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    You cannot create a new performance in "All Performances" because that is not a real location but only displaying your performances.. If you go to a subfolder you can create a new one. If you go onto a Performance # in the Profiler you can "initialise" every of the 125 Performances, which will delete and reset them.. I recommend opening a performance in the profiler location and editing it there. I usually only store them in my local library if I want to archive them somehow

    It looks like you want to extract the Cabinet from a rig into another rig. You could load that rig and extract the Cabinet with Drag&Drop from the Cab module, so you have it as Cabinet preset. Then you can just Drag&Drop it onto the Cab section.

    Unfortunately, the "Cabinet From Rig" functionality is not in the editor, yet. I agree that just dropping Rigs onto the Cab section would make things easier.

    I tried to install the latest with a usb stick, my kemper is now stuck with the following error message:

    unsupported file system (only fat supported). failed to update firmware.

    I tried to remove the kaos.bin and replaced with the old one, still the same issue.

    Can you insert a USB Stick into the Profiler and format it with the Profiler (USB STICK -> Format Device)? ALL DATA ON THE USB STICK WILL BE LOST x) But it seems that the Profiler can't read your format (as it says on the screen). Always comes in handy to have a fitting Usb stick when working with the profiler..

    Hey there,

    sorry, the 7.4.0 and the Rig Manager 3.0.122 are not available any more. Those that already have the 7.4 / RM 3.0.122 I would like to update the firmware (be it back to a 7.3 or to a better 7.4 next week) with a USB Stick. The automatic Rig Manager update might not work, which is basically why 7.4 was "delayed" to next week. Until then you should be able to continue as usual, or go back to the latest release in the worst case.

    the standard visual for an opening window is to have the arrow point in the direction which things will move when you press it.

    If you press the Up arrow, the editor increases size upwards, if you press the Down arrow, the editor minimizes to the bottom :) So it is pointing at the direction in which things happen, isn't it?

    Does it look like this? With the up arrow in the bottom left corner?

    If it does the editor is just minimised. It is confusing as the arrow points the opposite way from you would expet i.e. the up arrow shows it is ALREADY closed rather than push this to close it. A down arrow says it is ALREADY open. This just feels backwards to me but that's the way it is.

    We turned it a few times, it's funny that it keeps feeling backwards if you press the downwards arrow and it moves up :/I guess this problem is rooted deeper than just the arrow direction.

    Select a preset folder before you try to import impulse responses or Drag&Drop onto one :) You cannot import them to a rig or performance location. Is that your issue?

    Burkhard are there plans to bring back the Space bar in the RM editor to turn slots on and off? It would be helpful for workflow to be able to turn those on and off from the computer keyboard but unless I'm missing it, that doesn't seem to the possible at the moment. Thanks!

    T is for toggle on/off at the moment. We don't like the space bar option so much for example because it will start/pause playback/recording in most DAWs.

    Maybe I'm missing it but there needs to be a way to drag in entire stack section into performances without locking everything. So right now if I have a performace I like but want to try a different amp I currently have to lock it all and then drag the rig I want in, unlock, save, and then repeat for the other 5 rigs. Super tedious. Can the entire stack be saved as a preset? Or do I have to save the amp and cab section seperatly?

    Basically (as of now) it should work if you just store your STACK section with the Profiler (hold STACK and save) and then drop that Preset on either Amp or Cabinet as they still accept those. In the editor there seems to be a little bug so the cab name is not set properly, but in the profiler you see it change.

    If you can see the editor, this is probably not a thread for you :)

    First step: Contact support. The Rig Manager usually does backups of its contents when updating, so try not to mess with it by uninstalling and so on now. Also, just contact them anyways so we can look closer at this for obvious reasons :o

    Hm, and maybe also send a screenshot to the Beta Report or Support, are you aware of that the Local Library location does not show the rigs in sub folders?

    Question: When working on Profiler performances in Rig Manager do you ever need to hit store on the profiler? It's really unclear to me. I just tried this:

    1. I changed the name of a performance that recides on my profiler so something else. It took a few tries before it stuck on the profiler itself. Do I need to hit store on the profiler? Or not? It seemed to stick even if I didn't

    Might be a workflow issue we are thinking about: The performance name is part of the performance. If you have the performance opened, you are in editing mode and your state will get discarded when you leave it. When you select another performance without loading, you will offline-edit it and it will be saved immediately. So it doesn't always behave the same.. This can be confusing - is this your issue? ^^

    I never got any response from support so I think they now it

    This was on the list with different symptoms for a while, it is our plan to fix this for the next version now.

    kriwat I tried with profiles in the Local Library today: It seems that cabs copied from merged profiles show this behaviour always. But cabs from studio profiles copied to merged /direct profiles always change back /"sync correct", studio cabs on studio profiles don't change the cab name back when going to another profile. The profiler always shows the correct cabs.

    Okay I think I get it, finally :D The editor shows it all right, but the Rig Manager inspector and Cabinet Columns don't revert when using COPY/PASTE buttons.. Might be a side effect of something else, so I'll write it down and see if it continues after the next few changes. Thanks for the effort to make it reproducible :)

    Hey there,

    I have managed to reproduce some things now (it took me a while to figure out how exactly you import the performances).

    If possible, I would really like you to use Drag&Drop to import performances for the moment. There is something weird with the "Import Performances.." option, including some sync problems even after RM/Profiler restart and so on for me right now, but I have not investigated further :) So be safe, we'll be looking at it tomorrow.

    Sync not working, when using the profiler buttons and editor. For example I copy a cab to any profile. I don't store and move to another profile! But the editor now always shows the wrong cab, it doesn't go back to the original name. Of course in the profiler everything is o.k., but in the editor the wrong cabinet name is shown (also in the data field on the right).

    I cannot reproduce that, when I hold Cab and select "Load From Rig" it instantly is synced but when I go to another rig and go back it is reset. Same goes for if I hold Cab and press "Copy Cabinet" and then later paste it somewhere with the Profiler.

    How exactly do you "copy a cab to any profile"? And Performance Mode / Browse Mode? Windows / Mac? RM Version? Would be helpful if you could file a beta report with your findings. Especially old betas didn't sync the Cab/Amp names very well.

    Another sync thing. Lock a cab and scroll through (direct amp) profiles and store / replace (with kemper button) with the new cab. The editor shows no new cab, the profiler does. So I have to close and open RM every time again? Or am I missing something?

    That took a while to reproduce.. Yea, that's an issue, locking Cabinet on the editor and changing things on the Profiler. I'll write it to our beta report issues *hints* ;)

    The "T" command is a massive help. Thank you 8)8)8)8)8)

    What has changed about the Morph Value display? It looks the same to me. Is the actual numeric value supposed to change now when using the Morph pedal?

    When you change a morph value (one of the dots), the value is shown in the status bar :)

    It is still a bug that the hotkeys only work when you have the list selected, at least they don't work when the tree view is selected. Changing this is quite an effort unfortunately.

    There was a wrong profiler Icon in the 3.0.98 for 2 hours :)