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    nottoohigh - just wanted to say thanks. Just got mine in today and couldn't update the OS. Everything I tried caused it to hard freeze and I had to keep unplugging the power. Followed your steps and everything worked.

    Nice to know thanks! a bit sad that 3 years on these "workarounds" are still needed, but oh well.... Still a great device to have in my rig!

    as can be seen from the link at the bottom of every page, this new forum is powered by WoltLab's forum system. And WoltLab's own forum looks like this:

    Pretty much just like the new kemper forum except different colours. So I think apart from possibly having colour/theme choices in future, we will have to learn to live with this new layout and functionality, so long as they remain using the WoltLab system.

    Agree with overall sentiment that seems to be "we prefer the old look". Granted new look is probably a little more modern (old look wasn't that dated though...), and in keeping with current web design styles. But still I did find the old forum easier to navigate and easier on the eyes as well.

    Thanks for all the replies! Being I'm such a cheapskate, I'd much rather mod a used Cry Baby than buy a Mission. Much cheaper, and I have used a soldering iron a time or two. :)

    Excellent choice me thinks!

    By the way, the standard pot that comes in any cry baby type wah has a plastic gear piece that slides over the long shaft of the pot. This gear piece (with "teeth") can be removed once you take off the little metal clip that holds it in place, then you can reuse that gear piece with the off-the-shelf linear 10K pot that you buy.

    One caveat, the inside hole of the gear piece is semi-circular (sort of moon shaped, not 100% circle, see picture below).

    [Blocked Image:]

    So the linear 10K pot that you buy needs to have a similar flat side on the shaft and also a longish shaft as well to match. But it should not be hard to find such pots at electronics supplies stores. That pot shown above is a picture from Thomann's website and they charge over 14 euros for that pot, but it is made for wahs. A generic linear 10K should only cost a couple bucks at most.

    As @Burkhard has noted, the Mission pedal will feel like a cry baby. In fact, from a physical and internal point of view, it is pretty much exactly a cry baby enclosure and mechanism, so it would be as close as you can get to a real cry baby for a commercially bought exp pedal.

    and as @V8guitar noted, you can quite easily build your own using an old cry baby. If you are even just slightly handy with a soldering iron, buy a cheap old crybaby on the bay and convert it into an expression pedal with instructions here. I've done one myself and feel it sounds, works and feels to all intents and purposes exactly like my real cry baby wah.

    The key mod though is to replace the cry baby's pot with a 10K linear pot so that you can get a fully usable range and sweep on the pedal.

    Awesome tone and hand ! Can yoy talk more about your rig? Thanx

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Rig for this recording was:

    - Suhr Classic Pro direct into Kemper
    - KPA using S/PDIF out into Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 interface, and also KPA direct out into one of the Scarlett line inputs
    - Scarlett 6i6 into iMac running Logic Pro X
    - S/PDIF gives a stereo output, so I record 2 tracks in Logic to capture full stereo signal, plus 1 more track for the DI signal, in case I want to re-amp later (which in the case of this recording, I did not re-amp)

    And that was pretty much it!

    Here's my cover of Satch's Ten Words from his Super Colossal album.

    If anyone is interested, I can share the KPA profile I used for the lead guitar parts. It's kinda sorta a rough approximation (IMHO) of the tone Satch used on this song, if it was played with a single coil guitar. Used a free profile off the rig exchange with a few tweaks and stomps added.

    In that case, you could use this:

    [Blocked Image:]

    Above is from Thomann.

    So main outs from Kemper L and R go into corresponding inputs on Ditto X4 using standard guitar (TS) cables. Then from Ditto X4 you use the above cable to go into your Mission which as I understand it has a single stereo input.

    that way your Ditto can get the full stack signal from the Kemper, so each loop will record everything the kemper outputs, effects and all, and in full glorious stereo too (added bonus kemper delays sound awesome if they are taking advantage of stereo).

    This is how I wire up my Ditto X4 except I'm going into a mixer first so so I can just use 2 TS cables, but with your Mission, I believe above cable is all you will need.

    I forgot where can I adjust that? Also can I change the way the push activate works so it doesn't disengage so easy?

    You will need to remove the base of the pedal and unscrew the pedal switch slightly by loosening the nut that holds it from outside the pedal, at the part underneath the rocking top of the wah. Then you will see from the inside of the pedal that the switch has a nut on the inside that you adjust to set the height of the amount of the switch that extends out of the body of the pedal.

    You want less switch extending out so it will take a slightly harder stomp onto the pedal to engage and disengage the switch. You might need some experimentation to get it just right. Hope that all made sense!

    Regarding wah parameters: be sure you calibrated the pedal in the system menu page for that pedal input. That may help with the sweep becoming more natural. Also try downloading the wah presets that others have posted on the forum ( just search for wah presets) and try a different preset. You might get a better sweep that suits what you want that way.

    Can you post 2 sound samples for us to soundcloud: first being the kemper through your cab, just record it on smartphone mic if that's all you have (or if possible, put a studio mic in front of the cab and record into your interface), and second being the recorded sound that you felt was thin and crappy.

    The problem I have is it's not just replacing, it's actually deleting that rig, and replacing it with the new profile, while somehow merging the effects. I don't want to delete and replace anything, so this has me very puzzled.

    Yup, I have the exact same issue as you but it didn't happen from day 1 of getting the profiler and making profiles. Initially it was fine, as in this issue didn't occur. Then one day doing some new profiles it started happening and wouldn't go away (on its own, ha ha!).

    So rather than worry too much about it, what I did to workaround it is create a "dummy" performance called "Profiling Amps" and always have that performance as the last loaded performance when I am about to profile an amp. that way, the rig that gets replaced in the performance slot isn't one that I actually care about.

    I chose to workaround this oddity because other than that issue, the rest of my KPA seems to be perfect. Hope that helps for you!