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    This is by far one of the better sounding Marshall profiles out there that I've come across. Nice Marshall growl with a raw and raspy voicing, yet still articulate. Dial back the gain or roll the volume back and it cleans up nicely. Thanks for posting this.

    I think a lot of it has to do with what I call stage presence and "wow factor". They need to have a stack or better yet a wall of Marshall cabs directly behind them along with the amps to impress the audience. I remember years ago reading some articles stating that most of them are not even hooked up, just there to fill the stage. Another article I remember seeing with pictures as proof showing a hidden Soldano SLO back stage behind the front stage show amps and cabs being played to either not give away their "secret sauce" on how they get their sound and tone. I forget the player and band. But it does happen. So I think a lot has to do with a Kemper toaster behind them not being impressive enough. It wouldn't surprise me if some bands have them hidden back stage like the previous example I've stated. IMHO

    Thanks Ruefus your input is on point and Wheresthedug I like your suggestion #2. I have tried that previously, just takes time to find that "killer FX". I was just hoping to possibly refine the typical trial and error time consuming process of turning knobs with some sweet spot parameter values for certain FX effects. Probably asking too much since everyone's tastes are different.

    The Kemper is definitely a powerful tool and music making machine, but sometimes it can be somewhat intimidating and overly complex to dial in tones. Sometimes you get a rig and you like it's sound, but the reverb or delay or something else just doesn't sound right. It might be too bright or maybe it too compressed. It may have too many repeats creating wash-over and feedback.

    So my question is when you bring in a new effect are the default parameters the "sweet spot" where things generally sound good or is it just a default starting point? Many times I see that some of the parameters are set to zero or not active. Once you start drilling down thru the menu/pages of variables there seems to be so many choices, ranges, and then especially the interaction between the parameters/variables (i.e. duration, feedback, hi cut, low cut, ducking, etc.) that I sometimes get lost in the mix. While Kemper's versatility is endless, it can also become daunting and counterproductive if all you are doing is tinkering with the settings. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a little tinkering, but I don't want to spend an excessive amount of time doing just that and not practicing or playing. I also get it ... that how something sounds and tone is highly subjective and that taste can vary from person to person and their ears. I good analogy is back in the day when I used to buy pedals, when they were new you would change the settings over and over again trying to find "that sound". Then ultimately you'd find a setting you liked and stick with it. You might even mark the dial positions on the pedal unit so you didn't lose that go to sound. That sweet spot. That is what I'm talking about.

    My next question is would it make sense to have a sticky post to help folks in the community (especially beginners) called "Sweet spots - Dialing in that rig" where people could post their helpful hints and parameter settings for certain effects and maybe even add a sound file? Just a thought.

    WOW .... I came across this by mistake while just searching aimlessly thru YouTube. These guys are on fire. Guitarist really nails it and his tone is spot on and killer too. Lo and behold there's a Kemper Toaster in the background. Could never get a close enough or clear look at the screen to see what he might be running. I wonder what rigs he might be using? Anyone familiar with this band? Thought I'd share this find ..... enjoy!

    Thanks for your profiles. Curious to see if the Redplate Magica sounds like I remember it. A few years ago I came across a used Redplate Magica by chance at a Guitar Center, first and only one I've ever seen. It was a custom model with some added mods and they were proud of it price wise. It was a cool sounding amp when I demoed it. Always wondered it I should have jumped on it.

    yeah they are SUPER hot. I love how they sound, but I have to do so much finagling with the output level, compared with my other profiles, that my only solution would be to tweak ALL MY OTHER profiles.

    Something was screwy in the profiling process, the amp eq has bass, treble and presence at max

    Yeah I finally gave up on them, too much trouble to tweak. They are deleted from my rig.

    is there anyone that can share all those rigs as single files? i tried with rig manager,usb but i cant open that backup

    I'll second that! I just downloaded the install file for the latest rig manager and it loaded the program clean. When I bring it up it loads clean to show all rigs and as soon as I click "File" the screen greys out and says program "not responding". I then has to cancel out of the program. Using Windows 10 with an x64 machine.

    It's in the description of the Youtube video.

    This doesn't appear to be working. Filled out the form and checked both inbox and spam. Nothing there and the website says to check your email. Does this take some time or doesn't it suppose to happen instantly?

    Well this definitely does not work! Tried it three times and each time it tells me to check my email for download instructions. There is nothing in my inbox, trash, spam folder's plus I even refreshed the page.

    I can't believe this video has been out there this long and I missed it. Yeah they're selling pickups, but Doug's guitar playing is impeccable along with being so tasteful and soulfully done you just have got to watch in awe. His tone is incredible also. Heck I'm running out of adjectives to describe his playing, so I'd thought I'd share to see what you guys think. Just watch and listen! I saw the Kemper Rack lurking in the background powered up and at first was hoping he was playing thru it. But it appears not based on their signal chain list. I don't know if I believe those pickups can make you sound like that, I think it's all in the fingers! I sure wish he would have some Kemper profiles. Does anybody know if any exist? Ahh, maybe the next LEGENDS pack release. I guess we can only hope. Please!

    I tried some of these from the original post which is still out there BTW. There were various iterations of these files. I thought the later one's would be better by solving the output clipping problem, But they weren't as the same clipping problem (output LED flashing RED) existed. So I deleted them. Definitely a nice amp. Is there anyway to correct the existing files without changing or degrading their original tone and musical intent?

    I hate to burst your bubble or hope to file a claim, but typical home warranty insurance paid by the seller when buying the house covers any unforeseen occurrences specific to items (i.e. appliances, A/C, furnace, dishwasher, etc.) which came with the house. These cover either the item to be replaced or the labor to repair it with a deductible of course. Most of the time the company tries to get out of the cheap by "repairing" the item, so even here you got to watch and sometimes challenge their decision. I seriously doubt they are going to buy you a new Kemper or even fix your Kemper. On the other hand if you in fact had a surge protector or power conditioner in line with the appliance (the Kemper in this case), sometimes the better units carry a warranty with them that if they don't protect the item they'll replace it. People generally buy these high end power conditioners with line filtering and surge protection when they are trying to protect a very expensive home entertainment systems against power spikes, lightning, and etc. You'd have to look into if in fact the unit/manufacturer carries this type of protection and I'm not talking about a those cheap power strips.

    Nice job and great work to the Kemper team on the Legends pack! Definitely enjoyed trying and playing thru these profiles. Looking forward to future Legends packs!