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    You can copy profiles from explorer (Windows) or finder (MAC) and paste into Rig Manager.......

    I extract my profiles onto my computer as they usually come in a compressed file (zip, rar etc)

    Create folders on my computer to organise my profiles.

    Copy and then paste the profiles into the folders on my computer

    I create my folder structure in Rig Manager

    Copy the the profiles I want to import to a particular folder from Finder(mac) or Windows Explorer (only profiles not folders)

    Select the folder I want to paste into in Rig Manager

    Paste profiles into the Rig Manager folder right hand pane.

    If you're starting from scratch and have lots of profiles it may take a while but I've always done it this way, so only need to do it with any new profiles I acquire.

    Hope this helps if not feel free to ignore. :thumbsup:


    What a nice man you are!

    Glad I could help. :thumbup:


    When I first received my guitar I took careful measurement of the setup, with feeler gauges and digital callipers.

    With the string fretted between the 2nd and 3rd fret the clearance at the first fret was 6 thousands of an inch on all the strings.


    Is it so playable? Strats can fight you back a little. Not that I don't want a real fight now and then, but sometimes my hands give in, ha, ha.

    It isn't chalk and cheese between them, but it is a "nicer" fit for me it just has something about the neck and ease of play.

    When I'm sitting down and play an F sharp (10th fret 5th string (A)) as part of whatever I'm playing, the resonance on the upper bout against my chest is so strong it catches me by surprise!

    Also the tone controls when rolled off change the sound in way that I prefer to my strats. On my strats I never roll off the tone on my neck pickup but I do on my Suhr.

    I'm going to stop now cos I'm spending more time talking about my guitar than playing it LOL, soon I'll be spending all my time complaining I can't get the right tone out of the Kemper haha. ;)


    Personally I'd back up first.
    Then use rig manager and drag all the rigs from your Kemper to a rig manager folder and reset, you can always restore.

    You'll probably spend a long time trying a variety of rigs before settling on a few favourites, If you gig you might create performances per song or if you prefer simple just choose a clean, crunch and high gain rig. There are many ways to do things,

    One thing is for certain, you'll find lots of help from many experienced and talented people on this forum.


    Good luck


    Been playing so much the callus on my fingers have gotten thicker since I got this beauty!

    I love the straight tight grain on the quarter sawn neck. Came set up perfectly, plays very easy, sounds awesome!


    either fix the problems or else convey this is as good as it gets. And market within boundaries that reflect the device's actual tone abilities so that all customers can make the right choices for their applications rather than some customers ending up tremendously frustrated.

    It's worth pointing out there is a 45 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

    I think sometimes we can loose sight of the fact these are tools for making music and spend too much time worrying about tone instead of playing.

    When I think back to the late seventies / eighties when i was making music for a living I can't even remember adjusting the settings on my amp, apart from volume, and I changed strings when they broke! LOL. How times have changed.