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    Stage boots 3x faster than Toaster / Rack. Would be great to have instantaneous boot, but KPA is pretty stable - it just doesn't reboot itself. The only situation when that happened to me is when too much MIDI information is sent to it (for example: when you scrub a project in DAW and have MIDI Chase enabled). Otherwise solid as a rock - you have much bigger chances to experience full stage power loss than KPA going bad in its own. Power glitch which affects just one devices on stage is very unlikely (typically on stage there is a metric ton of gear connected to the same circuit), unless you kick the plug or KPA unit itself - don't do that :-)

    Latest RM (I'm on beta channel, don't know if it is released as stable already) solved issue with performance management being unrelible - it now works as advertised. I'm always switching to perf mode when managing performances because I typically want to try them out immediately, switch between slots to level volume, etc. Don't know of it is necessary to be in Perf mode to avoid issues but sure it is more practical.

    Technically speaking in full text search indices you are typically searching for base forms of words. Input string is split by whitespaces, each word it brought to its base form and the search is performed for each token separately. Last stage combines partial results and returns an intersection of them. What quotes do is they change this default behavior and input is not split into individual words but you perform "search by phrase". This means the search engine will try to find documents where there is word "Be" followed by "sure" followed by "to"... This is different matching algorithm and it this case it worked better.

    In your case there probably is a token in your query which returned zero results (can happen if some works are blacklisted or not indexed for some reason), so intersection was also empty.

    I know it is technical and you should not be bothered with it as a user. But "quotes" trick apply to pretty much all search engines out there.

    why is not a great idea to suggest someone to use social media?anyway is up to you guys if use or not social media ,and it was just a suggestion not to rely on social media.

    It is because social media, as they operate today, are platforms created almost exclusively to get information about you and sell this information to advertisers (among other bad things they contribute to, and which are way outside of scope of this forum etc). They are useful, can't deny it, but the price you and societies are paying for using them is higher than you think. Vendors are free to choose their communication channels but relying solely on social media for communication with customers is just not wise (you can find a lot of examples where companies were screwed by social media lock-outs) and excludes people who choose not to use them for this or other reason.

    interesting. care to share details?

    Sure. Open Terminal and type: $ leaks Rig

    About 2% of memory is leaked. This might not necessarily be cause of RM instabilities unless some of leaked object hold on to important resources, like file descriptors. Among leaked objects there is:

    1 (240 bytes) ROOT LEAK: <KPAComm::GetGlobals 0x6000002b23a0> [240]

    which is the most suspicious object - could this leak be responsible for RM not being able to reconnect to KPA after KPA was powered down and turned on on the next day (while RM is kept open all the time?).

    2 (224 bytes) ROOT LEAK: <Access::Dialogs::StandardAlert 0x600003cfda20> [32]

    1 (32 bytes) ROOT LEAK: <Access::FloatingWindow 0x600003ce8120> [32]

    tons of: 1 (128 bytes) ROOT LEAK: <CGPath 0x60000105c880> [128]

    tons of: 2 (144 bytes) ROOT LEAK: <dx::exception 0x600001b103c0> [80]

    Pretty much all setlist performances: 39 (68.5K) ROOT LEAK: <Access::SetlistPerformance 0x7f976730b690> [320]

    and rigs: 8 (7.92K) ROOT LEAK: <Access::ProfilerRig 0x60000c9e8160> [176]

    (Leakage of rigs might be a fallout of leaked performances).

    The way I use RM is I turn it on use it until it works. There are typically two outcomes:

    1) RM is hanging after some time with spiny spiny thingy - in which case I can't use it anymore and need to force quit.

    2) RM is no longer able to connect to KPA (I do power off KPA for night, RM is always open, computer itself might go to sleep).

    2) has two variants:

    a) RM just doesn't see KPA and that's it

    b) RM sees KPA but doesn't interact with it.

    Some other issues:

    Sometimes RM opens, sees my KPA, called Toaster, but number of rigs next to it is... zero. In this case I need to restart RM to recover.

    Recently, with latest update, for the first time I have to unplug USB cable to be able to reestablish connection between RM and KPA, so far I could always recover just by restarting RM.

    Recently, with latest update, for the first time I experienced RM hanging right after it started (Spiny, spiny thing). This never happened before.

    All this is happening on macOS: 11.3.1

    I suggest trying my workflow - don't ever close RM manually. Just keep it open and see what milage you get. My milage is pretty low - need to manually restart RM every single day - sometimes forcefully. But at least performance management works now without issues - took years to fix it but I'm really thankful and happy.

    Bonus bug:

    Open RM, slide right pane all the way to the right, making it skinny. Load different Rig. Make right pane wider (slide left). You'll get what is in the picture with no ability to resize columns (one has to resize the whole window to recover).

    Yes, noticed this as well. Stability dropped, there are tons of memory leaks plaguing this application, and it is probably healthier to restart it from time to time. However you don't have to hard restart the Mac to recover. Right click on the RM icon in the dock, then hold "Option" and choose: "Force quit". In one case I had to unplug USB cable and plug it back to fully recover. On the plus side: Performance management started to work like it should. :)

    There was one hardware revision recently, which added SPDiF slave mode, but there is no official information about any other components being updated. I have 5 years old toaster and yes, compared to stage it is 3x slower. I think of it "vintage vibe" :-)

    yeah, it is broken for many people: see this thread for example. I filed a few tickets as well (included video showing the problem), last answer from support was: "we haven't been able to reproduce this so far. It doesn't seem to be a very common issue but we've filed a bug report for it." Which is very strange judging by amount of people in this forum who are having issues with this feature. Performance management from RM never worked for me reliably - I do it directly on device.

    Dostałeś, dostałeś - w prywatnej konwersacji, tej samej, której użyliśmy za pierwszym razem. Tym razem się będziemy musieli coś innego niż zoom zorganizować. Macie jakieś propozycje? Skype? Signal? Zoom w bezpłatnej wersji chyba oferuje tylko 40 minut.