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    Anyway..nothing against Metallica,Paul Gilbert or any other "metal shredders" who use the new generation of digital gear..


    Since when did Paul Gilbert use new generation digital gear? and he's not done the metal shredder thing for years now. At least get your facts right.

    Quote from Paul regarding Kemper:…bert/kemper-profiler-head

    Rig rundown videos showing pretty old fashioned gear:

    I was trying to reaquire my kemper but everyone here and online is unrealistic still thinking a kemper is worth 1400 or, its not! Not anymore.

    The Kemper is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, or what the market value currently is (not what you believe it to be worth).

    Plenty are getting sold for £1400 to £1600 price range in the UK. The used market is a sellers market because they are still really expensive new, and the demand is seemingly greater than supply.

    Maybe not directly related to that particular amp profile, but i've found Sinmix profiles to sound pretty terrible.

    I suppose it depends what your'e after, but my Kemper was 2nd hand and the lad who had it before me loaded a load of Sinmix profiles onto it, and i couldn't find any that i liked. But i'm not a fan of mega high gain stuff. I've also used a Peavey 6505 for 12+ years so I know what a high gain amp should sound like and the Sinmix stuff wasn't very pleasing to the ear.

    I've found Michael Britt profiles to sound really good through my rig (powered Kemper into either a Marshall JCM800 4x12 or Zilla Super Fatboy 2x12) for medium to high gain profiles.

    Its all obviously very personal preference. I'd recommend trying some of the free download packs from the bigger profile companies e.g. sinmix, MichaelBritt, Top Jimi, Tone Junkie.

    Hi all

    I currently have a Powered Kemper Rack Head in a 3u Gator rack case. Its a deeper one so has a nice storage space to the rear for all my cables etc. and im currentky using a Behringer FCB1010.

    However, i've just bought a Kemper Remote of someone and it should be with me this Saturday.

    I mainly use my Kemper for live gigs and i'm a big fan of trying to keep my live setup as simple as possible. Thats why i've bought the Kemper Remote so i now have to run just 1 cable to front of stage (Behringer needed its own power cable to front of stage, then power cable for pedals, then a midi and an instrument cable going back to the Kemper etc.).

    I'd like to consolidate all my live rig into one rack case if possible - this would be the kemper rack unit, space for a few cables, somewhere to store the remote when not in use, and probably a drawer to keep my Voodoo Lab pedal power brick, Line 6 G30 wireless and a Digitech Drop pedal.

    Has anyone else managed to get a nice solution to keep everything neat and tidy in one rack case?

    Sorry if this has already been covered before.



    I think there's a free profile on the Rig Exchange called JVM Slash. Im at work at the minute but ill have a look tonight exactly what its called. It sounds pretty good, but whether its close enough to the specific tone your after, only you would know.

    Don't forget that his tone has changed quite a bit over the years. AFD was very gritty (sits well in the mix but on its own not that good in my opinion), UYI was probably different again, and then his live tone is probably as different again to the early GnR albums.

    There's some good Marshall profiles from Michael Britt in the free pack,and also his Profile Pack 3. Most of these will be able to dial into a Slash type tone.

    Other things to bear in mind:

    Is this for bedroom playing? Low volume will sound different to a louder volume tone.

    Is this for using live with a band? By the time the sound guy has got a hold of your tone and tweaked it, it'll sound like he wants it, not how you want it.

    What guitar are you using? Lower/Medium output passive humbuckers will do a better job of this tone than high output humbuckers/active pickups.

    I use my Kemper into a Marshall jcm800 4x12 with Celestion Creamback speakers.

    Try Top Jimi Mesa Boogie mkV pack. Costs around £10 and has some good profiles. I've been using these as the main basis for my live Performance setup with clean, crunch, rhythm distortion and a solo boost profile.

    The free Michael Britt pack has a good Soldano and Friedman profiles, as well as some good Marshall profiles.

    Neither of the above profiles will do UBER METAL \m/ but will do everything from clean to what I'd class as hard rock.

    Remember to turn the Cab button off so you're not getting a modelled speaker cab going into your actual speaker cab.

    in a nutshell. I mostly play modified Fender strats.

    Majority of bridge pickups are Dimarzio Tone Zone (either full size or rail size).

    Majority of neck pickups are Seymour Duncan jb jr neck pickup (rail size).

    Middle pickups (if still used) are the standard USA middle single coil, usually in split positions with bridge and neck pickups.

    And then my dimarzio lucky dips that get swapped in and out of various guitars:

    D sonic, air Norton, virtual solo, 36th anniversary neck and bridge humbuckers

    I've found the Kemper transpose feature useless, Howe or you access it.

    I play in a band who tunes to D standard, but I like to keep my guitars I either E or Eb tuning, so I'm transporting either 1 or 2 semi tonesdepending what guitar I use for the gig.

    I the past ive used a Digitech drop pedal which was great. I tried the Kemper feature and found it to be crap.

    So I'm now using the Digitech Drop pedal in front of the Kemper to handle this for me. It's a much better piece of kit for transposing.

    Less latency, less tone issues, less flabby bottom end, less funky clean tones.

    As above, once finished with sound check turn it off, and if needs be you can always move it out of the way if you need to leave the venue. They dont weighty much after all.

    I've only had my Kemper for a month but I've spent a lot of time searching for profiles.

    The Michael Britt free pack has a good variety of profiles most of them sound good quality. It's just a matter of personal taste whether you like how they sound. The same applies to the Tone Junkie free pack.

