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  • Nice rig, I just ordered my second Kemper to use as a back up. Have you explored a wiring scenario so if you have to switch Kempers, you can throw switches instead of pulling and switching cables? Also does the Kemper remote just connect to the second Kemper without rebooting? Thanks

    • sorry Jimbo, a bit late to answer... ;)
      in the back of my rack I have the 2 Yamaha DXR12 connected, 1 cable to the polytune, and the RJ45 for the remote...
      Just next to these neutrik connections, there are the same for the 2nd Kemper...
      In case of a failure, I just need to change 3 jack cables, and the RJ45 for the remote, and the 2nd Kemper starts up...

      I Did not find any solutions with switches, nor is it possible to connect the remote with the 2 Kempers...