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    What are you guys going to do when this editor virtual tailgate party is no longer relevant? I honestly think some of you will miss the play-by-play speculation as you've grown used to it in a Stockholm syndrome kind of way.

    I'd much rather be using the editor than speculating about it.

    I've profiled some of my tone matched presets, and while they usually sound really close, they're not 100% accurate. That said, since tone matching is basically EQ matching, every tone match is based on the frequency response of a specific guitar. Thus, in order for a tone match to translate to your guitar accurately, I'd recommend recording a DI of your guitar and have someone tone match that to the recording, then save and profile the preset. If I had more time, I'd give it a shot.

    For me, it's largely about where kemper sits in the room. This may seem absurd to some, but it isn't always easy to keep such devices at reach.

    This is the primary reason an editor is essential for me. I literally have no where to situate the Kemper within arms reach, and having to walk over to it every time I need to tweak the thing is completely impractical.

    No, you show me that all the studies and research that prove that smart phones are by far the most used device to access the internet is somehow not relevant to this forum.

    There's no evidence to suggest that each and every website is accessed by 78% of smart phone users or even that any specific website is accessed primarily by smart phone users. The 78% figure refers to total smart phone usage and fails to break down the percentage based on specific websites, nor does it imply that such users access the web exclusively using a mobile device. Many people use both. Statistics show that specific types of websites are viewed by smart phone users at different rates.

    Nah. Last we were told they were still targeting Q3, which ends at close of business on the 30th.

    This thread is why software should never be given strict deadlines. "Second half of 2019" leaves so much wiggle room for when stuff blows up. Which in software, it always does.

    I wouldn't be surprised whatsoever if the company stopped offering updates on the editor altogether, and considering how people have reacted to their Q3 ETA, I wouldn't blame them.

    The editor will be a STRONG selling point for Kemper... the prospect of future dollars is their incentive, it has nothing to do with giving something to us for free.

    While I do think it's a value add and will incentivize sales, it's likely also tied to appeasing current customers. A happy customer is a strong asset.

    Really? Is this what we are now debating?

    Most might not be correct but some is...

    There would've been no quibble about it if the assertion had involved the word some rather than most. In general, I couldn't care less how many people use their phone vs. some other device to access this site.

    So they added one new "model" that doesn't sound the same as it does in the new hardware?

    "Ares" is not the name of an amp model. It's the name Fractal Audio designated for the current incarnation of their modeling algorithms. To put it in context, the release notes are saying that portions of those new algorithms ("Ares") were ported from the III to the II.

    No. They are not. Please read the note above again.

    The release notes are referencing portions of the Ares modeling (referenced in my reply above) that was ported from the Axe-Fx III to the Axe-Fx II. Here's a Cliff Notes version; the new firmware release for the Axe-Fx II is a partial port of the latest incarnation of Fractal Audio's "Ares" modeling algorithms (again, mentioned in my reply above) for the Axe-Fx III. Not all aspects of "Ares" were ported to the Axe-Fx II, but the portions that were ported to the Axe-Fx II will sound very similar to the full version of "Ares" in the Axe-Fx III. That said, the latest firmware release for the Axe-Fx II will sound identical on every Axe-Fx II model(Mark I, II, XL, XL+), however it will sound similar to the full version for the Axe-Fx III. Hope that helps.

    I'll give the Axe III the nod for the most tweak-able guitar amp in history with no one else even running in the same galaxy in the market, but that didn't help it obtain the tones of the tube amps with ease. Sure, you will get there in time. You just need training and patience.

    The Tone Match feature in the Axe-Fx II and III is able to replicate tones faster than I'm able to profile an amp in many cases. Like profiling, it's not always accurate or successful 100% of the time, however I've been able to match many of my favorite Kemper profiles quickly, simply and with excellent results just to see if it can be done.

    A lot of people already use the third party editor. I certainly do. It is very likely that anyone who does lots of automation already has tons of MIDI experience and equipment. As always, it will of course be nice when the editor is integrated with rig manager and can work through a USB cable

    A lot of people use and love ToastME(me included), however there are also a lot of people that don't and won't use it for the very reasons I stated. I use MIDI automation, but I also had to buy an extra set of MIDI cables in order to use ToastME. That's a turn-off for some people, not to mention ToastME isn't officially supported by Kemper, so there's an inherent risk to using it that turns some people off.

    If you want to continue this discussion, we need to take it to another thread. Create one and I'll be glad to continue discussing it there because this interaction may ultimately get deleted due to it being off-topic.