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    In that situation I'd trust the engineer, if he got a DI and want to use it I'd say yes but I wont buy one just in case . Maybe I am wrong but there is a kind of DI inside the Kemper ? Correct me if I am wrong

    I just received this message. What a good way to start a day .... The guy is really furious. :

    ''Hey birdbrain! don't expect me to give you a lift for your equipment any more!!!.

    I blocked you on facebook, on instagram, on messenger where you go directly to the garbage (the place you belong to)

    Don't dare to call me and don't try to talk to me if we meet by accident caveman !!. I dont wanna see your ugly dickface again!!!! Take your ''precious'' Kemper rigs and put it deeply in your ***!!! ''



    I SAID NO ! Come on guys let's be fair with all the hard work those guys made to make good rigs . And lets not share it after . The price we pay for rigs is fair and even low ... So I lose a friend but I stayed honest. Also I spend a lot of time to fine tune all the rigs so those sounds are mine. I paid for it, I worked hard on it to adjust it to my taste and I certainly won't share it to anyone (I talk about the rigs I bought, otherwise, if I profile some one day I'll share it on RE of course) I respect M Britt, Tone Junkie, Selah Sound etc too much. Let's be honest guys

    Yeah, but then it won't be optimal to use it together with a cab-sim. The interesting thing here is that the sound actually changes just by adding a cab sim but ignoring it with the "monitor cab off". It should not do that. I usually make my profiles for use both with PA and cabinet. This means that you can't get a optimal cabinet output if it's also set up for PA.

    I guess on the other hand that it's impossible to hear this in a live situation.

    Yes right,the only thing that matters is the sound on the PA first . If you,re on stage you'll never it is as good as the people in the audience. And people are looking at the singer anyway ,so if you are just the guitar player in the back with his Kemper dont worry too much about the cab sound. If its a professional show you should even get decent monitoring ... right?

    Stumbled over this thread as I noticed something simular and really strange. This got me worrying about something i thougth my kemper did manage well. Turns out it don't.

    I was checking out a DI profile from Reampzone (RZ_PRSMT15_D09) and without any cab added, it sounds great trough a V30 cab. Now, i wanted to add a cab sim aswell. Turns out, with the cab sim, and checked for "Monitor Cab Off" , it sounds different trough the V30 cab. It's not much, but some of the dynamic and high end is cut. Suddenly it sounds more "fake" trough the cab. Even if monitor cab is off. So i tried to then turn of the cabinet button. And it still sounds fake. If i go back to the original profile, with no added cab, it sounds great again.

    So the thing is: even with a DI profile, whit "monitor cab off", the profile changes when i add a cab sim. Must say this worries me. Is there something im doing wrong?

    ''without any cab added, it sounds great trough a V30 cab'' So thats the way to go... Personally when it sounds good, thats the way I go. If it sounds bad otherwise with a different adjustment... I don't wanna know why I swich to the good sounds and forget all the rest

    The new reverbs are so good that I have to spend a lot of time to change all my 2000 rigs+ and add the new reverb instead . (One by one coz I need precise volume on each ) I cant stand the old ones ....

    Yes congrat Kemper

    DennisJ I know you are right! I will probably have to use RM. I only use about 8-10 rigs for live use so I really have no need for RM for that purpose. I was thinking that this new reverb update was to be installed just as I installed the new system update via USB memory stick but obviously, this is a bit different. Once the bugs are worked out, anyone know if this update will be available that way? Just a simple upload off the Kemper website as previous system updates have been available? Is it something to do with the fact that the current update is Beta?

    You'll probably create more rigs with the new reverbs... Thats ok. I understand that you are not the kind of user with 2000 rigs (like me) all classified by category but if you create many sounds adding the new reverbs to your actual miracle 8 rigs that do it all ;-) it would be great for you to get a back up on a R Manager . So your best direction is to go for the RM and the reverb after and i hope a taste to improve what you already got. I buy rigs regularly from cies and without RM I could not classified all of them , I cant live without it

    I've already gigged with it twice with no issues.

    Well many things can turn bad when we gig right? The bassman is one hour late , you break a string, the soundman is a newbie and he makes everything sounds bad, the singer got a sore throat etc etc etc so I dont bother about the new Kemper reverb too much you know...

    Would someone mind showing me the workflow you guys use to take a handful of performances and balance the rig volumes with each other? Apologies for being so dense. Everything else on the Kemper is so easy to use, I'm not sure why I'm struggling with this.

    There is no simple way . What I do to balance my sounds is fast though. I just do a run through all the CLEAN rigs one by one and I play one chord... And I adjust the volume to make it about the same on each rig.... Then I do the same for CRUNCH and finally for solo. It works for me . But if you are looking to fix that like that SNAP !!! It's impossible, it's not Harry Potter down here it's reality

    I think in 90% of all cases, the KPA will do the job very well. But if you are in the 10% ballpark, nothing beats a full tube amp + 4x12 cab. Good luck!!

    Well.... A guy can have full tube amp +4x12 cab and make bad music coz he plays badly or the singer or musicien in the band are bad etc Bad musicienship. And another time you'll see an incredibly good show , with a wonderful guitar player playing a Kemper and it will sound 1000 times better than the previous one. I disagree on saying that every Kemper user are below the ''real thing'' and that amp is superior... it depends on the music you make... Especially today as everyone playing 3 chords makes recording and release it on you tube , talent or not...

    As I don't hear the music you do , and the sound of those guitarist you refer too, it's hard to compare your sound and their sound. You know what I mean ... If you are in Steely Dan band I'd take your thread very seriously and would worry, but if it's a band playing heavy metal in a little club with 3 power chord on each song for me its totally irrelevant. As I dont know on each level of music you are I prefer to take it lightly...

    Can I upload the new update 2.1.71 using a USB stick as I have done with version updates in the past? I have never used rig manager....I know.... but Ive had no need to use it thus far.

    And 2.1.71 is where the new reverbs are found?

    Thank you

    Well learning Rig Manager is not a big deal. You should learn it even if you don't use it now... But I am pretty sure you'd find it very useful if you take the time to explore it . It's not rocket science you can learn it in minutes ... And as I updated both RM and my system at the same time, and hey the reverb are very good.... I can't help you now as I started by updating directly from RM. So how can i explain it to you then ? You dont wanna hear about RM?.... so my suggestion is learn to use RM first and we will explain how to update the way we did. I wonder how you do to classified your rigs if you don't use RM. Good luck

    Update. And now whenever I reopen Rig Manager, it re adds all of the profiles I have deleted. I have had to delete the same profiles over a dozen times and still, the RIG Manager puts them right back on. I am at the point of absolute frustration with this thing.

    Yes but forget about deleting the rigs , just try to understand why the update doesn't work . Did you clic on AUTOMATICALLY CHECK FOR UPDATES UPDATES? And INCLUDE BETA RELEASE? Its on ''preference'' on your rig manager. If not ... do that !!!