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    Yep I've had the Kemper freeze many times. Only ever happens for me when in Performance mode, with my MacBook connected via Rig Manager and I'm tweaking and saving rigs back into slots. It's only happened when I have been toying with rigs with the macbook connected.

    However, so far solid as a rock when playing straight up.

    the cab sounds absolutely awesome with FD profiles Soldano SLO DI profiles for anyone that has those as well just FYI, absolutely awesome, right up there with my favorite tonehammer cabs.

    I have these SLO FD profiles - they are my favs...will def try these.


    The other thing I noticed with the Andertons profiles is that even though they have Cab modules loaded they don't appear to make any difference to the sound on or off. I.e. They behave just like Direct profiles which is what I was expecting given how they were doing the A/B test.

    Yes, I would love this too. I prefer to run a stereo guitar cab setup via the KPA main outs into an external power amp, which I do whenever not going through a FOH system. I.e. At home, rehearsals etc. As soon as FOH comes into play I have to run my guitar cab(s) in mono so the KPA main outs can go to FOH with cab sims on. It's the only downer I have on the KPA setup. Why there is not a stereo monitor out feed is beyond me.

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for the reply, that's helpful.
    FRFR just means Full Range Flat Response, which refers to any kind of speaker system that provides a flat response across the audible frequency range. I.e. A PA speaker or monitor wedge or studio monitors as you are using are all FRFR. None of them do it perfectly obviously, however they are very different to a guitar cab that is not flat nor is it full range.
    Some Kemper users prefer to run into studio monitors or some kind of FRFR cab for live monitoring utilising the Kempers Cab module, whereas others prefer running the Kemper into a traditional guitar cab bypassing the cab sim module on the Kemper.

    At the end of the day, if it sounds good to you then it's good!

    Thanks for the rig tip, will definitely check it out.

    2016 I got;

    Early 90's Gibson ES-335
    Chapman ML-1
    Assembled Tele, from parts. A "Partscaster"
    Seymour Duncan JB
    Suhr DA bridge HB
    Suhr Koko boost
    Eventide H9
    Xotic BB Plus
    MXR EVH Phase 90
    Xotic SP compressor
    Kemper Rack - unpowered
    Carvin 1540L power amp
    THD 2x12 (another to match the one I already had)
    Mission EP-1
    Yamaha DXR10

    ...and sold lot's of stuff too to make way for the above.

    2017 plans:
    Would love to pickup a Les Paul Custom

    This video was the thing that pushed me over the line to go and buy my Kemper! I didn't realise the profiles the lads captured were up for download in the youtube text, I should have looked....

    In any event I've got them, they are awesome direct profiles for a guitar cab. Along with the Morgan mentioned above you have to try the JCM800 and the Silverback. I've found new number one sounds today!

    What would work better would be an expiry date that auto-deletes the profile as a demo. Then you either lose the pack, or purchase the full rigs after a week.

    I like this idea. It works a bit like my Eventide H9 pedal where you get something like 5 or 10 minutes free demo of any of the H9's algorithms per day. If you like it after a couple of listens you buy it.

    :rolleyes: Who dares to ask Jimi if we can get the version 1 Friedman profiles when version 2 is purchased... 8o:D^^
    I got the new profiles today, and I like them....
    But after reading the above, I'm getting more curious for the version 1 Friedman profiles...
    btw, I first ordered the 68SLead by accident... (it was early in the morning...) and this pack also rules! :thumbsup:

    Depends on whether you are after the studio profiles or the merged.....merged profiles in pack one were no good for direct with no cab, however in pack two they are great!