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    Monkey_Man You know, it occurred to me that we put so much emphasis on which amp it is. Dare I say - I have a bias towards the sound when I know the amp it came from.

    But this is an experiment, in fun only. What if we did not see the amp and only judge the patch on the sound ???

    1959 was very good, and the jtm's that were dialed in with the paf were also good (thanks for sharing!), but the mystery amp is my favorite.

    Well, I should say they serve different roles. The 59 makes beautiful transients, while the mystery just goes for it, vaguely Saxon-esque. It's also nice (IMO) to have too much treble or presence, and cut it out, than to be just swamped in mids, but I do love a bright amp coupled with a dark guitar.

    These are pretty good man! Whats most impressive is how accurate a representation of the real amp these profiles are, felt like I was playing one of these in the store, just better (not a huge fan of blues jr). So hope you have a blues deluxe lined up next!

    What I really liked the most about the pack, is that it actually sounded like you ADJUSTED THE EQ OF THE AMP instead of just having one tone with differing gains, and the documentation was a nice bonus, though I preferred the refined profiles just slightly.

    And finally, big thank you. Excited to see what comes next.

    If I bought MBritts profiles, is there a particular parameter (maybe even a global parameter) that can solve the dark character of his profiles at lower volume and lighten them up?

    For me I changed the cabinet section on his profiles to either the G12-35XC or G12M Green or Cream that Kemper bought for us. Went from not really loving the profiles to having them be some of my favorites. IMO they sounded good with single coils right off the bat, but the cab switch really helped the buckers.

    Would like to hear others opinions on this though.