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    In fact, I'm not expecting anything EXTRA new from Kemper's point of view but fortunately for the guitars, manufacturers have moved a little out of the comfort zone in recent years. Stainless steel frets, more stable guitar necks (multiple wood and / or carbon fiber reinforcements), a wider selection of stock pickups, more quality hardtail bridges, compensated nuts and last but not least the quality of cheaper Indonesian and Chinese instruments seems to be improving.

    HNY to Choptones team!

    Your new site looks good. The graphics of the two guitarist characters remain the same. :)

    There is nothing wrong with it, I just thought you would also replace it with something else in the name of the new platform.

    I am happy to see that there are new packages like the Bogie DR2F6L.

    A little note at first glance:

    If I set a filter from "date, new to old" it would not work properly because I see a package on the first page that is old (like the Yamhano T100 or Vocs 30C1 ) and the Bogna XTC just somewhere in the back, though on the previous site it was the latest studio package. The option to display up to 100 packages per page is missing.

    I wish you a good job in 2020!

    My first 3 memories of the band (FNM):


    I got (the photocopy only) this tablature (back then 1993, I was a teenager, the internet nowhere) and I felt like a huge king that I could pretty much play the rhythm parts. The part at 0:55 I've never practiced enough. :)


    I was a fan of Guns N' Roses (like every teenager in the early 90s) and it was a bit weird, but I loved it later.

    I also remember that they toured with the GNR back in 1992, they came to my country, unfortunately I wasn't there. MTV also had a report on this tour, I think I first saw the Midlife video then.


    Did you hear that there would be a third episode? With the original 2 main characters. Curious, I hope they don't screw it up.

    I remember when I purchased the first Blue Murder album. I listened to it so many many times. It is still a great album. The second one "nothing but trouble" was a dissapointment except for a few songs and after that I haven't heard anything about him until now. Must be something else if he postpone a record 20 years.

    By the end of 2014 the 'Brand New Day' album (formerly known as "Sy-Ops") was supposed to be ready for release. By this time the samples could be listened to.

    Sykes has always been known for working on his ideas for a long time and had other problems:

    "The album was expected early 2015 but due to certain business issues it was unable to be released, simply put the right people needed to be behind it. We now have the right people and they are on overdrive to get this out as soon as they can."

    "But then my manager died. With him I lost someone I could really trust. So I put the disc on ice and almost forgot it."

    "We regret to announce that our partnership with Golden Robot Records has ceased.

    Unfortunately after the signing, contractual agreements were unfulfilled by Golden Robot Records and there was little attempt to move things forward despite our best efforts and patience. When written contracts revert to unfulfilled verbal promises all integrity in a company becomes lost. We simply cannot work this way. We want the fans to understand that we are fully aware of the frustration this will cause. We now feel that the best course of action is to release the album under our own control." (2019)

    So it's complicated...

    After Blue Murder, he toured with Thin Lizzy, he had some contributions and there were a project that didn't work out.

    Sykes posted on his website: "The project I was putting together with Mike Portnoy didn't work out, and I wish him all the best for the future. I'm continuing to work on my new album, and I look forward to putting out some great new music in 2012."

    It became The Winery Dogs with Richie Kotzen...

    John Sykes is the archetype of hard rock guitarists. His bends and vibratoes are out of this world. (Zakk learned well from the master. :)) And as a songwriter I don't have to say how big ace ... just think of THE Whitesnake album ('87) or the Blue Murder below. If I can name only 3 guitarists among the determinants of the "second wave" of hard rock ('80s) he would be one of them. By the way he is better singer than many who would do just that. It's a shame he didn't release a studio album for 20 years. The material for 'Brand New Day' has been completed for years but it has been postponed year after year. According to the latest information it comes in 2020 but who knows ...

    Then I performed an experiment where I would record DIs both from Radial J48 DI-box and from my Kemper (it gets its signal from the THRU output of the DI-box). I noticed that the loudness of the DI from the Kemper is somehow ~2db lower

    Interesting. I think your sound is pretty close to Josh.

    This means that you have already done a reamp with the J48 box.

    Q: So far I've only done line output recordings with Kemper but I want to improve to be able to edit (and reamp) my (DI)recordings. I once made a reamp without a DI box only with my audio interface and the Kemper. The tone was the same (as I heard) but the gain was somehow less. I know the reamp sense feature is designed for this in Kemper but I think a DI box might work out better. I have no experience with this but in DI box-videos the DI signal is somehow "cleaner" and "tighter" as I hear it.

    As I see it the J48 has been called a kind of "industry standard". Do you think it's worth to get one? (I use active and passive pickups too)