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    I believe that you can do this with any expression pedal.

    Please read up on this in the manual. Also, there are tons of guys who use this daily, hopefully they'll chime in.

    And just as a very quick test, change the loop config on the Kemper if you have the boost pedal in the loop to "Distortion". That probably will solve your immediate need.

    Yes, we have one basically permanently hooked up in the X slot stereo loop. Works really well and it is very noticeable. We have it set to 1 Dub, both Effect and Dry cranked and the Tightness you'll hear how much you like.

    The one thing is that the slight "jitter" that it adds to the 2nd guitar dub can be a little bit annoying when you want to keep a fast rhythm. We just bypass it during those times.

    A buddy of mine told me about Babymetal and while I still cannot believe that it is real and someone mashed thrash metal and J-pop together, I could not help but notice the double rack setup at 2:22 in this video:

    Even though it looks real, there is a chance that the whole video is photoshopped, size of the audience, makeup of the musicians, the Kempers themselves ;)

    Yes, Ratt was great! I am surprised you did not mention Round and Round, which was featured in The Wrestler, which - to me - happens to be the 2nd best Mickey Rourke movie after Angel Heart.

    If we are on the subject, I have to say that lately I am listening to L.A. Guns more and I really think they were pretty underappreciated back in their time. Just like you said with Lay It Down, you hear this and after 2 bars you know it is awesome non-apologetic 80s music:

    Great idea, I would buy one immediately if available.

    The competition is already there though, as we discussed here a lot, check out the Line6 HX Stomp. Small, light, can go straight to PA.

    I want that just with Kemper profiles. Hook the Kemper Stomp to the computer, load 10-20 profiles (with effects). Any configuration can be a menu diving one with very few knobs / buttons because people will not do it a lot.

    Edit: Just looked at the HX Stomp manual, very interesting, they show it as a "DSP Expansion" hooked up to a Kemper on page 9:…nual%20-%20English%20.pdf

    Where does the reamping process break?

    I assume that you have the DI signal recorded all good. (Not that it matters but I think you can use the front input for the guitar when recording DI, don't need to use the alt input on the back.)

    I am not sure about your interface and DAW config. I believe that your Kemper input config for reamp is correct. When you hit play in the DAW, can you see the input LED blink on the Kemper?

    If yes, can you hear the reamped signal through headphones?

    I would say, if you have to use headphones (max volume constraint in the middle of the night, or just don't have monitors, FRFR or a PA), just plug in whatever you already have.... and enjoy what you'll hear. You can worry about buying something else that sounds better later. I have plugged in everything into our Kemper by now for headphones that we have at home and they all sounded great - even the SkullCandy (spelling?) that did not have its "bass booster" battery changed in 10 years. ;)

    My recommendation would be though that if you want to tweak profiles for live use, do not use headphones. Use as close to the real setup as you can when getting profiles ready to rock live.

    Initially I got one Behringer Truth B2030 for the Kemper for a similar reason. If I don't want to turn on the whole system, just use that. It worked great.

    In fact I like the speaker so much, I got another one and now use both in a different setup all the time. Inexpensive ($130 each), pretty substantial in weight and even in size compared to the little desk monitors. They sound great though. I recommend you check them out.

    Alternatively, if you plugged it in backwards, like we all did once, you could try to sing into the headphones and see if the guitar plays the tune! 8o

    Try CORPSE by Deadlight Studios from Rig Exchange for Mesa.

    Also there is a thread going on about hidden gems in Rig Exchange that has quite a few great hi-gain sounds.

    I have only seen something like this a few times when trying to go through rigs very very fast. Like press the up-down-left-right button as fast as you can and I did get the everything is hanging and even the chicken head won't turn the box off. Like you said, it does power down after a normal power down period, just does not show it on the screen.

    Since then we just got a little more careful with the rig change and wait ~1 second between changing rigs. Have not seen the issue since.

    Speaking of addiction.... this Karnivool thing is playing out in a way that now I have a (relatively) really expensive copy of the CD Themata coming my way since they did not have a reasonably priced one on Amazon....

    .... I know I bought the reasonably priced digital Karnivool albums on Amazon too.

    Listening to Sadness while I type this, I really think I should watch politicians talking or cats slipping on ice instead of following this thread, that would be a significantly cheaper alternative :P

    The issues is whether the consumer even wants a valve in the first place.


    I am too lazy to take a pic of my electronics workbench but trust me, there is a prototype circuit with a 12AX7 and I even have a Nixie power supply hooked up to it running 200+V. (I am too lazy to put a warning sticker on this, so just told the kids, don't ever touch anything on the table:) )

    I love tubes (valves), I read and mostly understood ValveWizard's valve preamp book. (Great book, highly recommended.)

    Here's the thing I realized. My son, who plays the guitar and is 12 just does not care. First, I was upset, then I realized, I am the obsolete one. ;)

    Our kids will not have the attachment to super-analog asymmetric (read the book) sounds like I do. And this is right. I was fooling around with my son and after recording realized that a free VST plugin can do better than most amps you could realistically get access to.

    First, I was sad, then the post about Victory selling their amp profiles (for Kemper) for peanuts made me very happy. This really is the future, and this is about workflow. Also I bet a lot of people were super pissed with Henry Ford when he replaced their horses with something that did not shit all over every street. :P