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    Kemper + remote you can use a longer cable for this.

    You can power a pedalboard with pedal power, wall wort, battery, etc.

    Stage is like if you have to power the amp at your feet.

    And with what would you power your Pedal Power?

    The Stage is nothing more than an all-in-one-solution with a build in Pedal Power, but without a power amp.

    I guess the supplied power-cable is about 1,8 m long. All you have to do is buy the same power cable but longer, i.e. 6 m. Or if you need longer, you can buy a 10 m power cable. It will cost max. € 15,-.

    A simple IEC power socket like on the Stage (and a lot other 230V stage boards) does not look like it's rally stageproof. Fairly simple to put a locking IEC socket (the blue one) in it, right out of the factory.

    Or a Powercon would even be better.

    But for the form factor, screen, audio interface, and rough horse power I’m attracted by the FM3 and many users are describing a better amp feel in the room compared to Kemper...

    And how much is "many"? Do you have any numbers? And related to what? I guess (yes, guessing) there are not a lot of FM3-users at this time, since the FM-3 isn't officialy released yet.

    I have a couple of 2x12's and have had a handful over the years. None of them sounds or feels like a 4x12. The closest thing that I've experienced is a 1x12 EV TL806 cab with either an EVM12L or a Fane Studio 12L. The Fane is a relatively unknown speaker and not in production anymore. It is an amazing speaker and the Thiele cab has that 4x12 thump that I've never been able to get out of a 2x12.

    So true!! I've got two Mesa Thiele's with EVM12L's :)

    Damn, I tried the JVM410H yesterday (was actually a coincidence because I forgot my Kemper at the rehearsal and somebody lend me the Marshall) and I'm amazed by how great it sounds. I've been playing so long on a Kemper that I forgot how a real amp sounds. There is still a big difference, especially in the dynamics and pumping of the air. I'm thinking of going back to a tube amp (I have the DSL20RH and plan to try it next rehearsal). I'm really curious if Kemper can make its promises true with the new speaker that they will release at the end of the year. I really really hope that the sound will then be as powerful and dynamic as a real tube amp...

    No, Kemper can not. It may be come close but it's still not a tube amp. You must not compare a full tube amp stack (i.e. Marshall JVM410H with 1960) with a KPA + FRFR speaker.

    Did you know the Seymour Duncan Power Stage amps are in fact IcePower powermodules build into a Seymour Duncan housing, with the addition of a 3-band EQ? The powered KPA houses an IcePower powermodule as well.

    Yes, I'm sure, because I've opened up my Power Stage 700 :)

    Anyone used or experienced those rev33 IEM units?

    I get the impression they are some kind of HPF+LPF filtering out the audio that is outside of the hearing range but still affects your ear tolerance.

    Im told they work on the mechanics and impedance of the ear as well as the driver in the IEM.

    All the reviews seem to rave about them but i'd be interested to know your thoughts if you use predominantly guitar in your IEM mix and if you're hard-wired or wireless

    That would be something, because most IEM transmitters do not transmit audiosignals below 25 Hz and above 15 kHz, so there is no filtering necessary because this frequency range is within the hearing range.

    Well.... A guy can have full tube amp +4x12 cab and make bad music coz he plays badly or the singer or musicien in the band are bad etc Bad musicienship. And another time you'll see an incredibly good show , with a wonderful guitar player playing a Kemper and it will sound 1000 times better than the previous one. I disagree on saying that every Kemper user are below the ''real thing'' and that amp is superior... it depends on the music you make... Especially today as everyone playing 3 chords makes recording and release it on you tube , talent or not...

    Did I say every KPA user is below the "the real thing" and that an amp is superior?

    My story:

    First molded in-ears in 2005, Ultimate Ears UE11pro, pretty expensive but the best investment I ever did. UE11pro had 4 drivers: two for low, one for mid and one for high.

    In 2011 I replaced the UE's with Cinepaq molded in-ears (local Dutch in-ear "manufacturer"), again with 4 drivers.

    Last november I replaced the Cinpaq's with universal Mackie in-ears MP240, did two gigs with them, but if you're accustomed to molded earpieces universal ones can't match with 'em. So yesterday I've been on a quest for new molded in-ears. A local dealer has Jerry Harvey and Cosmic Ears. Tried all the available models and ended up with Jerry Harvey JH11pro's, with 4-pin cable. Again, a 4-driver earpiece. They will be delivered a month from now.