and we will consider changes in the future but it is not a new behaviour since a Rig Manager with an editor has been released.

    I turned off the lock on the Spring Reverb, and it does the same thing. I can make another video, but this is not something I'm doing incorrectly. I've been using RM since day one.



    My complaint is that the Arrow keys are not as functional as they used to be. I do not remember having to use the mouse to reset the field every time I want to change a Rig.

    It would be nice, if RM had Text Zoom, or at least was compatible with Windows enlarged text, so I could've seen the 'Do not Show Again' option, I have checked the box, I no longer get that error. I'm running 3840X2160, enlarged text is a must.

    If I could use the Down and Up arrows to select a new Rig (even if I'm already currently in a Rig), and then use the Spacebar to select and load a new rig, without having to touch the mouse, that would help.

    up/down is not supposed to load a rig.

    the notification dialog (which is not an error) appears when you switch to another rig and there are unsaved changed. this can for instance happen when you actively change something but also if you for instance lock something.

    I used to be able to use the arrows on my keyboard to cycle through the Rigs, audition them, and then move on - using only keyboard arrows. Something has changed. I haven't made any changes to any profile when I get the error:

    I have a couple of MIJ CE-2's also, but nothing can replicate that raspy pre-amp sound of a CE-1, I don't think any of the reissue pedals have tried either. The CE-1 can almost sound like fuzz if the pre-amp is pushed hard enough. Combining the KPA with analog pedals, yields some inspiring sounds. And then just send it all over S/PDIF to a DAW, makes life easy.

    Is it possible to profile the left and right of the Rockman independently and then merge the two profiles into one? That might work??

    The one thing the KPA can't do, is profile time-based effects, no reverb or delay, unfortunately. Only the tone could be profiled, then the other channel would have to be recreated inside the KPA, using built-in effects. I'm not that good.

    Can you profile a signal that already contains a non-defeatable cab sim? I mean, I suppose you can, but just be aware that it won’t result in a “normal” DI or Direct Amp profile, as it has already lost a bunch of high frequencies do to the cab/EQ filter and roll-off. At least, that is my thinking on the matter.

    The cab is included in the tone on the right channel (with a bit of reverb), it should be just like profiling a combo amp but without any of the effects, the profile would be flat and rather lifeless though.

    lento1234567 , have you tried your CE-1 in the KPA effects loop?

    [Blocked Image:]