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    I've had a Kemper for some time but never tried to run effects through it. My effects through the front input sound great - but nothing seems to be working in the effects loop.

    Is there something I need to enable? This might be basic but I've been an all-digital guy forever and just now am starting to go the other way and work some analog effects in.


    Maybe my Google is just not working out but I'm surprised I'm not finding more options for the '67 Bassman.

    Mike Ness uses a '67 Bassman apparently initially modded by "Billy Zoom" and then later (again, so I read) by /13. No idea what said mods do - other than it's not a standards '67 Bassman he famously uses.

    The lion's share of his tone is the amp (only has a boost in front and virtually no pedalboard) so it sounds like an amp that would be very fun to experiment with on the Kemper.

    The only commercial profile I'm really finding for the '67 Bassman is MBritt's "67 Lowman" - which might be good but in the Soundcloud demos the closest he gets to gain is a runthrough of "You Shook Me" (Bassman seems an odd choice for AC/DC but I digress). In any case I can't tell if it's a platform to get to a Social Distortion sound or not ...

    Anyone have any experience with that profile or other recommendations? Thanks!

    I figure the Kemper Cab will be 6-700 bucks. Mission and XiTone charge at least 500 for a passive FRFR speaker. I looked at doing one myself and was going to save maybe a hundred bucks. Not worth the effort. I hope it is $599. That seems like a real reasonable price for a speaker designed by Kemper to work best with the profiler.

    For some reason I'm expecting more like $899+.

    If it's $599 it's an instant buy without even thinking about it. The fact that the speaker alone looks to be priced at $150 offers a little hope I guess.

    I have been using my Kemper exclusively through studio monitors but recently picked up a 2x12 cabinet.

    I'd like to be able to leave my monitors connected to the Kemper through the XLR cables and plug my 2x12 into the monitor jack. What's happening is it always defaults to the XLRs/monitors though and I can't figure out how to send the signal to the cabinet instead without unplugging them.

    Is there a simple way to switch between outputs? It seems like there should be but messing with the output menus is getting me nowhere. Any suggestions?


    Sorry to see you didn't receive an answer to your question - I don't have an answer but am finally digging into the effects in the Kemper a bit more. Thought maybe I'd bump this and see also if there is there a particular model of Phaser the Kemper is most like (e.g., MXR 90/100, Small Stone, BOSS, Mu-Tron, etc.)

    I'm trying to get some Smashing Pumpkins-style contorted lead tones (supposedly a Mu-Tron Bi-Phase or Phase 90) and not having the best go of it so far ... though I do have VH patches where the Phaser sounds good (after the amp so wondered if maybe it's more like the MXR 90)...

    I've never really used the Kemper's pitch shift capabilities and some of the Kemper's deeper options have been a bit of a struggle thusfar. Fantastic unit, fantastic tones - but I'm used to laptop interfaces. Anyway, I'm reading through the "deeper view" and searching YouTube videos, but not really finding what I need...

    I'm wondering if it's possible with the pitch shifter to add a pitch shift +10/-10 cents in addition to my guitar signal to sound as if 3 guitars are playing in different tunings. I'm not looking forward to a delay here - I'm trying to create an "etheral" acoustic effect. Unsure if this makes sense - but if it's possible any help with the parameters would be appreciated!

    TIA -

    Great profiles could you add one with more gain and a clean one maybe?

    I have another thread here asking where to find a particular JCM800 profile - would love if one could be made through the low input with the master maxed... Would be greatly appreciated :)

    Thanks again. I'll have to look into the Silent Underground Studio ones.

    I'm still pretty new to the Kemper - but the $55 Silent Underground Studio profile pack has been far and away my most disappointing purchase to date. I watched all their YouTube videos and was intrigued but the majority of them are *extremely* thin-sounding.

    I have read some good things about them and am curious what adjustments people have made...

    Can't really stress how sorry I am I paid $55 for these.

    I'm trying to understand how to put a Boss looper pedal at the end of my chain.

    My current setup is Guitar > Wah > Kemper > (ideally looper would go here) > XLR-out Studio Monitors

    I was experimenting with the Send and Return jacks but don't seem to understand what I'm doing.

    Suggestions appreciated -