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    The part you're talking about is the keyboards right? That's just played repeatedly, so I'd tackle that with the looper or a delay. I assume you could get close with the pitch delay.

    You can use the pitch function to play the guitar harmonies in the guitar solo.

    You can always feed the band monitor mix minus your guitar to the aux input in the back and connect your in ears to the headphone out. Make sure to set the aux in so it doesn't go out your main/foh output. That gives you a nice direct stereo guitar sound straight from the kpa, and you can independently control the guitar volume and the band mix.

    This setup keeps your main and monitor outs available to do whatever you want.


    I like that idea! Effectively using the Kemper as your own mixer.

    I think it's just the difference between the "amp in the room" sound and the "studio" sound. If you took one of your tube amps and cranked it in an isolation booth you'd get the same lack of feel.

    Do you have the powered Kemper? If so, you should consider a merged profile with the direct sound going to one of your existing cabinets as a monitor. That way you can turn it up until the feel is right.

    I'm definitely planning to use mine for acoustic (and electric and bass and ukulele) with wireless in-ear monitors and stereo into the PA.

    My plan is to never mess around with physical guitar cabs again unless necessary. With the advances in IR (eg: I can buy a Neo Creamback IR from Celestion) there's enough scope if I want to go down that rabbit hole.

    I'll get a small pair of powered FRFR speakers for jams and small parties where there's no PA.

    I might have to keep a 1x12 V30 loaded cabinet around for situations involving tube amp purists. ;)

    I wish I had seen this before I ordered as I'm in exactly the same situation and country. I wasn't given any shipping options and assumed that this sort of high ticket item would have tracking like everything else I order. The order is still saying "not processed" after 12 days.
    I'm happy to wait the expected month or two but definitely don't want to end up in a situation where the carrier loses the goods and Kemper says "we shipped them, sorry". I have no reason to think they'd do this but also don't think I'll have any legal recourse if it does.
    Any suggestions other than "just be patient"? This is almost $4000 in our money and I'm not rich. :)

    I think what you're asking is as below from the Kemper manual:

    For this setup, you need to bypass the Cabinet Profile for the MONITOR OUTPUT, so as to avoid running a cabinet simulation through a physical cabinet. The soft button "Monitor Cab Off" in the Output Settings will bypass the Cabinet Profile for the MONITOR OUTPUT as well as the built-in power amp of PowerHead and PowerRack, while the Cabinet Profile stays active for the other outputs including the MAIN OUTPUTS. This is a global setting, and thus applied to all Rigs. However, the signal from the MONITOR OUTPUT is processed according to the kind of Profile included in the Rig: for regular Studio Profiles, the CabDriver algorithm is activated, whereas Merged Profiles feed the direct amp sound to the MONITOR OUTPUT and built-in power amp.

    Thanks - I think I finally get what the little DI box that I ordered with the KPA will enable. Please correct me if I'm wrong with the following typical setup:

    1) The FOH gets the sound of the amp in a studio, with a mic in front of the cab.

    2) The DI sound is just the original amp before the original cab, so your guitar speaker on stage doesn't apply another impulse response to the already "cab included" sound.

    It makes perfect sense why this would be a great result. I can't wait to try it.

    Question: Are the effects from the Kemper applied to the DI signal? Seems they'd have to be, otherwise what's the point of having a dry amp onstage.

    Probably been mentioned before, but clashes like you're experiencing with the other guitarist are (IMO) usually caused by:

    1) Poor song part arrangements
    2) Band members that prioritise their part above the whole band's sound
    3) Mono mix or poorly crafted stereo image
    4) Everything else...


    Placed my order 10 days ago and they've said it'll probably ship soon. Woo hoo - only 4-6 more weeks and 80 days for the bag.

    Really excited, so gonna be a tough wait! Don't know if there are other shipping options to New Zealand but that's what it is. :)