    Top Jimi has a really good Mesa Boogie mkV pack which is an absolute bargain at $12 and covers everything from completely gain free clean to distortion, but without any of the silly scooped mid/mega gain profiles that seem to be all over the rig Exchange.

    Theres a really good free profile on Rig Exchange which is a Marshall 'JVM Slash' I think.

    What I do is set up by performance so that my main rhythm sound occupies both positions 4 and 5 on my foot controller. I'll use 4 as my rhythm, and then in slot 5 I'll have the same thing but just turn up the volume on this slot. Maybe add a little delay etc. depending on what you like. You can also adjust the EQ to suit as well e.g. take some top end off if you want a thinker tone, add some mid if you prefer that.

    I had the same error message last week. I'm not sure what caused it, and it hasn't happened again. I followed the instructions to turn off and turn back on again while holding down Rig button and there doesn't seem to be any damage caused.

    One thing i'm not 100% sure on though: is there a proper way/order of disconnecting the Kemper from Rig Manager? I've just been unplugging the USB cable from my laptop, but i'm used to having to 'safely' disconnect other USB products like memory sticks. It seems odd just to be able to disconnect the Kemper at any time.

    my general thoughts on live guitar.

    I play in a Whitesnake Tribute band. We have 2 guitarists (we share lead parts so neither of us take priority in the mix) and a keyboard player. Our sound is obviously 'hard rock' if you like.

    Guitars and keyboard generally occupy the same frequencies.

    Whatever you do with your own gear is largely irrelevant if you have a bad sound guy. Your amp can sound amazing but when they start fiddling with the EQ on their desk, they are potentially shaping your tone into something that's not 'your' sound. But they must do this to carve out some frequency for the singer. And remember the singer is the most important person who needs to cut through. The crowd needs to hear them.

    I tend to have a tone which is centred around the Mids. Pushing the mids will let you cut through the mix without using excessive volume.

    Don't use too much Bass EQ as your bass player has this covered. Its not like playing at home where you'd probably like a fat tone to cover all bases. Your bass player will cover the low frequencies on their own. No need for too much Bass from the guitar.

    Avoid using too much Treble or Presence. This will make your tone sound thin and scratchy. Yes it'll cut through but it will sound bad in the process. Just use enough top end to add a little zest to your tone. Some rooms or stages might sound generally rumbly or muddy. Just add a little to counter this.

    Don't try and occupy all the 'space' and frequencies on stage. You are a member of a band. Everyone has to try and slot in somewhere.

    Guitar Solo! I use my own solo boost on stage because I don't like to rely on a sound man to judge what I want. This is the only time when I feel I can truly be loud and obnoxious. Again, I push the mids a little more on the solo boost EQ, add a little bass, and take off a little trebble. I want the sound to cut through but sound full and thick. I try and set my solo volume to the volume of the main vocals. That way it should cut through but not be too much.

    All the above is just my opinion.


    thanks for the info everyone. Much appreciated.

    I've had a play with it for several hours setting up performances and looking at different transpose options. I've come to realise that the easiest (and I think best sounding option) is to use the Kemper as normal, and use my Digitech Drop Pedal for the transposing I need.

    I just run guitar > wireless > boss tuner > drop pedal into the front of the Kemper.

    I honestly think the transpose feature on the Kemper sounds terrible regardless how you use it. It ruins the low end on higher gain profiles, and on clean profiles you get awful overtones when playing some chord voicing. It's like you can almost constantly hear it tracking and adjusting the time of the guitar.

    The drop pedal isn't perfect but it's a more balanced and consistent sound, especially with clean profiles.


    hi all

    My band play in D standard. But usually I use a guitar in E or Eb tuning, and then use a digitech drop pedal.

    I've been playing around and the transpose feature on the Kemper sounds better than the digitech pedal, so if like to use that instead.

    Now for any gigs we do, I'd like the freedom and simplicity to be able to change the transpose setting for the whole performance presets I have programmed in to my midi foot pedal.

    I use 5 different presets throughout the gig which are saved as one Kemper Performance .

    Is there a way I can adjust the transpose setting to the whole performance in one go, or do I need to go into each one and change it there?

    For example, I'm playing a guitar in standard E tuning and break a string. The spare guitar is in Eb, so I need to change the transpose setting on the Kemper.

    Currently I've only worked out how to change each profile individually. This means I've got a performance of 5 profiles in Eb, and then another performance with the exact same profiles but altered to D tuning. With each profile adjusted individually.

    Any tips?

    I would also look to use the Unochip on the fcb1010. Then with 2 midi cables you get the tuner displayed! I would also bin the tuner and drop pedal and just use the Kemper and FCB1010. Then you can have the G30 next to your Kemper.

    Ultimately look to upgrade to the remote, your pedal board becomes so much easier...I have no power needed at front of the stage, just the cable to the Kemper...

    1 - I will look into using the Unochip. Is the tuner display actually any good on the FCB1010 though?

    2 - I need the drop pedal as our singer now likes us to play in D standard, and im not happy setting up loads of guitars in that tuning. So ts quite a useful tool for me and the other guitarist. Does the Kemper have a feature to lower guitar pitch to lower tunings? i only need the pedals on the pedalboard at the minute for the tuner, otherwise they would be in the rack case with the Kemper.

    3 - Im already looking to upgrade to the kemper remote. I bought the Kemper 2nd hand with the FCB1010 so its all i have at the minute.