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    Very accurate review. Convenience "is" the main feature. Sound is good, software is ok, but being able to take a guitar, the Waza setup and a ipad/cellphone, and jam out anywhere is a very attractive feature for me. I don't regret the purchase.

    I got one of these and it's a great practice tool. The 3D surround stuff is something I tunr off, but BT streaming of jam tracks and the wireless both work fine. It sounds like a Katana but in your head.

    Own both, love both. I've been warmly received in both forums. Key is to not be negative, what's the point. It bring the fanboys out on any forum. (Got to justify my own purchases/decisions=O)

    Plenty of good people on both forums wanting to help. A few jerks on both as well.

    As far as ease of use, both have pro's and cons. the AXE is undeniably more flexible, has an editor, and better floorboard integration, (easy now, JMHO) You can modify an amp as you would in real life and make Frankenstein amps that don't exist, or would burn up.

    The KPA is a matter of finding your tone through lots of profiles, or as it was intended, profiling your own amps. For those of us that never owned any of these, it can be rabbit hole. But years of KPA ownership, have made my education in what amps I prefer much more narrow. Limiting your choices as difficult as it may seems, can leave you playing more music and less profile surfing.

    My plan is to keep them both and have fun.

    Saw that. My DG80 head(bought damage combo and made it into a head) is in my basement. That amp through a Marshall cab with 2 of the Celestion 100's that came stock in a combo is very interesting as a profiling project.

    Now you have me thinking about it. I'd need to buy or borrow some mic's.

    And I thought I had enough projects on my plate!||

    I did port them to my AXE3 and after adjusting the output level and amp input trim they sound huge if not accurate. I'll have to spin some CDs to compare. Haven't listened to Savatage in a bit. Have discovered Avantasia and Edguy though. If you like symphonic metal, check them out. Same singer, but Avantasia is a little like TSO with multiple famous metal singers playing characters. Geof Tate, Michael Kiske, Roy Khan, etc.

    Had the same EXACT experience! I found I had to paused between actuations of PRESET up or down. If I quickly pressed the remote button too soon, i could get it to freeze up as yours did.. Pulling the power chord or shutting down the UPS that mine is on allowed it to reinitialize the KPA.

    Mine freezes if I use preset up down on my remote too quickly. It causes the remote to reboot and locks the KPA from doing anything, including turning off via the main switch. If I power cycle the unit via removing power(pull plug or shut off power strip-> UPS) it comes back normal.

    I haven't used my remote for over a year due to the KPA being on my studio desk, so this is news to me. Don't know how long it's been like this.

    Updated OS from a thumbdrive. Left it alone for 10-15 minutes, then installed 2.3.1 RM, no issues. i left that alone until it found all my rigs.

    I haven't tried any of the feature yet but. I wouldn't call myself an advanced user. It stays at my studio desk and I usually play one profile at a time.

    So far, so good.

    The DG60 was a DG Stomp in an amp and you're correct, it was noisy. The DG80, DG100 212, and the DG130H were a different beast. The 60 came with or without effects.

    I've owned 2 DG80s. One I gave to my adult son as he needed a good amp as he progressed as a guitar player. The second one was made into a head, by a friend of mine. It's still a great sounding amp for its era of Digital amps. Of course, then there is the story of Allan Holdsworth using 2 of them live, back in the day.

    Yamaha has always made great stuff, but with very questionable marketing strategies.

    Dude, this profile pack is a personal favorite. The AlNiCo cab just put it over the top. I have a Ibby S920 that I yanked the active PuPs out of and installed a DMZ Tone Zone and Air Norton set. LRS Fndr BM V M65 09 is just killer with this guitar. Growls, snarls, and sings all at once. May not sound a great with a different guitar, but man oh man with this one..Shoooboy!