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    As stated its the LEDs and physical stuff that ate the only things I would concern myself with. The rest is stuff that doesn't 'wear' if you know what I mean :)

    I swapped my Rack for a Toaster version and had no issues. I'd buy a used one in future subject to the stuff above


    I don't want to form the defence council for HW but feel someone needs to;

    HW stated that the profiling process appears to produce more accurate amp sounds (in comparison to the real amp) when reducing rather than adding gain and demonstrated this process in the clip.
    HW did not state at any point that anything sounded 'bad' - just that the difference between a dirty amp cleaned up is far less than a clean amp dirtied up with the gain control
    HW also stated that turning the gain up a couple of clicks is OK but that the further you increase gain the greater the difference between the KPA profile sound and the real amp at a similar gain level
    HW also stated that profilers tend to produce lots of profiles at different gains so that we can choose the most appropriate gain levels without having to resort to adjusting gain necessarily.

    Nobody is suggesting that the gain control is not tonally transparent - just that when using a Kemper increases of gain will produce a greater disparity between the real amp and the sound emanating from the KPA. This is probably to be expected as this is a profiler and not a modeller.

    In the spirit of democracy I suggest a vote to anyone who fancies it. You can only pick one;

    1. The KPA produces a more accurate representation of the real amp when gain is reduced
    2. The KPA produces a more accurate representation of the real amp when gain is increased

    By the way I have spent thousands of pounds on my KPA, Remote & carrying cases. I use it exclusively for gigs and my thousands of pounds (weight and value!) of valve amps are there as keepsakes and reminders of what the world before my KPA was like. It's utterly brilliant and I tell everyone that and have demo'd it to loads of people, all who think it's amazing and some who will purchase.

    I just take issue with the fact that a demonstration of what some may perceive as a weakness (I don't consider it one) is responded to in this dismissive way

    By the way my vote is for 1.



    And just to point out something else which is sort of obvious but worth making..

    HW is simply demonstrating that the KPA profiling process allows is it to provide a much better representation of how the 'real' amp sounds when the gain is reduced than the other way around. This has no direct correlation with whether it sounds 'good' or not! That's in the eye (ear!) of the beholder..

    I sense too much Kemper defending in these forums sometimes..


    I think HW is bang on the money here and agree wholeheartedly. Doesn't mean to say you can't however push the gain upwards - if you carve out a great sound doing that then it's still great sound.. I don't tend to however myself.

    Thanks for posting this.



    This is great and insightful but I do think it (potentially) misses one important point about clean sens.

    If you have a profile that has a gain setting between 1 and 4, my understanding is that this is a blend of both the clean and distortion path. If you adjust clean sens then you're altering the ratio between them and hence the profile sound. For a totally clean profile (gain at 0) then clean sens does indeed change just the clean level but not as you increase up to 4; it changes the sound. Not so much of an issue until you start locking clean sense for a nice vintage Strat at +8 and then load a profile with a gain of 3...

    I do wish that the way the Kemper manages this wasn't such a black box tbh..

    I've moved away from changing clean sens and now leave at 0 irrespective of guitar. If I have a profile that is too soft or loud in comparison to another I just adjust the rig volume and save guitar specific rigs and try and choose profiles that have the most appropriate gain structure to start with.



    The good news out of NAMM however;

    KPA is still amazing!
    KPA is still better than it was when I bought it! I didn't have to pay a bean to benefit.
    KPA is possibly going to get even better for free !!!
    My device is still supported and current!!!!!

    I'm not saying I don't think there are things that could be better and that I would like to have but the long and short is I never buy anything because it 'may' deliver something in the future that it doesn't have yet. That would be plain silly.

    Those people who bought a KPA and then realised that the 'insert requirement here' wasn't included shouldn't have bothered. Just wait until the product you want appears on the market and buy it.



    The other issue is there are profiles which sound fantastic and are inspiring to play at low levels through my studio monitors that sound crap when at gig volume and vice versa. I know they can all be tweaked but what I mean is when you’re trying to really narrow down your selection thus also makes it tough ;)
    I’m still excited about the new Bert pack though. I’m just as diseased as the rest of you!

    You defo need to do this - I always audition at band volume as I made this mistake early on.

    When I started I spent too much time tweaking profiles as well - I don't bother any more. If a profile has the DNA I am looking for it's a keeper. If not I move on. If something needs a little tweak then I'm happy to do that but if I'm adjusting something more than 5% I know I just haven't found the profile I'm looking for and move on. I also never adjust the gain on a profile; I find a profile with the characteristics I'm looking for instead. I've bought a product that damn near gets a well mic'd up vale amp tone - the last thing I want to do is let the KPA guess that a different gain setting would sound like - not to say it does a bad job; there's just no need with the amount of solid profiles out there.

    It's a different process for me than what I would do with my real amps - with these I tweak because that's what your supposed to do to squeeze stuff out of them. They all have their strengths/weakness and it's a dynamic system - when I plug a Strat in I'm doing something different to when my LP get's fired up. The KPA was designed to profile your amps with your guitars and capture your desired tones. It has great sculpting capabilities but that was never the original intention imho. I think the whole RE/profile vendor thing, whilst very empowering and great fun, has resulted in us moving away from this. The problem is that too do this you really need to know what you're doing and have the right gear and environment to do it well which is what holds people back.

    This is just my opinion and others will no doubt have different perspectives.

    Oh and one last (but critical) point. Be aware of loudness bias. Human's instinctively perceive louder sounds as 'better' than quieter ones. I've auditioned profiles in the past and thought 'man that sounds better than the one I have already', On inspection I've often then found that there's something in the chain is resulting in a louder output. This fact alone makes comparisons pretty difficult to do in the real world. When I audition I ensure that the stomps/FX blocks are locked off and that the volumes in the chain at at unity and then try to loudness match. This can gets somewhat tedious however. I've only got another 14000 profiles to audition so goodby life!