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    Hi all,

    A band I'm in play No One Knows, by QOTSA - and it's meant to be tuned to C. The guitars I use are in E standard tuning, so was planning to use the transpose function to get around this.... but it sounds flubby and loose. Is there a trick to tightening it up a bit?


    Actually i really like that we cannot edit every micro setting you could imagine. Kemper is great because it sounds great and it is simple to use. Just like the amps it profiles.

    Now that it integrates more effects and functions i can see that an editor could help... amd welcome it. But please keep it simple so we can just play and not feel like software programmers... lol

    I can understand that - but IMO, the editor should be able to do everything you can do via the front of the Kemper.

    I can vaguely remember, that in a NAMM video they explained that the editor does NOT cover all possible functions.

    I really hope I am wrong or they changed their mind and take the editor serious. Would be a missed change otherwise.

    But there are useful ToastME functions, I am afraid we will not see on the official editor (looper with precount for example).

    Wow, seriously? If this editor - which we've been waiting for for, what, 9 months now...? - doesn't allow you to actually EDIT everything in the Kemper, it'll be a bit of a lame duck IMO. And editor that doesn't allow you to edit everything... wow.

    Hoping it's me assuming things incorrectly, but I'm not holding my breath.

    I heartily recommend the TopJimi Caswell AFD pack, and his 74 SuperLead pack, both using the v30 cabs. They sound superb and very close to Slash territory.

    Hi all,

    I've just joined a second band where I'm the lead player; they have a second player doing rhythm via a Helix into a 4x12. In my 'old' band, I'm the only guitarist.

    I typically run both the outputs from the Kemper in stereo into two RedSound LG12 cabs, either side of the drummer as a stereo backline; that works great and sounds huge. However, for the new guys I need a mono output, as will use one (maybe both) the RedSound cabs as backline. I don't want to keep having to change the output from Master Stereo to Master Mono, so is there a way I can have both...?

    For the stereo output performances, I have ping pong delay, and some mild stereo reverb and occasional light stereo chorus etc.


    Reverted to OS 6 so I can at least use ToastME, especially as I need to create many new performances. A mix of needing a faster workflow now, plus the many issues with the latest 'stable' release and rig manager has meant this is the only viable option for me.

    (The fact I lost all my existing performances - all 35 of them! - during the downgrade is something I'm trying to ignore).

    The only issue I have with ToastME (apart from not being able to use it with OS 7.... but that's a buggy mess, so probably a blessing), is having to press the 'STORE' button on the Kemper itself every time. Very annoying, especially if the unit is not nearby.