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    Hi Max,

    SL Plexi- There are a ton of plexi Marshall-type profiles in the Rig Exchange. Don't be afraid to also search out the "boutique" versions of these amps. For example, 3rd Power makes some great Marshall-sounding amps. Most of the commercial profilers have free/sample packs and some of these may contain examples of any of the 3 amps you are looking for. I won't make a specific recommendation on a Plexi because there are so many, and the range of tones and gain is going to make selecting one a matter of your rig, your taste, etc. I have downloaded and then discarded many. But, I bet you find so many that you have a difficult time deciding which ones are the "best". :)

    For you Roland Jazz Chorus, I can strongly recommend ERIKS LEGACY CLEAN 4 in the Rig Exchange. It sounds superb (and even better in stereo) and has a few effects included in the profile. For your Clean Rhythm tone, you can add or modify the effects, and then just turn off the effects you don't want. Keep in mind, you can use one rig and just turn the effects on and off (remembering that you can assign several effects to one button, or use morph to turn some on, turn some off, turn some down a little, turn some up a little, etc. Or you can save the two different rigs and/or slots.

    Bogner Ecstasy - For the most part, I am going to have to leave that one to the folks that are more knowledgeable about this specific amp, but I really like the Bogner Ecstasy profiles that are in Michael Britt's Pack 2. I am using his Bogner Ecstasy Ch2 N2, with a few small tweaks, as my "big screaming rock solo" profile.

    Regarding both the Marshall and the Bogner: If you find a Lead sound you like, you can lower the gain on the profile and maybe get a great, complimentary rhythm sound. You will likely have to increase the volume depending on how much you lower the gain and may want to tweak around on the amp parameters. If you find the Rhythm profile you like, you could try raising the gain to get a Lead tone, but in my experience, this does not work very well. BUT, you could experiment with the various Distortion and Boost Stomps to get the Rhythm profile to be a complimentary Lead profile. Of course, you can save each of these profiles, tweaked or not, as separate rigs and/or slots in Performance mode, or morph between the original profile and your tweaks, which ever fits your workflow or way of doing things.

    I checked out the suggestions made prior to my post and all were great, and I am sure you will get more great suggestions.

    If you find the Plexi(s) you like, I would really be interested in knowing what it, or they, are. :!::!:

    Good luck in your search,



    I was "mislead" ^^ by the post where the OP wrote "I wasn't trying to achieve a morphing effect " .

    I would add to paults's great advice to check the Morph Rise Time and Fall Time in the Rig Menu. This will affect how quickly the effects come on or turn off.

    While in the rig you are trying to use, hold down the Lock button and see if you have anything locked. The buttons of any locked items will be lit when you hold the Lock button down. Press the lit buttons to unlock.

    No way of knowing if this is the problem, but am trying to help you figure it out.

    Thanks Michael, I will save the "problem" performances in a folder in RM. That way I can quickly "fix" them.

    The snag for me is, I don't take my computer to gigs, so I won't have that option at a gig.

    Thanks for the input and maybe someone else will chime in.


    Yeah, I have a "Basic Rig" performance that I can always fall back, and indeed, use most of the time (okay, I confess, I have 3 "Basic Rig" performances: still working that option anxiety out!). I have a couple of other performances that have song specific rigs, that is, they have settings not included in my Basic Rig performance.

    And then I have several Amp specific performances: Favorite Deluxes, Favorite Voxs, Favorite Marshalls, Favorite Champs, etc.

    Yes, it has died down for me. But initially, I felt like I had every option in the world. I did some gigs where I was thinking "is this as good as it could be or would that be better ". I think after a few months of experimenting, and most importantly, doing some gigs with it, you will narrow things down to what you like. Having said that, I still tweak and am always listening to new profiles, but the tweaking is, figuratively, within a smaller set of parameters.

    I know the most important thing is to make a living and play music, but I recommend enjoying the "honeymoon" period of getting to know the options.

    Hi and thanks in advance for any help. Describing everything that is going on would be a LOT of text, so I'll be brief and then answer any specific questions as they come up:

    With my latest two performances, the rigs are randomly changing slots. I have saved them, of course, but when I come back to those performances, whether during the same session, or after the Profiler has been rebooted, the rigs "move" themselves to different slots. All of the rigs are there, but they are are not in the slots I originally put them in. Sometimes the names of the slots change, which is confusing. I have moved them back into the correct slots, saved them, and still get the same result.

    I have tried loading and moving the rigs/performances directly on the Profiler, and using Rig Manager, with the same results.

    Is there something in my workflow that I am missing? Is is possibly related to the Profiler and RM not syncing correctly?

    Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

    Oh, and by the way, this is not happening with older performances.



    Try loading the rig you want in Slot 2 with all the effects on. Then copy Slot 2 into Slot 1. Turn off the effects that you don't want in Slot 1 ( you can do that by either turning off each effect individually, or by turning off the entire stomps or effects section(s), by pressing the STOMPS and/or EFFECTS button(s).

    Then, press store 3 times.

    Try searching Vox, Voice, Dr. Z, Dr Z, Maz, Wreck, Trainwreck, etc. in RM. There are a BUNCH of profiles. Also search Brian Carl in the RM. He has a handful of free profiles that would be perfect to put your Paisley drive in front of. Also, there are at least a couple of commercial profilers that have great Paisley-type profiles; can't mention them here or the thread will get moved.

    Good luck, and let us know if you find anything particularly great!

    Hey jchamp,

    A while back, I looked for a solution and, well I gave up. But, you may want to take up the mantle. There are expression to midi converters out there and I found one company, Source Audio that makes a midi expression pedal. I don't know anything about midi, so like I said, I gave up.

    Also, be sure and check your spam for a reply from Kemper support. I've noticed many users have complained about no response, when the reply was in their spam. And that's not meant to imply that you were complaining.

    If you have any luck or breakthroughs, please report back.