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    Hi there. I have my kemper stage at a friends studio trying to lay down some clean parts and can’t seem to get rid of white noise from the line. Even when guitar volume is right down there is still a hiss coming through. I haven’t had this problem before, is there something I can do with ground lifts to help this? Or anything else I haven’t considered.

    Don’t want to use gate as when I start playing the sound will appear again behind the clean parts.


    I am trying to balance me clean and distorted sounds for live use and while I get them sounding spot on beforehand I still seem to lose the distorted sounds in the mix. I don’t use lots of gain but obviously I know distorted sounds don’t cut as well as clean.

    My question is... for other users of HSS strats, what do you have your clean and distortion Cents settings as on the input section? I’m thinking maybe just trying to set distortion to +3 for a start?

    Sorry to be a noob here but how do I assign a preset? Do I search to wah and then all the presets are in the far right column?

    I know in rig manager there’s a preset section but unsure how to apply them to my patches on my Kemper Stage

    Hi all,

    Does anyone have any advice for some great touch wah settings for a funky sound? I’m trying to get away with not having an expression pedal and can do without it for all but wah.

    I’ve tried the crybaby setting and changed it to ‘Touch’ but it’s so muffled and no high end snap like you’d expect from some p0rn0 style “wakka-wakka” style wah.

    Any tips and settings would be brilliant!

    Hi, this is driving me nuts. When I’m in rig manager, looking through profiles while kemper is in browse mode... I then change to performance mode and it changes the amp that’s in whatever performance slot I am in. And it doesn’t seem to change back if I move to a different performance and then back. Am I being dense here? I’m running current version of everything. How can I get my old sound back?

    Hi All.

    I am new to the world of Kemper and am slowly finding my way. In a recent interview with Matty from The 1975 he said they are now using Kemper units for their live sounds. I think their clean guitar tones are amazing and am after finding something similar. Does anyone have any suggestions for something that may come close to this? Thinking along the lines of the sounds from 'Chocolate' or 'Girls'. Crystal clean with a nice bit of compression.

    Any help would be great.