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    If you create a direct profile using the Kemper DI method it's "tapping" into the signal before the speaker, so there's no cab. Great if you're going to run the profile into a guitar cab to add the speaker impulse response, but not straight into a PA or FRFR speakers.

    I think the volume level restriction in your space is the single biggest factor.

    No matter what your rig is doing, you need that volume to make it sound and feel right. Even with a Kemper, if you play it at low volume that punch will be lacking.

    I use good headphones for this, but also have a 2x12 cabinet with Celestion V30's for the amp in the room sound when I need it.

    I'm scared to touch mine now. Tempted to duct tape it in place and just coil the cable on top. This is a critical path thing that can ruin a gig. Plus I live on the other side of the world, so I could be without my rig for weeks.
    When I was making my purchase decision the cable for the remote looked really pro, with the XLR looking end. I just assumed that the jacks were robust and that strain relief was part of the whole design. Can't fault the KPA in any other way though.

    Thanks a lot folks! I'll grab the speaker wire from storage and make up some leads. The stuff I have is really thick by my limited standards - the actual core is about 2.5mm in diameter. We used to use it power our 1000 watt PA speakers with no problems.

    I assume that the solder connections need to be really good to prevent heat as well. I might get my brother to do them actually, since he's good like that. :)


    What type of cable is needed to carry the higher current signals like between the amp>DI>speaker and the speaker out from the powered KPA?

    • I assume a guitar cable is the wrong option, but do these need to be shielded?
    • Is there a significant advantage to using really thick wire as the volume goes up?

    I have an old part roll of monster speaker cable, but before I go to town soldering up phone plugs I want to be sure.

    Thanks! :D

    I think it's probably a good idea to be more specific about your musical style here too. I've been in a few threads with people unhappy about this frequency or low end muddiness etc, but it's usually heavy distorted stuff which is alien to me and to be honest all sounds the same to me. I bow out of those conversations as soon as I realise I'm in someone else's world, but it would be good to know up front. :)

    There will definitely be people affiliated with other equipment and/or software companies that "work" their opposition forums. While I agree that it's important to have a balanced view of what the Kemper does, the hidden agendas can take the joy out of a forum if you let them.

    In the OP you make a point about everyone with the same profile sounding exactly the same, but that's the opposite of what you've now got. You can take that Marshall profile and carefully EQ and shape it to your taste in a way that your real amp with the random tubes won't allow.

    I couldn't hear any of the bad stuff you described through my Sennheiser headphones. Sounded just like my Anderson through great amps. I had a play with the real Shiva to recalibrate my ears and the Kemper still sounds great.

    Spent a couple of hours with it so far. Loving it!

    I backed up the factory profiles and removed most of them, then loaded it up with MB BoC and 65 Ace30 packs. Both excellent, but the AC30 sounds especially good. I've heard so many bad modelling copies of that amp over the years!

    Realised I don't have a TRS cable, so haven't used the expression pedal yet. Doh.

    Next step is to get some great mics on my Shiva in a great room so I can have my sounds in there as well (without springing for the Sweet 16 pack yet).

    I'll be thankful when it becomes second nature to drive it. Like anything complex it just takes practice.

    Well guess what arrived today? ;)

    Only had a chance to play for a short time through my Sennheiser HD280 headphones so far and it sounds and feels great with several of the stock profiles. I don't play with high gain often, so most of them are aimed at a different audience.

    Need to wipe it clean and put a few choice Bogner Shiva profiles in there and tweak it for my main guitar to make it feel like home. :D

    I think it's important to keep your expectations in check and use the Kemper for what it does best.

    1) You're not going to have a single device weighing in at 6kg that replaces 3 tonnes (and $100K) of boutique amps that have been hand crafted to do one or two things well.
    2) A single tube amp will never give you the easy flexibility to go from the sound of a Fender Princeton to that of a 5150 with an octave with a press of a switch, not to mention the great sounding effects.
    3) Due to the vast flexibility it's much easier to dial in a crap tone than with a tube amp.

    Note: For full disclosure I don't play any metal or really heavy distortion, so I have no clue how it does that stuff. I can't hear much difference between those sounds regardless of the amp/context.