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    Also, do I need an active or passive pedal? Do i need to run my guitar through the volume pedal into the Kemper? Or just into the back of the Kemper like the Mission? Thanks

    I had the same problem with mine. I was literally ready to chuck it in the bin until I found out about pedal type in the system menu.

    Although the manual says pedal type 1 is the right choice for most expression pedals (and as the EP1-KP is marketed as being designed for the KPA you would expect it to conform to this standard) the taper on mine was completely unusable when set to type 1. I changed to type 2 and it now works as intended. It is still not a great pedal for swells due to the limited travel but at least the travel is now fairly linear.

    Using the EP1-KP as the only expression pedal is a trade off. The limited travel is what makes it such a fantastic Wah controller but is also what makes it sub optimal for everything else. If you can live with that all well and good. If like me you need a more controllable expression pedal then use the EP1 fo Wah only and use almost an other expression pedal for everything else.

    Thank you!! I might do just that, get a second volume pedal. Do you recommend one that is good for swells? Have you heard of the Tapestry Audio Bloomery Volume Pedal?


    I just purchased a Kemper last week and still learning the basics. I am finding that the Mission EP1-KP doesn't do so well for swells. The sound does not gradually increase but seems to go from 0 - 50. If that makes sense. Is there something I can do to make the sound taper off and on?

    I just bought a Kemper Profiler. I am trying to set up a volume pedal and it just does not work. (See video)

    I pressed System and go to Pedal 1.

    MODE is set at Pedal Type 1. FUNCTION is Volume Pedal.

    Then I press Rig and to to Volume Pedal Setting

    LOCATION: Output

    RANGE: 1.5

    Nothing happens at all when I press down on the pedal. Can't get it to work.

    Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?