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    Thanks for continuing to respond, appreciated. I may not have articulated the issue as well as I could have. Let me simplify:

    1. I am using an output set to DLY/REV to get only the FX isolated

    2. I used an external FX loop for delay and reverb etc

    3. When using internal FX on one of the last 2 modules I can hear them through the DLY/REV out as expected and can switch between then fine

    4. However if I set my external FX loop in either of the last 2 modules, it only comes through the DLY/REV output when the other is enabled and has an effect in it

    5. The only way I have found to work around this is to turn the routing in rig settings to somewhere around 50%, but this means dry signal bleeding into the DLY/REV output at all times even when the modules are off

    Conclusion: Why is it not possible to use an external loop in one of the last 2 modules and also hear it through the DLY/REV out without having the other module also populated with an internal effect?

    I would expect that when enabling either or both FX modules that these would come through the DLY/WET output as they do from a Master Stereo output and that the routing set to zero would essentially do nothing (instead of muting both through the DLY/WET output as it does)

    Thanks for the reply, but my problem is literally that this does not happen as expected. I upgraded from V7 to V8 software and I can now get something from the DLY/REV outputs, but only if I go into rig routing and turn the dial clockwise, but I get both together or one, but nothing if I turn left. Seems like a bug which has been partially fixed in latest update but not completely.

    Yes there are a few things which have worked for me:

    1. A good power conditioner, such as one from Furman with proper noise reduction features (IE mid to high end ones)

    2. "Plug in mains conditioner" from Tacima (see amazon) They also do a 6 way extension but that didn't have as much effect as the other two items I mentioned but is much cheaper and has multiple uses.

    3. You can also try turning off everything in your house and turning them back on one by one to see if you can narrow down the source

    Please contact Kemper support with your request re factory reset. They will send you precise procedure how to do it. What is written above in this thread is just cleaning procedure not deep factory reset. I know the correct procedure which is slightly different for Stage and rest of product portfolio but I think support guys want to have control about this so I am not going to disclose it.

    Thank you Vjelen for the reply, that is a relief to know. I have already raised that support request along with another question so fingers crossed :)

    Hi guys

    If anyone can help me with this I would massively appreciate it as driving me absolutely bonkers.

    Essentially I have 2 working external FX loops which I can hear fine through any output set to anything other than DEL/REV. However if I set an output to "DEL/REV" to get only the FX output in isolation, I hear nothing. This is when either the DEL or REV modules have an external FX loop assigned (any type, lower or upper) and the routing option in RIG settings doesn't help.

    The FX do come through the DEL/REV outputs when the last 2 modules are set to internal FX, just not the external FX loops. The manual suggests this should work but have tried everything I can think of and no joy so far :(

    Anyone had experience with this or able to replicate the problem? If nothing else to put me out my misery

    Thanks in advance


    I had success on this with the following steps:

    1. Test the mains outlet by plugging equipment in elsewhere and make sure no equipment connected together if plugged into seperate outlets or double/triple plugs. Or use a mains noise tester to see if issues in the house (for me my aircon created massive noise on the lines when on)

    2. Use only a few very short leads you know work to rule out cabling

    3. Try disconnecting all other connections (for me there was a ground loop from the connected SPDIF output)

    4. Try the ground lift options in output settings to see if that helps or changes anything

    Also worth mentioning that I tried the reset procedure above and it didn't work, all my locked preferences on modules and routing are still there. Hence not being able to restore everything to full factory settings makes troubleshooting issues really difficult. In my case the delay module doesn't route externally and very hard to narrow down where the problem is without being able to reset everything to default. Very odd as the norm on every other bit of digital equipment I have ever owned.

    There really should be a shortcut factory reset or option in Rig Manager for this. My Kemper Stage has **** the bed a couple of times and needed to be reset. Might well have been user error both times, but useful option regardless even just for troubleshooting.