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    I want to say I saw this in the manual, and in theory, it ought to work just like a direct profile of an amp, but I thought I'd ask and see if anyone has tried profiling an amp modeling plugin, and if so, if they have any good tips.

    There are a couple of really oddball plugin amps I'd like to be able to add to the Kemper.


    I'm a recording engineer, guitar player and singer, based in SW OH. I've been playing guitar since... 1982? Haven't been in a band in about 10 years, and have been concentrating on the studio business. I don't record bands any more. I mostly do mixing, mastering, and transfers from tape for other people, but I still get called to do guitar parts for other people's projects a few times a year, which is fun.

    I get called on to hit a lot of different tones, so I've been using modelers for recording for a long time, and I have a pretty decent assortment of guitars, amps, and effects. Sometimes, all they want is for me to get the right vibe, and sometimes I'm asked to really get "the tone". Really been looking forward to owning a Kemper. I loved the concept when they first came out, and was really sold by some demos Anderton's did last year, and an in person tryout.

    I have some amps that are like children to me, and a couple of them aren't too robust any more, so I'm looking forward to profiling them.

    Finally got some gear sold and ordered a powered toaster and remote this week, and it got here today, so I'm about to dive into the rabbit hole. Wish me luck!