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    Fresh strings - I don’t mean that in a snarky way either. They effects of string deadening are very subtle and degrade slowly... but put a new set of strings on and voila!

    I find I don’t tweak the profiles much - just find a good one and stick with it. If after a little jamming it doesn’t sound good I move on to a new one. The only things I usually tweak are a bit of presence or gain (usually turning it down) before I add on effects.

    Practice never hurt either! ?

    I have also the issue with the foot switches. After unpacking and playing with the device, the bank footswitches 2 and 5 started to be unreliable and now do not work at all. I tried to reinstall different versions of OS, but it did not help. Also the Rig Manager works strange. How it sychronize the Performance is not clear for me. Sometimes its stores rigs to the device, some times not. I was really tired yesterday with those issues.

    I will definitelly replace the unit today with local retailer, but I am afraid that It will be the same delivery with similar issues. As someone wrote already, you have to trust to your device, because you depend on it during the gig.

    I would contact Kemper Support and set up a ticket - they replaced mine... took only a week including shipping time there and back.

    I performed the update to W10 on an old Dell from the link provided in the forum... worked like a charm! Was surprised it would work as I had tried to update before from W7 pro without any luck... just figured it was too old. Many thanks for the link!

    Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to Kemper Support and the job they do. I recently developed an issue with button #1 on my Stage and I can’t thank their staff enough. Once I submitted a ticket, I got a quick reply and we tried a few other options before deciding it was best to send back. Sent back the original the day before Thanksgiving - the new one was in my hands this morning. I actually checked when it arrived back to Kemper and they had already sent me an email with a tracking number within about two hours of their receiving it so the only delay was shipping (however considering the holiday and weekend I’m doing ok)

    When I discovered the issue, I toyed with the idea of sending back to AMS where I ordered... glad I didn’t and went this route instead. I know some other stage owners have had some similar opportunities, so I just thought I would post some good feedback in case your deciding which way to go.

    Big thanks to both Peter and Parker at KPA for their help! I’ve been playing the new one since and so far everything seems great - no issues and rocking like it should. Loaded up my Flash-drive with the backup I made prior to sending the other one back and all is good!

    This is the tone I want:

    Great tone and an amazing player - one of my favorites from that era. His phrasing and sense of melody set him apart from a lot of the “shredders” of that time. I like what he’s been doing post-Europe too... if you find what you’re looking for be sure to share!

    I am new to Kemper. Just received my stage yesterday. About an hour in one of the foot switches quit working. Seems the problem is not resolved. What a bummer, I truly love the sounds!

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that could be a hardware issue - currently awaiting my second one to arrive as I sent the original back for the same problem your having. Kemper support is great and they’ll take care of you.

    All works well unless your buttons are messed up... it drove me batty till I figured out the 1sf button itself was failing. Currently awaiting my second stage to arrive as I sent the original one back due to a hardware issue. Cant wait! Went back to my POD for awhile and it’s looper is no where near the KPA version...

    Problem is back - same as before... played tonight and it reverted back to the original issue when powered off. After some playing it did work somewhat - but “somewhat” isn’t good for a brand new piece of gear (and an expensive one at that!).

    I can say that Kemper Support is excellent - they’ve already been in contact with me. I’m just sharing my experience with others in case you have similar issues. Kemper stands behind the products so I have no doubt they’ll work to make it right.

    Might be back to the old POD for awhile until it’s fully resolved!

    I didn't like my Taylor's built in system and replaced it by a seymour duncan sa6 mag mic.

    Sounds very rich and natural imho. Of course I deactivated the Amp and the Cab section

    so the toaster is a plain multieffect.

    With a good monitor box you will not need any extra stuff.

    This... just the reverb and maybe a bit of delay on acoustic (no amp/cab for my tastes but to each their own)

    now if your trying to make an electric sound like an acoustic that’s another matter.

    The Rig Exchange is built around “amps” and their subsequent profiles as opposed to a particular artist. There are some exceptions to this and I have been lucky to find a few based on an artist - however that’s more of a rarity from what I’ve found.

    What I’ve done is think about it from the perspective of what amps they used in the studio and start there. For example, Def Leppard used Rockmans a lot back in the 80’s (especially on Hysteria) and there are some VERY good Rockman Profiles. I personally suggest the MBritt “Rockwoman” and then add your prerequisite chorus/reverb/delay for that sound.

    That’s at least my approach.

    Will be 3 weeks this Thursday... as an update - I plugged into Rig Manager last night and synced it... it seems to have resolved it? So now I’m really wondering if this is a software or hardware issue? After some of the other posts I’ve read where Kemper has replaced them - as much as I’ll miss it if that is indeed what happens... it worries me that the issue could creep up again in the future.

    We’ll see what support has to say -

    Within the same performance it should follow the tempo you selected (and tempo is active) as long as it’s not locked otherwise in the slot you selected.

    I guess I’m not alone... as others have experienced my #1 button has stopped working completely... just submitted a support ticket.

    Seemed to have started with the update to, however it may be coincidental. The button feels ok, just doesn’t do anything when pressed. Started slowly, only not working every now and then as well as also coinciding with the “date/time loss” - strangely enough... that issue corrected itself so I was hoping this would as well. I guess not.

    Sad - LOVING the sounds I’m getting and even after only having less than three weeks I’m very at home with it. That unit is so easy to program ... just about any tone I have in my head seems to be possible. Not sure what will be the outcome - but I did a backup in case on my flash drive in case I have to return it.

    Well I noticed this as well when I fired up my stage tonight - I had previously unplugged it too. I reset the time, but noticed the looper was acting flaky as well. The “1” button (which controls the looper record) is being touchy... not only is it hit/miss engaging the looper - but morphing is a bit weird as well (using that button).

    I’ll try to roll back the firmware tomorrow and see if it solves the problem.