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    isn't one of the main selling arguments for the Kemper that we can use EXACTLY the sounds we use on our recordings also in a live situation?

    Consider if you really want the same sound live as you do when recording. Many of the artists that used crazy amounts of gear live, like stacks of cabs/amp, or ridiculous amounts of rack mounted gear and switchers and load boxes, and slaved amps, etc., ect., used a Fender Champ, or Roland Cube to get the sounds we love on the recordings.

    Yeah, I am monitoring with my Xitone MBritt at fairly close range at home. So that may be why I liked the low pass at ~ 3k. For me, playing in bands with other gtrs, keys, etc., probably much more important to tame the lows.

    I realize you asked @Wheresthedug, but I thought I would offer my two pennies worth.

    I have used the Kemper direct to FOH with many different PAs and engineers. I check the main out-12dB box on page one of the output menu. And every time, have gotten either a literal two thumbs up, or the equivalent, from the engineers.

    I haven't played a live gig since the advent of the high cut / low cut output filter, but would suggest (if you are only playing standard tuned electric guitar through your Kemper), set the low cut 80-100 Hz and high cut 3k - 8k. I realize that is a wide range but if possible you can fine tune during the show. Most likely, the engineer will compensate at FOH and you won't have to. I have mine set to 100Hz and 3.5k, but have yet to test it though a full blown PA. If you also play acoustic guitar, steel guitar, mandolin, baritone, etc. through your Kemper, you may have to widen out that output filter.

    Regarding the main output eq, I leave that flat so that if the engineer tells me I need to adjust, I can use that eq. Remember that it is global but only for the main outs.

    I would definitely use the monitor eq to get what you need onstage. One thing I do fairly often if using wedges is cut lows and boost treble or presence in the monitor mix to be able to hear myself without being loud or muddying up the sound on stage.

    1) Your biggest issue is choice

    This is a great point.

    As soon as possible and maybe before you even buy, decide "how many different tones do I need?". Hopefully that number is small. Initially, concentrate on getting that/those sounds. That will give you a specific focus, because like V8guitar alluded to, there are an infinite number of options with the Kemper. And doing/focusing on those sounds will get you familiar with the unit in a more organized way than just being overwhelming with the possibilities. BUT, once you get a handle on the sounds that you know you need right now, go crazy and experiment.

    So to cut to the end, the Kemper Remote is not going to be able to be used 1:1 like your previous rig. So if that is a deal breaker, I can save you a lot of time. ;)

    If you do want to get as close as possible:

    OK, that will active or deactivate a given effect within the existing rig. How can I call up a different FX preset without changing rigs?

    You will have to assign each group of effects to a different button on the Remote. Just to be clear, you can assign multiple effects to each Remote button and you can toggle them all on/off or you can toggle some off and some on.

    For example,

    1) The tuner can be controlled with the tuner button on the remote, you can set it to mute in the menu.

    2) Slapback delay w/ a touch of reverb – assign the slapback delay to X and touch of reverb to MOD. Save them to be off initially. Assign them to Remote button I.

    3) 3 dB boost – Not sure yet if you want this pre or post, but for a volume boost only, assign the Pure Booster to REV, save it to be off, and assign it to Remote button II. For a gain boost, assign it to ABCorD.

    4) Etc. Etc.

    And any of these can be controlled by Morph. For instance, you can set the Pure Boost to be on with a volume of 0 and then Morph to your desired volume.

    In your above scenario, you would have to have the following effects saved in ABCD and/or X, MOD, DLY, REV:

    Slapback Delay

    Touch of Reverb

    3dB Boost

    Mid-boosted EQ


    Prominent Delay



    Upper Mid Boosted EQ



    Subtle Chorus

    Not-so-subtle chorus

    Light Delay

    Light Reverb

    2dB Boost

    Heavy Mid Boost


    As you can see, there are 8 places to assign effects in each rig. Assuming you need each of those reverbs, delays, EQs to be different, then you would need 18 places to store them. That would be a minimum of 3 rigs to accommodate your effects. There are 5 rigs per performance.

    So again, if that is a deal breaker, we can stop now.

    Respectfully, I can tell that you don't want to read the manual and spend time figuring all of this out, and that is perfectly cool: you just want to get to work! It might be much more expedient to let me know very specifically where you want the effects (pre or post stack) and what buttons you want them assigned to on the Remote, and I can set up and send you a Performance that is a close as possible to what you want.

    Using the Kemper, the effects and stomps are not independent of the amp/stack. A rig is a combination of the amp/stack and whatever specific effects and settings have been set up in that rig. You can turn the effects on and off in various combinations using the remote. You can Morph parameters with a button or an expression pedal.

    And you cannot change the amp/stack in a rig: you have to switch to a different rig or slot. Although you can Morph the amp parameters in a rig.

    So, we probably cannot get the Kemper to function exactly like your prior rig. But I am willing to work with you to get as close a possible.

    Somebody once said "Life is just a bunch of workarounds.". :)