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    You called for imagination in this thread before. Imagine if the toaster and rack DO have a wireless module and we didn't know it???

    That would be cool.

    That would be genius of kemper to have though so much ahead of time....

    Am i the only one who tried to find the kemper app in app store? haha

    I had the same problem in my apartment. I discovered it is due to interference from "Led Strips" (sorry for my bad english, not really sure the correct name).

    The apartment is full of those "led strips that have 3...4m lenght and are like glued/attached to shelves". If I turn off the leds, the noise goes away. Hope this helps.

    Hi WolfsLair

    haha yes mate, its Satchel! I am in love with his tone as well, super 80's.

    I have a couple of profiles that reflect that "clear but saturated" tone.

    You can try:

    1) TopJimi EVH tone (…s-series-brown-sound-pack)

    2) TopJimi Lee Jackson Modded Marshall. These profiles sound really good for 80's hair metal. (…/gilbert-lee-jackson-pack)

    3) BigHairyProfiles SLO 100 - this pack is tremendous and contains several "sound like" profiles (Whitesnake, Ratt, MotleyCrue, etc)…/bhp-sold100-profile-pack

    being honest, I own all 3 above and keep coming back to those.

    edit: I am yet to try someone's EVH 5150 Profile, most that I've seen are more inclined to "extreme metal" than the hair metal 80's vibe.

    I agree with V8guitar , it is a new tool and Kemper itself already released some presets for the Kemper Drive. I did a test drive yesterday and it sounded pretty amazing. Tried a clean marshall profile with the OCD in front and it rocked!!

    I myself am coming back to this thread on a daily basis to check for updates, but since we already have profiles baked with pedals in front + the kemper drive presets available I dont think people are going to care too much about new settings soon.

    Interesting that you guys voiced different opinions on both packs... it just goes to show that different guitarists have different ears and its good to have different opinions!

    I have the Caswell Pack and for me it does Slash pretty much spot on, one of my go-to profiles basically for rock/hard rock tones. I guess I'll have to try the Slash pack and decide myself.

    Interesting, it does sound bad...

    I have the TJ Tim Caswell pack and it sounds amazing, both on my headphones as my Yamaha DSR12. Definitely not the Axe or the profile.

    It sounds as if its clipping somewhere, either in the front (given you have passive pickups I dont think that would be the case) or on your interface (output from kemper).

    I hope you find a solution to this, please let us know as Im curious on the outcome.


    Echo that 100%.

    I try to think that the commercial profilers have already dialed in much better than I would ever do with my experience. If i don't like the profile, move on (same amps from different profile sellers may also sound different). I am sure you will end up finding your cup of tea.

    If I can provide my 2cents, I also downloaded the TJ Ozzy Pack and was really not blown away by the sounds. Isolated, the guitars sound horrible. If you add that to the song/mix, it blends in perfectly. Give a try to his Marshall Tim Caswell pack, seriously one of my favourites.

    Also, before sending it back, try some other profiles from other profile makers.

    Some of the have some free stuff available in rig exchange or their website:

    - Michael Britt

    - Big Hairy Profiles

    - Bert M.

    - Tone Junie

    - TAF (the amp factory)

    Hope you can enjoy your kemper better!!

    Also, if going through a guitar cab, make sure to disable guitar cab in output for monitor.


    Hello all,

    I am a happy kemper user since Oct19 and have played mainly using headphones in my apartment. Yesterday I powered up my kemper to find that the headphone output was incredibly noisy, like I was playing a single coil SUPER HUMMY guitar trought the most gainy of the amps at 1 inch distance. You get the idea.

    It was clear that the noise was not really the pickups (since I was using a clean profile and humbuckers), and I could hear the tone "below" the noise.

    I tried some troubleshooting

    - Rebooted kemper

    - Updated to 8.0 OS

    - Tried 3 different headphones

    - Tried different guitar cables

    All with the same issue. Funny that the kemper was working outstanding until i tried yesterday to find this issue. When I "touch" the input on headphones it makes some noise, like its not properly "fit'.

    I am wondering if there is anything I can try besides getting to a local kemper authorized repair center.