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    If I am understanding the discussion of volume compensation/leveling, it appears that overdrives into distorting profiles will yield more distortion and very little or no volume increase as the overdrive volume is increased above 0.

    This also appears to be the case when using the Pure Booster. And, for my use, that is AWESOME!

    Thank you so much!

    Regarding the Kemper not behaving like an amp when turning your guitar volume down: It is possible this is due to the guitar. The type of pickups, the type of pots, any treble bleed network, and possibly other factors, will affect that.

    Also, this is a great thread. Thank you to all that have contributed.

    Related to the other thread discussing potential second morphing:

    :?: Using the Remote, could the Kemper send a MIDI signal to itself? For instance, could an expression pedal be assigned to send on channel 7, which I think is the control for delay volume, to control delay volume? And if not, is there some kind of MIDI hardware that would allow this?

    I have an extremely limited knowledge about the use of MIDI, so please correct me if I have used the wrong terminology.

    3. Bedroom volume tone does not equal live tone. I have rigs that sound awful quiet but amazing cranked.

    Agreed. And, I have had the opposite happen also: rigs that sounded great in my headphones, FRFR, and ear monitors had way too much top and/or bottom when cranked through a PA.

    Another consideration for new users: I have come around from the school of ,"if the rig isn't quite right, find a rig that is" to " if the rig is close, then tweak it to what I want".

    I think two factors lead me to that change:

    I realized that profiles that someone else could make sound amazing, did not sound as great with my rig, me playing, etc., etc. And believe me, I really really tried.

    And, I've finally worked enough with the Kemper to grasp what most of the setting do and realized I knew how to manipulate things to my liking.

    A zero volume setting on the Green Scream is not necessarily unity because the volume of the pedal is also affected by the drive and mix settings.

    There has been a recent update that does something about volume leveling, but in all of my reading here, I can't understand what it really does. Maybe someone who does understand will contribute here, and maybe that new function will help with getting things at unity (??).

    When I am onstage, I have one expression pedal to control volume after the stack and before the delays and reverbs, like a master volume. I have one expression pedal to control the delay volumes, using Morph. I use two delays and use a button on the Remote to toggle between the two.

    Scenario 1 -- I would like to control the delay volume independently with an expression pedal and also be able to use Morph (either with a button, or ideally, with a 3rd expression pedal) to engage the Pure Booster, located before the Stack, and simultaneously bring the amp volume down the the level it was prior to engaging the Pure Booster.

    Senario 2 -- In another slot, I would like to use Morph to vary the mix level, volume, and tone of a Distortion while maintaining independent expression pedal control of delay level.

    Stated another way; I want to be able to control delay level, with an expression pedal, and also be able to use Morph. And yes, absolutely, I am trying to use one performance slot for similar/related sounds instead to changing to a different slot or performance.

    Speaking only for my use case:

    Having global control of reverb parameters, etc. would be useful, but would not need to be controlled by an expression pedal.

    What I would like to see is a way to control the delay level, using the Kemper remote, with an expression pedal, in each slot of a performance, without having to use the existing morphing. As it stands now, I have to use morphing to control the delay level and; therefore, am not able to use morphing for anything else. And the delay level control needs to be tweakable for each rig or slot in each performance...and for each delay in a rig or performance (like it is now using morphing). Having expression pedal control of the delay level only would be great, and if the control could be extended to other delay parameters (the way it is currently is using morphing), that would be even better.

    Thank you for considering this.

    I can't access the video, or even see which song it is, so I'm not sure of the exact sound you are looking for.

    YMMV but here are the settings I use:

    Kemper Phaser

    Rate 4.0 ( or 2 bars if using tap tempo)

    Depth 5.5

    Manual 4.5

    Feedback 0

    Peak Spread 0

    Stages 4

    Stereo 0

    Mix 40%

    Ducking 0

    Volume +1

    positioned prior to the stack it sound grittier...after the stack it is smoother

    Just an update: loading the OS sent to me by Support seems to have fixed the skipping issue. From my communication with Support, it appears they are working to fix this.

    I am really glad this thread was started. I just assumed the behavior I was experiencing was normal.