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    Hey there everyone.

    I have owned a "toaster" Kemper profiler for a while, profiled my 6505+ with it and got some amazing profiles. I have since sold that Kemper and purchased a Kemper Stage. I tried to profile my Engl Fireball the other day and the result sounded absolutely hideous. Trying to retrace my steps as I did the same thing to profile with the stage as I did with the toaster.

    Guitar into Kemper Stage input

    Kemper send 1 into front input of Engl Fireball

    SM 57 into return 1 of Kemper Stage and placed directly in center cone of Mesa 2-12 speaker

    Set the stage into Profile mode

    Profile set to distortion

    Play through the Engl to get input volume set

    Hit profile.......All the weird noises take place.

    ***On two occasions, there was an error. I raised the volume of the amp slightly and then it corrected the error.

    I have now had a profile that just sounded completely like flub and another profile that sounded like my amp was set on the clean channel.

    Is profiling different or are there steps that I may be missing with the stage? I would really like to profile my Engl, but I am obviously doing something wrong here. Any help would be appreciated.

    I have a question regarding the usage of a standard cabinet with a Kemper Stage.

    I have used an FRFR cabinet for years with my Kemper. It has been very easy to use, especially live, being able to go direct to FOH and give the board the same signal as I have on the stage.

    But I feel like I have always struggled with the FRFR cabs and getting the “true” sound of a cabinet.

    I went out and purchased a 2-12 Mesa Cabinet today to use instead of my FRFR Cabinet. I told my other guitarist about it and of course he asks me “if you turn the cabinet sim off on the Kemper to run the Mesa cabinet, what does that do your signal going to FOH”?

    I didn’t even think about this! So here’s the question…..can I turn the cabinet sim off on the Kemper stage to have the true sound of the Mesa cabinet while on stage, but be able to send FOH the same profile with the cab sim on? Otherwise the signal going to front of house is going to sound quite nasty!
    I don’t think it’s possible. If the cabinet button is turned off on the Kemper, I can’t see how I would be able to send it with my direct out to the FOH.

    Trying to avoid using a mic on the cab.
    Might be selling a brand new Mesa 2-12 cab, and yes….I am a tone chaser. ?


    Hey all,

    I have owned a Kemper since 2017 and I have always struggled to dial in a nice, tight, throaty sounding high gain live tone. Most tones I create sound killer.....until they get into a mix and then they are buried. Or the tone just sounds too damn "flubby".

    I have messed with the amp parameters first (bass, mids, treble, presence), added EQs, added internal distortion (green scream), and everything I do seems to fall short of dialing in that tone. I have purchased hundreds of dollars hoping to load a ton of tones into the Rig Manager, only to find one or two tones that are close to what I am looking for, but stil not quite there.

    This is a tall order to ask for because we all have different tastes and opinions of what a "killer" tone is, but there has got to be tricks and tips out there to clean up the flubbiness, tighten up the tone and have a killer sounding live tone!

    Any help would be appreciated.

    What year is it? I have an unpowered rack that still has the film over the display. Great shape and bought in 2018.

    I bought mine in April of 2018 from sweetwater. I have the receipt. I have never gigged with it. I have not updated my Kemper in the last year due to the amount of complaints I was hearing from people who did.

    I have a white unpowered Kemper toaster that I would like to trade for an unpowered Rack Kemper.

    My Kemper is in perfect condition. No scratches, or issues and its been housed in my studio. (Non smoker if that matters) I want to trade for a rack Kemper of same quality. I am located in Northern California. Will ship pay for my own shipping if necessary to ship unit. I have all original boxing and packaging.

    I'm a new Kemper user and I'm also having intermittent locking/crashes. I'm within my 30 day return window with Sweetwater. Should I return the unit and start over?


    My experience is that the remote and the Kemper BOTH have to be connected when doing updates. I did have a bad remote, but one of the times it was because I did an update without having the remote connected to the Kemper. It was crashing and freezing up. I redid the update with the remote connected to the unit and I havent had a problem since.

    If this doesnt work, contact Kemper support. They are super fast in responding taking care of their customers.

    I am thinking I can do this via USB, but I have a Kemper at home and one in my studio. The one at my studio does not have internet access. I have some profiles on my Kemper at home that I want to transfer to my Kemper at my studio. Can I do this with a USB drive or do I have to bring it home and transfer with the an internet connection?

    I would like to thank everyone for their response on this subject. It is refreshing to know that I am not the only one who has experienced this problem. I have read about people being connected to Rig Manager when this has taken place. Two times for me, I believe I was connected to Rig Manager, but nor running it. One time it happened in my rehearsal studio and I was not connected to a computer.

    I would also like to thank Kemper for stepping in so quickly. They emailed me immediately and gave me several items to troubleshoot. Unfortunately, all of their ideas on why the remote could be behaving the way it was I had already done, so they immediately shipped me out another brand new remote.

    I hope this solves this problem. If not, I am sure I will write about it. I will be sure to write about it if we can get some consecutive days without it happening.

    I would consider this thread closed.



    I dont believe the cable is the problem. The remote has an IP address that communicates to the profiler (from what I have been told). The communication link is the cable. The IP address on the remote drops out and that is what is causing the remote to freeze up and drop out, losing communication with the profiler.

    If the cable was the problem, I would hope that three cables and three Kempers later, the problem would have been resolved. This problem has happened with 2 different remotes, all three cables and all three Kempers. The big reason I know the remote is the problem is because when it happened the first time, people told me to get a new cable, which I did. I had also bought a second Kemper. So with the new cable, new Kemper and original remote, the problem occurred again.

    My remote also sits in a custom case. It stays very stationary and does not move around. The connection to the remote is actually supported with foam and a three to four inch loop is created so there is absolutely no stress on the cable.

    I have emailed Kemper and I am waiting for a response.

    Hey there guys. I have already started a thread with this topic and thought the problem was fixed, but 2 remotes, three cables and three profilers later, I experienced my remote losing connection with my new powered profiler yesterday during rehearsal. I am emailing Kemper as soon as I am done with this post but I have to believe there is a serious problem with a batch of remotes or cables coming from Kemper. I cant be the only one who has experienced this over the last 6 months.

    First Kemper / Remote bundle I purchased, the remote lost connection. I contacted Sweetwater and they said buy a new cable. I ended up purchasing a new second Kemper and cable. The remote loses connection with new cable and new Kemper. Kemper replaces remote.

    I purchase a third new powered Kemper / Remote. New remote loses connection with new powered Kemper last night.

    Each time, the remote freezes up and I have to shut the Kemper down completely and turn back on to get the remote to reconnect.

    I am beginning to think that maybe the quality control of Kemper is not worth the price I am paying to use their product.

    First unit purchased in November of 2017, second in Feb 2018 and last unit in May 2018.


    I emailed you about the remote and you said someone was looking at it with one of the kempers

    Greg, my apologies. This is still happening. I have been dealing with some family emergencies as well and have not been very prompt on responding. I would assume that the remote will be going with the Kemper.

    Hey there guys, probably an age old question within this forum.

    I just received my powered rack unit. I have hooked it up according to the directions and it sounds amazing. Its also nice to downsize the size of my rack to make things just that much more simple.

    I see that there is only 1 powered speaker output, whereas before, I ran the Kemper to my poweramp and the poweramp had 2 channels. Not that this is a make or break situation, but is the single powered output the only output I can run to my non-powered matrix cabs?

    I have a Matrix NL212 that is can be hooked up in stereo, but the way it looks, I can only run mono from the powered head.

    Thank you