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    Sorry, hard to explain this question in the Subject. I love love love my Kemper and been experimenting more and more with the looper. I would love to record a loop with my octave down turned on which I have set so that you only hear the pitched down octave. This turns my guitar into essentially a bass for me to play bass lines with. I really want to record a loop playing a bass line using the octave down effect, then once it's recorded, turn off the octave down effect so that I can then solo with my guitar over top. Is that possible? Every time I try, all my effects effect the loop as well.

    Thanks all.

    Btw, I pmed George. He clarified for me - that JMP* profile was only a single one from that amp because it was a friend's amp who only let him borrow it for a short period of time and he only had a chance to wring one killer profile out of it in his limited time with the amp. Anyways, the more I play it lately with a LP / PAF pups, it's my absolute top favorite plexi profile not only of his but anything commercial I've tried (which is a lot) - it really sounds and feels like a really great vintage jmp head. To me through my xitone Mbritt cab, it shames TopJimi and Mbritt and TAF and ToneJunkie plexi profiles, can't say enough good things.

    my point was that there is nothing wrong about uploading one outstanding Profile instead of a few dozen ones to sift through.

    agree, though I never said there was anything wrong if it was intentional. Just that the one jmp profile was so amazingly vintage rock crunchy, I couldn't imagine a couple others with
    either a bit more volume (gain) or less volume would have been a total wash. Just seemed strange to offer a snapshot of an amazing sounding amp at only one setting / one profile. I can manually add or subtract gain on my Kemper obviously but you guys all know, it's not the same as that amp profiled accordingly. :) I got nothing but amazing props for the guy, I LOVE his plexis (his fenders don't do it for me), for my ears, they destroy the MBritts and topjimis and others... and had so many days where perusing profiles turned into several hours of sweat pouring classic rock noodling on a couple Alayon plexis profiles... which led me to yearn for more of that jmp :)

    Just as the title states. After buying a ton of commercial profiles, I stumbled back upon my George_Alayon profiles which are far better than the majority of my commercial marshall profiles. I have one that is named "76 Marshall JMP*". It sounds awesome... but I only have a single profile from this set and can't seem to find where I got it from as it's not listed on the Rig Exchange and I really would love the others (if there are any) from his JMP. Anyone know where this profile came from or how to get the others? Thanks!

    It's overwhelming how many factors go into "getting your sound". I agree with the testament that our hands create the tone but with all the factors that the kemper presents and this MBritt cab it's starting to feel like the hands are hung out to dry when the amp/cab just isn't sounding sweet.

    I really want to love this cab but I think it's making it hard for to dial in an authentic feeling guitar cab character. Maybe I was wrong in purchase thinking that I could get it to sound like a guitar cab.

    • First off, the Xitone Mbritt has a ton of bass which is great at band volumes, taxing and a bit annoying at low to mid volumes in smaller rooms. I found putting it on an amp stand (separating it from the ground) and open back, it sounds wonderful now at low to mid volumes. Problem solved, or that fixed it perfectly for me.
    • I hear you, it's again all about the profiles for me and I've been through a ton. The TopJimi Tweed fender profiles (especially low powered ones) sound outstanding through the xitone mbritt and really trick me into thinking I hear a real cab, mid volume or full on keep up with a loud drummer. At low to mid volume, the xitone tweeter I think sounds great. At band levels, I do have to tame it just a tad on the Kemper when going dsp mode 1 or 2. The mbritt profiles sound like a blanket is over them ironically to me anyways, EXCEPT at full band volume where their lack of high end works well with most FRFR speakers. Also the George Alayon plexis sound outstanding with a little taken off the treble end through my xitone mbritt at all volumes. I've jammed with a very loud drummer a few times and was able to easily hear myself AND cut through when I wanted to. The drummer who I've brought hand wired plexis and other tube amps around who never seemed to care even commented on his own how great the xitone mbritt sounded. That extra bottom end on tap really fills the room quite well at volume which fell off for me and the DXR10 previously.

    Hey, just saw your note. I used an instrument cable, it's all that's necessary. So I totally forgot about the bass. The first time I plugged in I was like, what the hell the bass is so overpowering. That's how it plays in a smaller room sitting close to it with it on the ground. I put mine on a short amp stand and it resolved my bass issues. The bass is great to have in a bigger space that you need to fill. I like the first or second setting on the amp. I found I don't need to adjust any eq settings with it on a stand in a small room.

    Hi all,

    I have some incredible Fender profiles (the TopJimi fender tweeds blow me away every single time I play them) but looking to nail the tone in John Mayer's "Out Of My Mind" specifically the Where the Light Is version.

    Any ideas? I'm guessing that's a TwoRock type amp he's using on this track? Anyone with any luck tracking this tone down?

    Mine took about 10 weeks, it was a brutal wait as originally Mick told me 4-5 weeks. That all being said, I've had mine for 3 or 4 weeks and my search is absolutely over. Had tried a ton of options and I too liked DXR10 best but also wanted more. Mbritt xitone totally delivered, can't say enough good things.

    Hi all, I contacted TAF about this with no response. On their 2nd YouTube sample video listed with session guitar player Jake Wilson, they list his profile as a vibrolux but their site only shows a vibroverb as being available (see at 1:02

    ). Was this just a typo and they meant vibroverb? Also, does anyone know if all the vibroverb profiles on TAF (vintage and rare pack vs individually sold vibroverb) are the same?

    I used to have an EVM12L in an Avatar 112 cab. The loudness is pretty similar, EVM will obviously have a bigger low end because it's an EVM12L and is a 12 inch speaker but I wouldn't be worried about the DXR10 holding it's own in a live situation UNLESS you are in a metal band with a very loud drummer and need a ton of chug punch. I would imagine in that situation where you need extreme volume levels and a ton of low end punch, the DXR10 MIGHT leave you wanting.