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    I just wanted to THANK everyone involved in the release of the IOS software!

    I haven't been following the forum or the latest releases so it was a complete surprise to me.

    Often I've posted in this forum requesting stuff or maybe complaining about the software (just a little bit)

    I have an older iPad and am always apprehensive to install new apps because they require the latest hardware or iOS version.

    I was pleased that this version runs great on my older iPad and does not have unnecessary bloat to slow things down.

    I am recovering from surgery and often have to stretch out on a recliner to get comfortable to practice guitar. This iPad app has been a great companion allowing me to interact with my 1st Generation Kemper "Toaster" while I'm on the mend.




    I built a clone of the original Dynacomp circuit and I love the tone in front of just about anything. Basic "always on" setting Tiny bit or No sensitivity and output for slight boost.

    I've struggled too long with the amp compression or the effect itself to get anything that has that Squash with the crystal clean tone of a Dynacomp or less extent a Ross. So I use my Wampler Ego(a really nice one also) in front of my Lunchbox.

    Could we get a simple 2 knob compressor that has those qualities instead of the "fizzy" sound I get from the built-in complex one?



    I have to join in with the Chorus since there seems to be obvious issues with the current version of Rig Manager and (I hope) they are aware of this.

    I have owned a Kemper for 6 years now and this is the worst shape Rig Manager has ever been in!

    Please fix it fast! I can't rename Rigs amongst other problems.

    Is there anyway to go to a previous version?

    sorry for that earlier comment, I've been stuck inside too much and if it wasn't for music I would have probably lost my mind by now.

    The pick question was prompted because I've been recording more songs lately and it's amazing the stuff you hear when you record and analyze everything (especially your voice), but the pick really mattered. My smooth picks that never fall out of my hand didn't sound as good as the textured nylon ones which I can't seem to keep a hold of.

    Maybe I'll try a dab of superglue :P


    For all the whining I've done in the past about the interface and software, this is a BIG DEAL. That effects menu is a thing of beauty. With 2 knobs you can zoom in quickly for a preset.

    props to all the engineers working to make the Kemper better.

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I always seem to be futzing more with levels when I go analog, but with SPDIF most of the profiles don't distort from too much level.

    I also like having less cables, I'm just a home studio player always through the same setup. 2 cables for SPDIF will take care of most of my needs and save some inputs for mics and cowbells.

    For any Brian Setzer fans, I've uploaded a profile called

    Prince Brownie DB

    The DB stands for DynoBrain which is a stompbox preamp just like the one used in his Space Echo. I know the profile is not a 63 Bassman but that preamp is a big part of his tone and sounds great in front of any Fender amp.

    It's currently dialed in for a Tele. Use the definition to adjust for your guitar, such as a Gretsch you'd turn it up to around 7.

    Finally got around to profiling my most favorite practice amp. The Fender Princeton 65 reissue with the 10' Jensen Alnico speaker.
    There's quite a few different Princeton's already on the Rig Exchange but I thought I'd give myself a "shout out" because I'm pleased with how these have turned out.

    I successfully translated the joy I have playing this amp to profiles. They are called.

    Prince Brownie CLN
    Prince Brownie DIRT

    enjoy! :thumbup: