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    the inputs themselves are different. The front input is a higher quality circuit

    I know there are different, and i have always worked with both. But since 5/6 weeks, main input cut the signal a lot, like if you roll down the knob of the guitar, and that doesn´t happend before......

    Alternative input work has always......i don´t get what happend with the main level, it´s not like if it doesn´t work at all, it sound weaker and profile with gain sound almost clean and muddier.

    I´ve checked the input section but it seems to me that it´s the same settings for both input, everything else is fine (guitar, cable, expresion pedal.....)

    Anyone have/had issues with their input jack cutting out, sound comes out but it sounds like a pedal with a dying battery. I have to unplug and plug back in. It's not my cables, I use a wireless and regular cables. I contacted kemper support. Just wanted anyone's experience with this.

    ¿Did ypu solve the problem? i have the same issue

    I´ ve been struggling with some inputs problems for a more than a month now.

    The problem is that the Kemper sound like if you roll down the volume knob on the guitar to less than the half. All gain profiles sound like a clean sound with just a few overdrive....and with low quality.

    No issue at all with the alternative input. I´ve checked the input menu but i can´t see any difference of settings beetween both.

    ¿Is there diferent settings beetween both inputs? ¿Does anyone has the same problem?

    Or is that a problem with the main input conection........kind a weird that it work only with less strange noise or anything when plugging in.


    Check "Clean Sens" in input section.

    Any volume pedal connected / disconnected pre stack ?

    Something in the "Send / Return" ?

    Cheers !

    I´ve checked all the input sections, volume pedal is connected to the remote and i´ve calibrated it again, nothing else than the guitar is plugged into the kemper. Went ot system page 1, "init global" and reset.....nothing change. Just can´t figure what´s the problem.

    Working for 3 years now with my Kemper, since 4/5 days, all profiles sound lower, with less gain (like if you turn down the volume knob on the guitar) and quit darker......can´t find the reason why.

    Try it with 3 diferent guitars, diferent cables, one computer, one PA and with headphone, and all the settings on the input a on "0

    " as always......And i did not change anything at all on the kemper.

    Someone can help me with that?


    HI everyone!!!

    I mainly use the Kemper for the amps profile for live performance and just use Delay, some reverb and i´m really into effects.....i wonder if someway we can achieve with the kemper, the effect that Brian May use for the I want to break free solo!!!!

    And if we can, how??

    Thanks a lot!!!

    SKB roto-molded 6 unit shallow rack, can fit your kemper, wireless and in-ear sistem and power conditionner.

    Quite light too, good way to go if you always have to bring the kemper with you.

    I prepara the gig at home with Shure 535 in-ear, it works great for me. I’ve tried with diferent headphones too, and the shure was the best way to go.

    Michael Britt profiles are the main profiles i use and they work really great for me, no problem at the first gig.

    My tech always ask me to keep the Kemper in -25db (digico board and Nexo speakers), sound awesone ;)

    Hi everyone!

    Just get my Kemper a few days ago, and connected the Usb “B port” the back of the rack to connect it to my computer.

    Now i can’t take the usb cable out of the kemper, it’s blocked, and i don’t want to force it...i did no see any place to “press” like some other cable to take it out.

    Can someone please help me?