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    One of the many things I’ve loved about the Kemper is my ability to audition amps I’d otherwise rarely play. I’m about the farthest thing from a metal player one can imagine (short of a jazzer) but, thanks to the Kemper, I’ve found I really gravitate toward recent Mesa amps. I’ve dug the Tone Junkie and Top Jimi Mark V packs and love Tone Junkie’s Lone Star pack. I’ve actually been debating picking up a Triple Crown 50 for my cover band work and so was delighted that HW just released that pack, covering all channels at varying levels of gain, across all 3 tube types.

    Long story short: it’s superb, clean to mean! I thought I’d set up the cleans with 6L6s and the higher gain with EL34s, something you can’t do with the actual amp, but found that the EL34 cleans were fantastic as well. (I could do an entire gig with the EL34 clean 1 3 profile at varying levels of gain.)

    I normally gig with a performance that includes rigs from Fender, Dumble, Mesa and Marshall, but the TC is every bit as workable. Setting up performances with the latest version of RM was even more frustrating than in the past. But the results from this pack make it all worth the hassle.

    I just ran through my favorite clean tones. I like Mbritt’s JM CLN in the Dumble pack and Tone Junkie’s Suhr Bella 2 & 3, but my go to now is Tone Junkie’s Lone Star pack, esp. channel 1, #3 and #4.

    How many of you use an external looper even though you have the looper on the Kemper Remote? I've been making do with the latter for a while now but find the inability to quickly switch Performance rigs while in looper mode and the lack of an easy looper volume adjustment to be limitations, so am thinking of pulling the Pigtronix from my board and using that. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity!

    I’ve had great results with commercial profiles and have several great packs from Mbritt and Tone Junkie. That said, my go-to profiles these days are the Wylde Bassmn E and I from the RE. Simply magical for edge-of-breakup tones with single coils!

    I too struggle with a mismatch between how my rigs are named on the remote and how they appear on the profiler. My guess--I'll need to slow down to verify this--is that this occurs when I move rigs around within a given performance, so #2 above. I'll try simply creating performances on the profiler, but can't help but feel this is a big loss, given how much longer it takes to enter names that way. Love my Kemper more every day, but this is truly frustrating.

    Support suggested I send a backup of the system from before I manually restored one or both of the missing rigs, which unfortunately I don't have. I've been thinking user error may play a role in this, but here's the funny thing. When I opened RM last night to set up some performances for an upcoming gig, the 'lost' rigs were there under their original names, earlier in the chronologically-ordered list of rigs than their replacements. It's as though something happened--perhaps during the freeze-ups, perhaps not--to rename/reorder the rigs without actually erasing them. At this point I'm just going to soldier on and hope that it doesn't happen again.

    I heard back from support (very quickly, I might add). They asked, understandably, whether the rigs might not have just disappeared from Favorites but not from All Rigs. Unfortunately, they disappeared entirely from the latter. (I should probably check to see that they weren't somehow renamed in a very different way.) Truly odd!