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    You pay for those things. If you were getting your car done for free would you be angry if they asked to do it one day later?

    Actually Yes, and I do get my car serviced for free or they call it complimentary, since I bought the car through the dealership. But the delay would be a hassle because of my schedule. I also sometimes do complimentary/free work for people as well and I don't want them to value it any less because it's free:)

    Exactly! I am in this thread because I’m eagerly awaiting the editor which I can use! I don’t understand the people in this thread that have no desire or need for an editor, yet post? I’m not in the hundreds if not thousands of other threads posting in there? I just would like to see the editor! If I’m at a restaurant and my order is an hour late is that wrong of me to complain or ask politely where’s the food??? If my car is being serviced and they have to take me a day later is that wrong of me to ask why? or if I’m at a guns and roses show back in the 90s and the band is three hours late, is that wrong to complain By ripping the seats out and throwing them everywhere 😉😏

    I don't see much disrespect, only people excited for an editor that frankly is years overdue, a huge oversight. I love my Kemper and all the updates are incredible for such limited dsp power, killer reverbs, etc, but honestly I shouldn't even have to qualify my opinion in that regard. We know they do a "marvelous job".

    Indeed @Dimi

    I also don't understand what all these discussions are about.Completely useless..the editor will come any day now,tomorrow,on Tuesday maybe in 10 days,who cares..

    "Who Cares", actually people do care. I believe that's the whole point of this thread. If nobody cared there would be no thread, and there would be No editor. IF Nobody cared.;)

    Because nobody wants to see The end of world coming. ;)

    Thanks for the info. However, I will sacrifice myself to a T-Rex or any other creature from the Cretaceous, Triassic. Jurassic period JUST to see how the effect swapping works in RM3!!!!!:)

    Nine past midnight. Another week has slowly crept by while I survey the outside world around me through the cracks in the walls, looking for any signs of the editor being nearby. The only audible sound is that of the blood pumping through my veins, and my elevated heartbeat. The high register cleans up as I remove the PureCab setting and adjust the clarity and pick controls. The litany of anxiety-causing posts unrelated to the editor release grows larger by the day. I cower as an in-depth review of the Fractal III editor begins to autoplay in the open youtube tab in my browser. I quickly close it and put out the flame of my candle. I must wait for daybreak.

    Now your just plagiarizing John Grisham:evil:

    You say that, but just look at the complaints about the Stage running on early software. I wonder what happened to the acoustic sim slated for OS7?

    I hear you. I'd just be less likely to complain, if I did at all, if I knew I was using beta software.

    Thursday afternoon. The nervous sweat droplets fall from my furled brow as I anxiously pour over the last 4 pages of the editor thread. No new information. I give a heavy sigh as I close my browser and ask out loud how long a few more days actually is, to no one in particular. The tension in the air is palpable. The throws of owners are becoming restless. I pray that the constant patches and bugfix releases are enough to satiate the wild animals for another night. The bug of being unable to use Rig Manager to change patches while the Rack unit is in tuner mode has reared it's ugly head again. The sun begins to fall below the horizon as the anxiety takes hold of me once again. The morning will bring hope.

    Thank you Mr. Hemingway!....I mean McBarfson;)

    So, I'll chime in... They just released 2.3.14 today so I give it at least 2 weeks before 3.0/Editor is released. There's a reason they're not releasing this yet, I think it has to do with the couple of bugs in the Stage that they're having trouble with. I know I submitted a bug that apparently got fixed in 2.3.13/7.10 beta update.

    I doubt it. GString said, "we sincerely believe that it's better to invest a couple of additional days"...if he knew it were a couple of Weeks or even the end of October, I don't think he would've used the word "days". Especially how eager everyone is to get it.. Just my thoughts.