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    For all the whining I've done in the past about the interface and software, this is a BIG DEAL. That effects menu is a thing of beauty. With 2 knobs you can zoom in quickly for a preset.

    props to all the engineers working to make the Kemper better.

    And I decided to see how Kemper would like it. It's called and AC Tone. I noticed others had profiled it but not like I did all cranked up.

    It sounds pretty cool, Kinda Brian Mayish.

    If you want to check it out it is called


    link Rig Exchange

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I always seem to be futzing more with levels when I go analog, but with SPDIF most of the profiles don't distort from too much level.

    I also like having less cables, I'm just a home studio player always through the same setup. 2 cables for SPDIF will take care of most of my needs and save some inputs for mics and cowbells.

    For any Brian Setzer fans, I've uploaded a profile called

    Prince Brownie DB

    The DB stands for DynoBrain which is a stompbox preamp just like the one used in his Space Echo. I know the profile is not a 63 Bassman but that preamp is a big part of his tone and sounds great in front of any Fender amp.

    It's currently dialed in for a Tele. Use the definition to adjust for your guitar, such as a Gretsch you'd turn it up to around 7.

    Finally got around to profiling my most favorite practice amp. The Fender Princeton 65 reissue with the 10' Jensen Alnico speaker.
    There's quite a few different Princeton's already on the Rig Exchange but I thought I'd give myself a "shout out" because I'm pleased with how these have turned out.

    I successfully translated the joy I have playing this amp to profiles. They are called.

    Prince Brownie CLN
    Prince Brownie DIRT

    enjoy! :thumbup:

    TopJimi has some profiles of a 63 Bassman (the one with the 6g6 circuit that Brian uses) that sound nice. But the real key to his tone (besides his chops) is the preamp in the Space Echo. It's like a HiFi preamp and makes every note stand out.

    I use a DynoBrain in front of my Kemper with this profile and that's it! Now just many years of practice....

    Cool, thanks. I wonder if this mod would make any more of a difference :/

    Interesting. I disconnected the NFB when it was stock and it made the break up less "farty" sounding. The Weber speaker made all the difference and I really liked the clean side of the amp so I plugged NFB back in. But I bet changing that resistor value would be an improvement to try.

    I recently purchased this cheap Monoprice 5 watt amp when they had a sale (I'm cheap $99 was just too much for an all valve amp)

    After putting some new JJ's valves in and a 8" Weber Alnico speaker it sounds like a Champ. Well I've never owned a Champ but this little buddy you just turn the volume up to 10 and tone 5 and play some James Gang :P

    Anyways was so giddy I had to profile it so it's in the Rig Exchange under the name Chump


    Hey all,
    Just curious if the Kemper has a "Demo" mode or some kind of "easter egg" where you can get ALL the LED's to flash different colors like a Christmas Tree. Not serving any purpose other than look cool.

    My cat and I enjoy staring at flashing LED lights and I thought it might be kinda cool

    I appreciate this level of critique of the KPA as long as it's civil and constructive, it can only make an already amazing box better.

    Not trying to be a KPA cheerleader, but I'm just a bedroom musician. I run my KPA into a decent set of studio monitors and it's weird how my brain will get in the way of my ears. I can spend all nite trying to get that Keef or Gibbons or Mayer tone and when I get up the next day it sounds totally wrong.

    I digress I don't know where I was going with this, but this box inspires me like no other modeler I've tried. However since I'm no pro I don't have the experience of being able to crank those tube amps as loud as they need to be to create those marvelous tones.


    My Browse knob is about to fall off from endless turning to get to the desired preset. I think I've heard others chime in on this issue but it makes no sense to me why you would see all the presets if you have an effect selected in your stomp (via the Type knob).

    So basically when an Effect is selected with the Type knob, only the presets associated with that effect will show when you turn the Browse knob. If No effects are selected than show ALL presets.

    I used to work with databases and this is a simple "one to many" relationship. ONE effect type to MANY presets. Hopefully this would not be too hard to implement. It would save some worn out knobs.


    I love collecting picks and have a one of those little plastic storage organizers full of different materials and sizes. But no matter what kind of pick I try I always go back to the same pick I used when I first started playing.

    [Blocked Image:,c_limit,e_unsharp_mask:80,f_auto,fl_progressive,g_south,h_1600,q_80,w_1600/v1460060622/lfvqzammurtnirivjv7m.jpg]

    I really enjoyed the feel of the Dunlop Jazz III XL and played them for 5 years but recently went back to Fender Celluloid because they sound good whether strumming fast clean funky chords or high gain lead.