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    Hey jon9max, I finally listed to Bicycle, and yea, your are right, the delay setup I was suggesting isn't what you are looking for. Just like you stated: you need a note to hold and then play over the top of it. I do a similar thing at the beginning of Copperhead Road, to simulate the drone of the bagpipes.

    You're best bet is to use the delay freeze, but it's going to take some working out of the timing, and when to freeze/unfreeze.

    When you figure out the timing, you can set the morph function to ramp up and down at a specific number of beats or measures, which might nail it without having to unfreeze the delay by stepping on a switch.

    By the way, for you or anyone else that might make use of the type of setting I was going for, you can set the note values at 1/8, 1/4, 1/4 dot, and 1/2 and all of the note volumes at 10 for a more straight time harmony build up. And of course should change the intervals to make the harmony you need such as Unison, +3rd, +5, and +1 Octave for a straight up diatonic harmony.

    Good luck and keep us posted regarding what you come up with.



    jon9max, I have a tune where I use the Melody Harmonic delay to do something similar to what you are asking about (it's not Bicycle Race), but you should be able to modify it for your purpose. One difference is, you will play and hold the first note, and the delays will play the additional notes of the chord/harmony.

    Mix 100% or more

    Feedback 3%

    Low Cut 100 Hz

    High Cut 2.5 kHz

    Note Value 1 1/8

    Note Value 2 1/8 dot

    Note Value 3 1/4

    Note Value 4 1/4 dot

    Interval 1 +10th

    Interval 2 Unison

    Interval 3 +3rd

    Interval 4 +5th

    Vol 1 5.5

    Vol 2 10

    Vol 3 5.0

    Vol 4 5.0

    Pan 1 -100

    Pan 2 +100

    Pan 3 -100

    Pan 4 +100

    Stereo 100%

    Key (I have this set at Am for my purpose; I am playing notes in the Am scale)

    Formant shift -5.0 (futz with this, it's kinda weird)

    All other parameters are at 0.

    Again, these are just my settings for a specific song but, with a few tweaks, you should be able to get something similar to what you were requesting. Just remember, you play and hold the first note and let the delay "play" the additional notes.


    Oh, and BTW, use the ducking parameter if you are going to play faster passages. If you need to do this, the ducking (ha, missed typed that word the first time, glad I caught it!) feature will keep the faster passages from being a garbled mess. I get my best results by picking the faster part harder and then lightening up on the last/longer notes or even playing the last note staccato. And I apologize if you know how ducking works and I just over-explained.

    So, just had a run through with the freebies ( and thank you very much for you generosity).

    LOTS of variety in amps, tones, gain, etc.

    My personal picks (with my tele) are:

    Loneclean Clean Warm


    Deluxe Pusheed

    Motor City Maggie

    Ampig X

    Orange Graphic

    Randy HG Lead

    Mamba Lead - this is a great lead/solo tone, stored it right away

    Angel (ha! more like Demonic)

    Is the Mamba Lead profile from the SalvadoX99 Pack? If not, which pack is it in?

    Thanks Mattfig!

    To dovetail with what Wheresthedug and sjstrick stated above, you will likely get different frequency responses from different cabs, whether "FRFR" or guitar cabs. Keep in mind that you can independently EQ the monitor out without affecting the sound sent to FOH.

    I have done this in the past, not only to compensate for some undesirable results from rented/borrowed cabs, but also to make the stage cab/monitor cut better in a band situation.

    Try putting the delay after the stack. You can then, in the delay section, choose pre or post stack for the delay. You can also further eq the delay in the delay section if you like.

    Also, somewhere, I saw a cool trick where someone put the phaser and flanger on the same remote button for this song, so that he could toggle between the two effects. Just FYI.

    I saw this recommended a while back: Mackie SRM150 5.25-Inch Compact Active PA System

    It's about $250. As I was searching regarding the Mackie, I noted that there were several similar units that were cheaper, Behringer, et al.

    I have a set of Bose speakers, that I think I initially bought to be used with a computer (several years ago so I don't really remember). I now use them for my television and they sound great with the TV. So, I thought, with a TRS to RCA cord, I could use them as a small practice set up. It worked but the sound was not great. Just FYI.

    No pedals for me with the Kemper.

    And I have a huge, ridiculous pedal board, along with a smaller, grab and go type pedal board, but one of the major reasons I got the KPA, was to have an all-in-one solution.

    So, I played around with this: in the Rig Menu, I tried several configurations of tempo enable and lock tempo. I even tried locking the tempo enable unchecked. But, as I assume y'all have surmised, as soon as you press the tap tempo button, all revert to tap tempo. Don't have time right now to delve in further but there may be a way (read "work around").

    Thanks also. I had a similar wierd situation where I had assigned something (couldn't figure out what it was; maybe delay freeze) to a switch, and then changed effects. Well, that button still retained the assignment, the white light would still come on when I stepped on the button, but did not change anything. And I could not figure out how to get rid of it.

    But now I do!